Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1246 – The Shocking Power of the Demonic Devil

Chapter 1246 – The Shocking Power of the Demonic Devil

The Shocking Power of the Demonic Devil

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The late Divine Immortal experts naturally wouldn’t put Jiang Chen in their eyes. They initially thought that Jiang Chen was a powerful dude, however, the group standing in front of them was merely a bunch of Heaven Immortals and mid Divine Immortals, it didn’t really concern them at all. How powerful could a puny Heaven Immortal be?

“Jiang Chen, what you are doing have aroused the anger of the whole outer region. I advise you to stop as soon as possible and perhaps that will save you your life!” shouted Mao Sheng.

Jiang Chen sneered after hearing it, then spoke in a flat tone: “What’s the use of being angry? All the angry people had already been killed by me. Eventually, those who are still angry at me will only end up just like them, dead, including late Divine Immortal experts. I have already given you all the chance to live. It’s just that none of you know how to cherish it.”

After hearing what Jiang Chen said, the two late Divine Immortal experts’ nose almost went crooked due to anger. They had never seen such an arrogant brat before, a puny little Heaven Immortal that could speak such preposterous words and did not even put them in his eyes. It was like they were nothing more than dog’s fart in his eyes. How could they accept it?

“What a shameless boasting! No need to waste nonsense with him. Immediately finish this ignorant kid off.”

The other late Divine Immortal expert couldn’t take it anymore. They were the experts of the experts, the peak figures amongst all in the outer region. No one in the outer region had ever been so rude to them. Immediately, he fluctuated his Qi, and lunged at Jiang Chen with an overbearing killing intent.

He wanted to slap this arrogant brat to death, only this way could he relieve the deep hatred in his heart and teach Jiang Chen a good lesson.

The Qi unleashed by the late Divine Immortal expert could be described as earth-shattering. It caused Chen Hui and the others to s.h.i.+ver with fear. Lu Sheng just kept his silence at one side. Evidently, they were very afraid of late Divine Immortal experts and they were totally clueless of what methods Jiang Chen would use to deal with such an opponent.

However, when they saw the shrewd and composed young man, it gave them a sense of relief.

Everyone believed that Jiang Chen must have ways to deal with a late Divine Immortal opponent, otherwise, he wouldn’t be here.

“Demonic chief, it’s time for you to come out.”

Jiang Chen ordered. A black light suddenly rushed out from Jiang Chen’s body. In a blink of an eye, it transformed into a huge monster.


The devil aura soared up to the sky. Its roar even shook the heavens. As the dense demonic and devil Qi merged together, it created a dark cloud above the sky. The chief demon pounded his chest violently. Despite the fact that he was under Jiang Chen’s control, his ferocious nature was still intact. He had also been observing the previous battles, so, he knew that it was only a matter of time before a big ma.s.sacre broke out. Now that he was released from the paG.o.da, he was able to release all the stifling feeling that he had after being kept in a confined area for a long time.


The demonic chief emerged right where the city lord was at; it then struck out its huge fist, smas.h.i.+ng against the city lord’s attack.

It was true that both of them were late Divine Immortal experts, however, they couldn’t be compared. They were totally in different levels. The gap between them could clearly be seen when the city lord was sent flying away by the demonic chief’s punch and halted at the place he originally was at.

The city lord’s facial expression turned incomparably ugly. