Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 147 – Invincible

Chapter 147 – Invincible

Chapter 147 – Invincible

Jiang Chen walked into his room and shut the door behind him, then he sat down on a cus.h.i.+on with his legs crossed. Big Yellow went to sleep, but in fact, he was about to break through to the next realm. If nothing wrong happened, once Big Yellow woke up, he would reach the Heavenly Core realm.

The cus.h.i.+on Jiang Chen sat on was connected directly to the underground energy vein. The energy vein’s barrier had been broken a little, and that meant Jiang Chen could use the cus.h.i.+on to absorb as much energy as he wanted.

Having a matured energy vein was the same as having a huge treasure, and Jiang Chen was now occupying it alone. The speed in which you could cultivate by using the energy vein was extremely fast, and now, he already had 96 Dragon Marks, and he just needed another four to reach the Heavenly Core realm.

Jiang Chen had no issue using the essence of the energy vein to form another 4 Dragon Marks. Since he came to Redsun Town, he had fought two battles with the Blood Devils, and both times he had killed every single one of them. The third time, the Blood Devils might send even stronger forces. Having been defeated in two battles, there was no doubt that there would be a Late Heavenly Core Blood Devil in the third one. With Jiang Chen’s current cultivation level and combat strength, he could kill Mid Heavenly Core Blood Devils with ease, but he would have a difficult time fighting Late Heavenly Core Blood Devils.

Therefore, Jiang Chen had to break through to the Heavenly Core realm as soon as he could. As long as he broke through to the Early Heavenly Core realm, he would be able to kill those Late Heavenly Core Blood Devils, and he would have the strength to fight Lord Blood Moon.

“Unlock the seal, I’ll absorb all I can now.”

Jiang Chen unlocked the seal, and underneath the control of the formation, a huge amount of energy started rus.h.i.+ng into Jiang Chen’s body like a tsunami.


Because of the powerful impact of energy, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but let out a pleased sigh. He hurriedly started circulating the Dragon Transformation skill and started converting the energy into the purest energy, then he had it all flow into his Qi Sea.

Within his Qi Sea, the blood colored Dragon Marks started flowing out from his Mortal Core and started swimming around as if they were real dragons, it looked miraculous and magnificent. At the same time, some Dragon Marks turned into shadowy figured and hovered around Jiang Chen’s body, making him look like a Dragon Emperor.

Buzz… buzz….

The impact of the energy was intense, and a buzzing sounded out from within Jiang Chen’s body. Followed by the appearance of the buzzing sound, a 97th Dragon Mark started condensing.

A complete and mature energy vein was incredibly powerful, the benefits of its pure energies were much greater than that of those demon souls and devil cores. When Jiang Chen absorbed the energy essence, not only would it help him form new Dragon Marks and increase his cultivation, it would also help strengthen his body. With the help of the Dragon Transformation skill, his body became stronger and stronger.


The buzzing sound seemed to never end, and Jiang Chen was surrounded by flying dragon shadows. Two hours later, he had finally formed a total of 100 Dragon Marks. At this moment, a deep and subtle dragon roar sounded out from within his body, making Jiang Chen look like an ancient beast that was about to awaken.

The Dragon Transformation skill was too powerful, and it would be even more powerful in the future. Sooner or later, Jiang Chen would transform into a real dragon and soar through the skies.

“Finally, I have managed to form 100 Dragon Marks! Haha, it’s time for me to break through to the Heavenly Core realm!”

Jiang Chen was laughing out loudly. If it was some ordinary peak Mortal Core warrior that wanted to break through to the Heavenly Core realm, there would be no way for them to do it, even with the sufficient energy. Because, in order to do so, that person would need to learn how to control the natural energies. From the Mortal Core realm to the Heavenly Core realm, it was a huge bottleneck for all cultivators.

But this bottleneck didn’t exist for Jiang Chen, he had the cultivation experience of a Saint. All bottlenecks were nothing but jokes to him. Because he cultivated the Dragon Transformation skill, what he needed was only energy. As long as he had sufficient energy, he would be able to break through all the way, there simply was no bottleneck for him.

Jiang Chen took out a huge amount of Mortal Restoration Pills and put them into his mouth, he absorbed them like it was something worthless.


Jiang Chen raised his head up and let out a loud roar, like a dragon that had just awakened, howling to notify everyone of his presence. Everyone in Redsun Town could hear this loud roar, and they could feel sky piercing energy coming out from Jiang Chen’s mansion, and a mighty pressure spread across the entire town, shocking everybody.

“He broke through so quickly…”

Yu Zi Han looked at the sky piercing energy waves and murmured to himself. He couldn’t find any suitable words to describe the abnormal monster Jiang Chen anymore.

“Look, such powerful energy! It is young master Jiang, he is breaking through to the Heavenly Core realm!”

“Haha, great, this is great! Young master Jiang really is a peerless genius, he was able to kill Heavenly Core Blood Devils while at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, and after he breaks through to the Heavenly Core realm, those Blood Devils will not be his match!”

“Great, after young master Jiang breaks through to the Heavenly Core realm, his combat strength will become even greater! This is great news for all of us in Redsun Town!”


All townspeople in Redsun Town were very excited, especially Zhang Zhen and a few other elders. Right now, Redsun Town had become the Blood Devils’ primary target, and these people’s biggest help, as well as their only help, was actually Jiang Chen. Therefore, the stronger Jiang Chen became, the more excited they became.

