Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 149 – Yan Chen Yu’s Crisis

Chapter 149 – Yan Chen Yu’s Crisis

Chapter 149 – Yan Chen Yu’s Crisis

The undefeatable and feared Blood Devils, they had become so vulnerable in the people’s minds. The existence of Jiang Chen had brought the Blood Devils unimaginable destruction and losses.

The outstanding result of complete annihilation three times in a row had made Jiang Chen’s reputation reach a great high. In the hearts of the Redsun Town people, Jiang Chen was like a n.o.ble and mighty immortal.

Jiang Chen was in high spirits. The reason why he could cause the Blood Devils such heavy losses in such a short period of time was mainly because of Redsun Town. Jiang Chen had made the town become the primary target of the Blood Devils, and this was actually a wise move. Not only had it saved the other cities from a huge amount of trouble within their areas, it had also saved him a lot of effort, because he didn’t need to look for Blood Devils everywhere.

After having gone through three battles, the hatred between the Blood Devils and Redsun Town had come to an unresolved stage. Although Jiang Chen had yet to meet Lord Blood Moon, he could imagine someone like him would definitely organize another round of a fiercer attack until Redsun Town became ruined.

In the next two days, out of Jiang Chen’s expectations, Lord Blood Moon had yet to show himself. But, his Blood Devils had organized another two rounds of major attacks, and the results were the same as the previous battles. No matter how strong or powerful leaders they sent, all of them eventually died miserably in Redsun Town, and there were no survivors.

By continuously battling, Jiang Chen was the one who got the most benefits. While utilizing the energy vein, as well as absorbing the devil cores he got from killing those Blood Devils, his combat strength had skyrocketed, and he now had a total of 120 Dragon Marks.

Also, the news about the battles in Redsun Town had spread across every corner of Yellowstone in the last few days. Jiang Chen’s outstanding and mighty performance was known by every single person in Yellowstone. When Jiang Chen’s name was mentioned, everyone could admire him to the limits.

Everyone in Yellowstone, including the Yu family, knew very well that while it seemed like Jiang Chen had saved Redsun Town, in fact, he had actually save all of Yellowstone. Without Jiang Chen, the huge amount of Blood Devil would have already wreaked havoc in Yellowstone.

Therefore, Jiang Chen was the savior of every single person in Yellowstone, and all of them were grateful for what he had done.

“Brother Jiang, you are a true hero! By continuously killing those Blood Devils, everyone in Yellowstone are grateful for what you have done.”

Yu Zi Han was happy. After fighting the Blood Devils alongside Jiang Chen, he had tasted the feeling of a blood boiling battle. This was the first time he had met someone that could be so mighty, and after a few battles, he had completely submitted to Jiang Chen.

“The battle with the Blood Devils is far from ending. Lord Blood Moon has yet to make his appearance, and this doesn’t look like his style. I think he will be here for their next attack. Therefore, it’s not yet time for us to relax.”

Jiang Chen said.

“That’s right. Although Lord Blood Moon hasn’t made his appearance yet, everyone knows how cruel and brutal Blood Moon Shaman was. Everyone can still remember the huge disturbance he created decades ago, and I think this Lord Blood Moon has the same characteristics as him.”

Yu Zi Han’s expression changed into a serious one.

“Watch closely for any possible movements from this Lord Blood Moon.”

Jiang Chen said.

However, things didn’t happen like Jiang Chen expected them to. Lord Blood Moon still did not come. For the next three days, the situation had calmed down a bit, and no Blood Devils were seen anywhere near Redsun Town. This calm situation had made every in Redsun Town panicked.

It seemed like there was a huge thunderstorm hiding underneath the calm surface, and this didn’t resemble how the Blood Devils usually behaved.

Early morning on the fourth day, Yu Zi Han ran into Jiang Chen’s mansion with a panicked expression.

“Brother Jiang, please save my younger sister!”

When Yu ZI Han saw Jiang Chen, he immediately cupped his fist and spoke in a dignified tone. He looked panicked, and his face was filled with worry.

“Zi Han, what has happened? Tell me slowly.”

After spending a few days together, Yu Zi Han had given Jiang Chen a very good impression. Therefore, Jiang Chen started treating him like his own man.

“Brother Jiang, my dad has found the whereabouts of Lord Blood Moon! My young sister, Yu Zi Yan was captured by him! Brother Jiang, please help me save my younger sister!”

Yu Zi Han was really worried, his younger sister had been captured by Lord Blood Moon, and she was in a really dangerous situation.

“What’s going on, tell me slowly.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent voice. His mind had been trained to stay calm no matter what situation he was facing.

“My younger sister went missing a few days ago, so my dad sent someone to search for her, and then they finally received the bad news. Lord Blood Moon has been secretly capturing teenage girls these last few days, and he is going to have a blood sacrifice tonight in the Valley of Yin Spirits! He is going to break through to the Divine Core realm with this opportunity, and once he makes it, all lives in Yellowstone will be in great danger, we will be completely doomed!”

Yu Zi Han explained.

“No wonder why that Lord Blood Moon hasn’t shown himself yet.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up, this was not good news. But for Jiang Chen, receiving news about Lord Blood Moon was better that receiving no news at all.

“Brother Jiang, my younger sister is amongst those captured teenage girls, my dad has brought a few Heavenly Core warriors from the Yu family and is preparing to save my sister in the Valley of Yin Spirits, I hope brother Jiang can give us a hand too.”

