Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1378 – 950 000 Dragon Marks

Chapter 1378 – 950 000 Dragon Marks

Tian Muyun estimated that it would be enough to fortify his foundation in seven days. Seven days later, he would come out from the seclusion and head straight to Evil Abyss.

As for the three major powers, he no longer put them in his eyes. Given his current cultivation base and strength, exterminating the three major powers was just as easy as moving his hands. Their existence no longer posed any threat to him.

What he wanted the most now was to kill Jiang Chen. In his heart, Jiang Chen posed a threat far greater than the other major powers. He had witnessed the growth of Jiang Chen. That kind of heaven defying speed had reached a shocking extent. If he didn’t get rid of Jiang Chen as soon as possible, it would only be a matter of time before he died in Jiang Chen’s hands.

Furthermore, he had seen Jiang Chen’s means. Jiang Chen had always been ruthless and violent to his enemies. As he and Jiang Chen had already made each other an enemy, once Jiang Chen’s ability surpa.s.sed his, Jiang Chen would definitely not be merciful in killing him.

However, he didn’t need to spend all seven days in seclusion, because Jiang Chen would be coming for him soon. Cultivating in the thirty-third level of Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da for thirty days was only a day in the outside world. Which meant, seven days outside was equal to seven months in the paG.o.da. Jiang Chen wouldn’t need such long time.

At this moment, inside the thirty-third level of the paG.o.da was full of variegated colors. Time continued to flow rapidly here. Jiang Chen and the others had gone into seclusion to fortify their own cultivation base.

There wasn’t much to talk about Jiang Chen. After an intense period of advancement that relied solely on demonic devils made the fortification process extremely important.

It was the same to Big Yellow. Currently, he was already an intermediate Golden Immortal. There was still a huge amount of essence from the Immortal Execution Sword in his body. This essence was like a treasure vault that could help him advance at any moment, reaching a higher realm. So to him, stabilizing his foundation was even more important.

Tyrant on the other hand had the G.o.d Trembling Monument. With the help of the Temporal Rule of 30 Times and G.o.d Trembling Monument, it was the right time for him to break through to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm.

As for Tianji Zi, his cultivation base had totally been destroyed. Although seclusion was of little significance to him, he needed a peaceful recuperation. With the help of the lotus leaf and wooden spiritual Qi to recover his vigor and stabilize the essence in his body, what he needed to do right now was to increase this essence and extend his lifespan. If there was really a way that could restore his cultivation base in the future, what he is doing is paving a good foundation for the future.

To any cultivator, the body was the foundation of everything. A good body was the key to continuous cultivation.

Days pa.s.sed in the paG.o.da one after another. Soon, one month was over. At this time, only a day has pa.s.sed on the outside.


Jiang Chen opened his eyes abruptly. Two rays of blade-sharp light shot out of his eyes, trembling the void around, it was like this mere expression could slash the spatial zone apart.

“Good. My cultivation base is fully fortified now and my foundation has become incomparably solid. Sure enough, my month long seclusion isn’t in vain. I can now use the devil soul of Crazy Devil to break through to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. I suppose there won’t be any problems for an Immortal King devil soul to help form 40 000 dragon marks and break through to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm.”

Jiang Chen spoke to himself, then took out the devil soul. Back when he killed Crazy Devil, he intentionally kept the devil soul aside so that he could use it today.

Every advancement Jiang Chen made required humungous support of energy. The number of dragon marks in his body was already 910 000. In order to advance to intermediate Golden Immortal realm, he needed 40 000 more. The devil soul of Crazy Devil seemed good enough.

*Chi…* *Chi…*

The True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire appeared in front of the devil soul, then penetrated into it. These two flames were the nemesis of demonic devils. They could purify all the devil essence inside, allowing Jiang Chen to absorb the purest energy.

Jiang Chen opened his mouth, and straightaway swallowed the devil soul. Enormous amount of energy exploded in Jiang Chen’s body like waves, rus.h.i.+ng to every part of his Qi Sea.


Under the circulation of the dragon transformation skill, this magnificent energy began to be rapidly refined, turning into new dragon marks.

Inside Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea was a complete and grand scene of hundreds of thousands of dragon marks converging. There were more than 900 000 thousand of them. Every dragon mark seemed like a true dragon, extraordinarily divine.

Ever since the true metamorphosis happened on the dragon transformation skill, refinement had become incomparably simple and fast. In just half an hour of time, the Immortal King devil soul was completely refined.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

His Qi Sea began to stir violently. 950 000 dragon marks rippled and turned into a spectacular scene that looked like an ocean of true dragons.

This was the most critical moment of breaking through to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm. Jiang Chen tossed all of the Immortal Meta Stones he had kept into his Qi Sea.

These Immortal Meta Stones were the huge fortune left behind by Ouyang He. The value of this wealth was shocking. It had helped Jiang Chen saved lots of trouble. At least, he had never worried about Immortal Meta Stones along the way.

But the fact remained that Jiang Chen was a stomach king. The consumption of energy in every advancement was just too great. No one would be able to bear such a frightening consumption.

Today, by advancing to the intermediate Golden Immortal realm, all of the Immortal Meta Stones had been used up, not even a single residue was left.

It seemed like the first thing he had to do after settling his score with Tian Muyun was to get more Immortal Meta Stones, this was an indispensable support in his cultivation, and something that he must prepare in advance.


An earth-shattering dragon roar suddenly rang out from Jiang Chen’s mouth. Powerful wave of Qi rolled out from his body, setting off a huge wave in the thirty-third level.

The three of them who were in seclusion were startled by the momentum, and couldn’t help but open their eyes and gaze at Jiang Chen.

“He succeeded. Awesome! His power at the intermediate Golden Immortal realm has far exceeded any ordinary early Immortal King’s.” Tianji Zi was in astonishment.

“Given his current combat strength, it is already enough to fight Tian Muyun. This time, his return would mean the death of Tian Muyun.” Big Yellow said. He had always been very confident in Jiang Chen.

“That’s right. Even if Tian Muyun has already advanced to the Immortal King realm, I estimate that he’s still not a match for Chen Er. Master Ouyang’s death will be avenged this time. That ungrateful piece of sh*t! This time, we must unveil his true colors.”

Tianji Zi gritted his teeth and said. Ouyang He died because of Tian Muyun, and his current condition was also caused by Tian Muyun. Therefore, it was impossible for him to deny his hatred towards Tian Muyun.

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