Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1379 – Eastern Profound Domain

Chapter 1379 – Eastern Profound Domain

30 days had pa.s.sed in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, but only one day had pa.s.sed outside. Such a way of cultivation was truly fascinating. Both Tyrant and Big Yellow didn’t seem to have gotten enough of it. In a month’s time, Big Yellow’s foundation had basically been stabilized, seemingly about to break through to the late Golden Immortal realm in no time. As for Tyrant, he had already reached the peak of early Golden Immortal realm, and soon, would advance to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm.


Tyrant made a sigh. Comparing himself to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow really upset him. Presently, both Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were already intermediate Golden Immortals, while he’s only at the early Golden Immortal realm. Apparently, he was the one who was left behind. Furthermore, Jiang Chen was an incomparably scary b.a.s.t.a.r.d, his combat strength couldn’t be measured by his cultivation base.

“Let’s go and find Brother Yang, then we’ll leave Evil Abyss.” Jiang Chen said. He didn’t plan on returning to this place after departing. This spatial zone was no longer meaningful and valuable to them.

Every place they went to represented a miracle to Jiang Chen. Take the Evil Abyss for example. Before Jiang Chen’s arrival, it was a chaotic and gut-wrenching h.e.l.l. After he came, everything changed. His arrival had become the historic turning point of the Evil Abyss, and the extermination of the entire Evil Clan became history.

Three men and one dog walked out of the paG.o.da. Then, they found Yang Bufan with ease. In order to leave the Evil Abyss, they would need to rely on Yang Bufan’s help.

In just one day, Yang Bufan had made all the necessary arrangements. Just like Jiang Chen, this place was no longer meaningful for Yang Bufan despite he being the Evil Lord for ten years.

Now, Yang Bufan was also ready to leave. After his departure, everything here would be unrelated to him anymore. He would then become only Yang Bufan, no longer the well-renowned Evil Lord.

“I never thought that Brother Jiang could advance to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm in just one day. Such an incredible advancement speed renders people speechless. I want to congratulate Brother Jiang on that!”

Yang Bufan said with a smile. Indeed, he was shocked to know that Jiang Chen had already advanced to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm in just one day. After all, Jiang Chen had just entered the Golden Immortal realm. Such advancement speed was truly rarely seen in this world.

“It was just luck.”

Jiang Chen smiled, didn’t mention about the incident of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da. The Temporal Rule of 30 Times was too astounding, after all. This would be his greatest secret. It wasn’t his intention to conceal it. It was just that he didn’t feel the need to reveal it.

“Brother Jiang, I have nothing in the Evil Abyss to worry about anymore and I’ve already reached the late Immortal King realm. It means my efforts in all these years haven’t been in vain. I’m now preparing to leave this place.” Yang Bufan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and spoke.

“I’m about to leave as well. It’s time to return and settle the score in Skycloud Pavilion.”

Jiang Chen said. He had antic.i.p.ated that Yang Bufan would leave at this time.

“Do you need my help?” Yang Bufan asked.

“No. I’ll take care of it myself.”

Jiang Chen shook his head. He needed to face Tian Muyun himself. If he needed Yang Bufan’s help, he would have asked Yang Bufan to get rid of Tian Muyun at that time in Law Enforcement Hall.

“En, then you have to be careful yourself.”

Yang Bufan nodded. He had already known about Jiang Chen’s plan some time ago. It was merely a casual offer of help from a friend.

“In that case, we shouldn’t delay any longer. Let’s depart.” Jiang Chen said.

To him, the Evil Abyss was just one of the stages in his path of growth. When it was the time to leave, he must leave. Plus, there was nothing worth remembering here.


Yang Bufan nodded, then turned his palm. Incredible spatial force trembled abruptly. He tore the s.p.a.ce with his bare hands, tearing up a gap in the void, then walked into it. As he was now a late Immortal King expert, his power had become many folds stronger compared to when he was only an early Immortal King expert. Using his bare hands to tear open the void was an extremely simple thing to him.

In other words, he didn’t need the spatial talisman at all to leave Evil Abyss. He relied only on his own spatial law to locate the coordinates of One-Line-Sky, then walked into it, which was faster than travelling through the spatial pa.s.sageway.

“What are you going to do after this, Brother Yang?” Jiang Chen asked with interest.

Yang Bufan must have his own destination. Given his ability, he would never go to a place like One-Line-Sky. To him, One-Line-Sky was just a small place that couldn’t even stir up a bit of his interest.

“I’ll return to where I came from. I’m going back to Eastern Profound Domain.”

Yang Bufan said with a smile. An unusual expression flashed past his eyes as he said the name of the domain.

“Eastern Profound Domain?”

Jiang Chen was stunned. He had no idea about the geographical division of the Ethereal Immortal Domain, but he wasn’t a fool. He knew that the Eastern Profound Domain must be a huge place, at least it was some place One-Line-Sky couldn’t be used to compare with. After everything in One-Line-Sky was resolved, he would probably want to go there.

“Doesn’t Brother Jiang know about the Eastern Profound Domain?”

Yang Bufan was dumbfounded. As a cultivator of Ethereal Immortal Domain, how could Jiang Chen not know about the famous Eastern Profound Domain? That struck Yang Bufan by surprise.

“To be frank with you, we are all ascendants, and we have no knowledge about the territories in the Immortal World.” Jiang Chen said.

There was nothing he should hide from Yang Bufan. After fighting side by side with him, he regarded Yang Bufan as a true friend.

“Haha! I see. I had never thought that there will be such a peerless genius emerging from the weak world below. I always have high respect for the ascendants. Those who can become Immortals despite the poor Heaven and Earth Yuan Qi and ascend to the Immortal World are no ordinary individuals.”

Yang Bufan laughed delightfully, revealing his admiration for Jiang Chen.

“There are nine great immortal domains in the Immortal World. Each immortal domain can be named as an Immortal World. The Ethereal Immortal Domain is one of the Immortal Worlds. Plus, it’s so big that no one actually knows how vast it is, and One-Line-Sky is merely a pill-sized region compared to that place.” Yang Bufan said.