Yu Zi Han cupped his fist towards Jiang Chen, they had to save Yu Zi Yan no matter what, but Yi Zi Han understood that with the strength of the Yu family, it would be impossible for them to save Yu Zi Yan from Lord Blood Moon. With the few Heavenly Core warriors from the Yu family, they would be defeated instantly upon their arrival in the Valley of Yin Spirits. Therefore, in order for the rescue to be successful, they would need help from Jiang Chen.

“Where is the Valley of Yin Spirits located?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“It’s located in a remote place within Yellowstone, and Blood Moon Shaman was killed by the four Sect Chiefs in that valley. Before he died, he used some evil method to turn the place into a valley filled with evil spirits, and no one has gone there since then.”

Yu Zi Han explained again.

“Inform your father, tell him not to go there himself, wait until the evening, then I’ll go together with them. Let’s see what we can do then. Tonight, we’ll reach a conclusion with that Lord Blood Moon.”

Jiang Chen had left the Black Sect many days ago, and it was about time for him to meet with this Lord Blood Moon.

“Good! Brother Jiang’s great deed towards the Yu family, we will never forget it!”

Yu Zi Han cupped his first towards Jiang Chen once again, then he turned around and left. With help from Jiang Che, the Yu family would have the chance to fight those Blood Devils and rescue Yu Zi Yan from torture. Without Jiang Chen’s help, even if the Yu family sent all their men into the Valley of Yin Spirits, let alone rescuing Yu Zi Yan, the place might become their burial ground.

At the same time, the Black Sect!

Fan Kun walked out from the inner circle area with a sneer on his face. When he walked past Guo Shan’s mountain, he stop for a while and thought to himself, “Hmph! Guo Shan, you have finally entered secluded cultivation! I was waiting for this day to come! Now that Sect Chief has entered secluded cultivation, and Guo Shan also shut his doors to study pill concoction, Yan Chen Yu, let me see who can save you today, you won’t be able to escape from me!”

Fan Kun let out an evil laugh, then he continued his way towards Jiang Chen’s courtyard.

Within the courtyard, Yan Chen Yu was in secluded cultivation, but she could suddenly hear some footsteps outside her room. When she checked it out with her Divine Sense, she found out that it was Fan Kun. Her expression immediately changed.


Yan Chen Yu came out from her room, and she immediately scolded, “Fan Kun, why are you here again? I thought Sect Elder Guo Shan asked you not to come here anymore?”

“Hehe, don’t get mad, junior disciple Yan. I wonder, has junior disciple Yan considered my proposal during these last few days?”

A l.u.s.tful smile appeared on Fan Kun’s face.

“What proposal?”

Yan Chen Yu couldn’t hold herself from showing a disgusted expression.

“Junior disciple Yan, do you still not understand me? I was asking you to be my girl! Let me tell you, I’m sure Jiang Chen will get himself killed by Lord Blood Moon in Yellowstone. If you be my girl and serve me comfortably, I guarantee you will become one of the top disciples in the Black Sect.”

Fan Kun spoke with a l.u.s.tful smile on his face.

“Get lost!”

Yan Chen Yu’s voice was cold, as cold as the freezing breeze that was being unleashed from her body.

“Hmph! Yan Chen Yu, I’m losing my patience. You better take my offer, if you reject me today, don’t blame me for using force.”

Fan Kun’s expression changed. It looked like if Yan Chen Yu didn’t agree to his proposal, he would force her.

“How dare you?”

Yan Chen Yu became furious, she unleashed a thick freezing breeze from her body.

“Are you still waiting for that old fool Guo Shan to come and save you? Don’t even think about that anymore! Today, Sect Chief has entered secluded cultivation, and so has Guo Shan! Right now, my grandfather is the acting Sect Chief, and no one in the Black Sect would dare disobey me now!”

Fan Kun had a proud expression. Indeed, he had the capability to be proud in the Black Sect. In his mind, no matter how much of a genius Jiang Chen was, he would get himself killed by Lord Blood Moon. After he raped Yan Chen Yu, with the help of his grandfather, he would be free from any punishment. Besides, the Sect Chief wouldn’t punish him for a dead person.


Yan Chen Yu was incredibly furious, she immediately unleashed an ice arrow towards Fan Kun. When she attacked, the temperature in the courtyard immediately lowered. Even the air was almost frozen.

“Such a powerful cold! I never thought you would have a unique Divine Body! But too bad, you’re too weak, when facing me, your only option is to admit defeat!”

Fan Kun waved his hand and unleashed a layer of golden light, shattering Yan Chen Yu’s icy arrow. After that, with a movement of his hand, a powerful wave immediately swept towards her.

Yan Chen Yu did not want to admit defeat. She counter-attacked with an ice curtain. But, too bad, the gap between their cultivation levels was just too huge, Yan Chen Yu was not Fan Kun’s match. Under Fan Kun’s huge pressure, Yan Chen Yu spat out a mouthful of blood, and her face turned pale.

“Jiejie, junior disciple Yan, your look is really seductive!”

Fan Kun couldn’t control his l.u.s.t any longer, he walked step by step towards Yan Chen Yu like an animal.

Right at this moment, in the outer circle area, a man came out from his secluded cultivation. He was wearing blue clothes, and he looked handsome. It was the Little Devil King, Han Yan. He had taken quite some time in his secluded cultivation, and he had finally gained control of the awakened ancient divine devil’s bloodline and broken through to the Heavenly Core realm. The energy unintentionally unleashed from his body was really frightening.