Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1380 – The Strong Return

Chapter 1380 – The Strong Return

After listening to what Yang Bufan had said, the fighting spirit in Jiang Chen’s heart was ignited in an instant. The Immortal World wasn’t as simple as he had imagined. Of the nine great immortal domains, each of them was like a world of its own. Previously, Jiang Chen’s understanding of the Ethereal Immortal Domain was only limited to One-Line-Sky.

Now, Jiang Chen had developed a strong interest in Eastern Profound Domain. He was almost certain that once the matters in One-Line-Sky were resolved, he would leave for a larger place. The Eastern Profound Domain might be his next stop.

He had no reason to stop where he was. He had the determination to pursue the highest realm in Immortal Dao and deep antic.i.p.ation of the cultivation path.

Moreover, there were still many things that he needed to do. There was still the matter of Yan Chenyu, Tianji Zi and Wu Ningzhu.

The fact that Yan Chenyu was related to the Immortal Execution King gave him the urge to explore the secrets of Immortal Execution King. But before that, he needed to improve his cultivation base to the level of Immortal Execution King. As for Tianji Zi, he had basically been turned into a crippled man and the reason why he suffered such a condition was because of Jiang Chen. Thus, Jiang Chen had the responsibility to help Tianji Zi recover.

Either it was the journey to seek Yan Chenyu or to help Tianji Zi look for the means to recover his state, Jiang Chen had no reason to stop. Just like what Yang Bufan said, One-Line-Sky was merely a pill-sized place. Even if one could be the king of this region, he would still be no different than a frog trapped in a well.

In addition, there was still Wu Ningzhu to worry about. After ascending to the Immortal World, Jiang Chen, Han Yan and Tyrant had met with one another and found some leads about Yan Chenyu, but there was no trace about Wu Ningzhu.

Apart from all of these, there was a pressure that kept on pus.h.i.+ng Jiang Chen to improve. This pressure came from his old enemy, Nan Bei Chao.

Back when Jiang Chen just ascended to the Immortal World, he was attacked by Nan Bei Chao. If it wasn’t because of the Immortal Mark in his body, he would have died long ago.

Without question, Nan Bei Chao must be looking for him everywhere. There was one thing he was sure of, and that was Nan Bei Chao’s strength was definitely far greater than his. Even after reaching his current strength, he wasn’t even an ant and worth mentioning compared to the true Nan Bei Chao. This was something that Jiang Chen was very crystal clear of.

Therefore, he had to grow faster. The true enemy in the Immortal World was Nan Beichao, not Tian Muyun. No comparison could be made between the two.

With such a powerful existence in this world, Jiang Chen could feel a sense of urgency and pressure.

“Brother Jiang, once you have settled the matters over here, you have to pay me a visit in Eastern Profound Domain. It has six great Immortal Sects, three great Empires and two great Aristocratic Families. That place is overflowing with geniuses. There are too many geniuses amongst the eleven major powers. Every one of them is a dazzling star, the Son of Heaven. Fighting them would really spike up one’s pa.s.sion. Given your talent, even in the Eastern Profound Domain, I believe that you will be able to set a foothold in that domain sooner or later.” Yang Bufan patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder and said.

These words had undoubtedly ignited the fiery pa.s.sion inside Jiang Chen. Six great Immortal Sects, three great Empires and two great Aristocratic Families… Those major powers were so powerful and there were so many geniuses…. He couldn’t help being excited by just thinking about it.

Of the eleven major powers, each one of them was incomparable to the tiny Skycloud Pavilion. Despite Yang Bufan being a late Immortal King, he didn’t mention anything about his status in Eastern Profound Domain. It was imaginable how terrifying the Eastern Profound Domain actually was.

“Don’t worry. I’m sure I’ll go to Eastern Profound Domain after the matters in Skycloud Pavilion are settled.”

Jiang Chen’s Qi fluctuated. The Eastern Profound Domain would be another world, and this was the true Immortal World that he was looking for.

“Good. Once you arrive in Eastern Profound Domain, come and find me in Great Qian Empire.”

Yang Bufan said and vanished, leaving only the name of the empire behind.

“Great Qian Empire.” Jiang Chen muttered, beginning to imagine how it was like on the other world.

However, he regained his senses very quickly. For the time being, he had to put the matter of Eastern Profound Domain aside. Now, he had some old scores to settle.

Today, he would return to Skycloud Pavilion to unveil Tian Muyun’s mask. The scores of Ouyang He, Tianji Zi and himself, all of them would come to an end today.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen looked over at Tianji Zi, then flew towards the direction leading to Skycloud Pavilion.

“Tu Er, are you sure you can win? If Tian Muyun has advanced to the Immortal King realm, he won’t be easy to deal with.” Tianji Zi said. Although he had witnessed Jiang Chen’s power, he also knew Tian Muyun’s terror. So there were worries in his heart.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be resolved today.”

Jiang Chen smiled. Confidence filled his body from top to bottom. That was the confidence that came from his bones, the demeanor of a natural-born king that drew admiration of people.

The mountain gate of Skycloud Pavilion was as calm as usual. Several disciples were patrolling back and forth, seemingly bored with their job. After Jiang Chen appeared, he straightaway unleashed his incomparably powerful Qi that flowed straight to the center of Skycloud Pavilion.

“That’s a very powerful Qi. It’s like the Qi of Jiang Chen.”

“That’s right. It’s Jiang Chen’s Qi. I saw him flew over us. Jiang Chen has returned. It seems like he still doesn’t know that Pavilion Master has already advanced to the Immortal King realm. Isn’t he asking for death by returning now?”

“Jiang Chen’s Qi is overpowering. I wonder how much stronger he has become compared to before. Nothing good happens every time he returns. It seems like another havoc is about to happen in Skycloud Pavilion.”


Jiang Chen’s appearance instantly attracted the attention of all disciples. One by one, silhouettes flew out from the pavilion.

On the battle platform in core sect, Jiang Chen pounded the battle drum with his clothes fluttering.

“Tian Muyun, I, Jiang Chen, have returned. Come out and fight me!”

Jiang Chen’s voice rippled like waves above the sky of Skycloud Pavilion, and the sound of the battle drum trembled people’s soul like thunder.

The battle drum of core sect hadn’t been sounded for a very long time. This battle drum was for a life-and-death battle, which meant that Jiang Chen was declaring a life-and-death battle against Tian Muyun. He believed that Ouyang He could hear this familiar drum sound even from below and see that Jiang Chen was helping him to root out the evil.

“My G.o.d! The crazy Jiang Chen has returned, and he has sounded the life-and-death battle drum to fight Pavilion Master. He’s certainly out of his mind!”

“Insane. This is truly insane. It seems like Jiang Chen doesn’t know that Pavilion Master is now an Immortal King. He’s coming here to die.”

“Cut all the nonsense. Let’s go over and check it out. This is going to be a big event. Jiang Chen daring to appear here means that he must have some kind of powerful trump card. If he chooses to fight today, then today’s battle is certainly going to be the most intense one.”


No one wasn’t astonished. Each of them began to fly towards the battle platform.

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