Within the mansion, the golden colored Mortal Core in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea forcefully pulsed. It was surrounded by numerous blood colored Dragon Marks, and the Mortal Core kept changing. Right now, it had grown to twice its previous size, and it had become more rounded and s.h.i.+ny.

Right at this moment, the Mortal Core had evolved into a Heavenly Core.

Jiang Chen casually waved both his hands, and in an instant, the surrounding natural Yuan energies flowed into his body like a tsunami. Lifted by the natural Yuan energies, Jiang Chen’s body slowly floated upwards, but this time, he didn’t use his blood wings to fly, he instead did it by controlling the natural Yuan energies.


Jiang Chen let out a happy laugh. He had finally broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, and once again he had gotten back the feeling of controlling the natural Yuan energies. A dragon figure formed by his qi and blood was flying around above his head while portraying a pure yang energy.

The successful forming of 100 Dragon Marks had given Jiang Chen’s combat strength an incredible boost. He had no idea how much strength he had gained right now, a Mortal Core and a Heavenly Core, they were completely different and couldn’t be compared at all.

Jiang Chen clenched his fist tightly, making a cracking sound from his fingers joints, and his eyes were glowing with confidence. With his current combat strength, he could easily defeat any ordinary Late Heavenly Core warriors.

“I’ve finally broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, but it gets tougher and tougher to cultivate the Dragon Transformation skill… According to the scripture, from the Early realm to the Mid realm, I will need a total of 200 Dragon Marks, and if I want to reach the Late Heavenly Core realm, the number would double again, a total of 400 Dragon Marks… This is giving me a headache…”

Jiang Chen let out a long sigh. Although the Dragon Transformation skill was really strong, it was really tough to cultivate as well. Let alone the far future, just by looking at the current situation, if he wanted to break through to the Mid Heavenly Core realm, he would need to form another 100 Dragon Marks, and that would require a ma.s.sive amount of energy.

But soon after, a determined expression emerged on his face, “By cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill, I’ve begun walking down a path destined to be filled with killing and slaughter. The road to 100,000 Dragon Marks, I’ll kill all who dares get in my way.”

Settling down his energy, Jiang Chen didn’t leave his room straightaway, but continued sitting on the cus.h.i.+on and absorbing energy. It was now late at night, and those Blood Devils weren’t here yet, and it looked like they wouldn’t come either.

Before Jiang Chen came here, he had eaten the Five Elemental Pill in the Black Sect, strengthening and stabilizing his foundation, and in a short period of time, he wouldn’t have to worry about problems arising when breaking through. Therefore, Jiang Chen was going to utilize the energy vein and continued forming new Dragon Marks, and make his cultivation base at the Early Heavenly Core realm completely stabilize.

Time flew by, and soon, one day had pa.s.sed. In one day, Jiang Chen had formed another 8 new Dragon Marks, making it a total of 108 Dragon Marks in his Qi Sea. His combat strength had increased yet again.

Jiang Chen finally stopped absorbing energies. The effectiveness of the energy impact had come to a limit, he needed to stop and let his newly formed Dragon Marks settle down.

This night, there was still no sight of the Blood Devils. The time reached dawn, but still no Blood Devils came by.

For three consecutive days, it almost seemed like the Blood Devils had disappeared. Although some of them had appeared in other cities within Yellowstone, under the Yu family’s control, these Blood Devils couldn’t cause much damage.

“Young master Jiang, something isn’t right with those Blood Devils, it has been three days but they still aren’t here.”

Zhang Zhen said worriedly.

“I don’t know what those Blood Devils are planning to do, but guys, don’t worry, brother Jiang has now broken through to the Heavenly Core realm! Even if there are some powerful Blood Devil leaders, he will be able to defeat them!”

Yu Zi Han had a very high amount of confidence towards Jiang Chen.


Right after Yu Zi Han finished his words, a huge explosion sounded out from afar. After that, a demonic breeze blew by, and following after was a ma.s.sive group of Blood Devils. They were coming towards Redsun Town with extreme speed.

“They are here.”

Zhang Zhen’s expression changed. The time was now dawn, and it was out of everyone’s expectations that these Blood Devils would actually pick this time to strike.

“Looks like there are more than two hundred Blood Devils. Everyone, get ready, it is going to be a tough battle!”

Yu Zi Han strengthened his spirit.


The evil laugh of the Blood Devils came from afar. Above the skies, six Blood Devil leaders came by. Yu Zi Han threw a look towards these leaders, then he found out that the leading Blood Devil was at the Late Heavenly Core realm. Next to him, there were two Mid Heavenly Core Blood Devils and three Early Heavenly Core Blood Devils, a total of six Heavenly Core Blood Devils. They really came with strong forces.

Yu Zi Han’s face darkened, the enemy was too strong. Even though Jiang Chen had the ability to handle the Late Heavenly Core leader, who would be the one to handle the other two Mid Heavenly Core leaders? With Yu Zi Han’s combat strength, he just might be able to fight one if he used all his strength, but he would probably eventually be defeated.

Yu Zi Han and all the townspeople became worried and panicked. But, there was someone who wasn’t worried at all. Jiang Chen leapt out from his mansion, and at the same time, a golden figured also came out from a room and caught up to Jiang Chen, it was Big Yellow.

“Buddy, you broke through?”

Big Yellow asked while wagging his tail.

“f.u.c.k, you d.a.m.ned dog, how come you also broke through to the Heavenly Core realm?! You were only sleeping! d.a.m.n, do you want me to envy you? Don’t tell anyone that I know you!”

Jiang Chen almost coughed out some blood, this dog was actually the real abnormal monster!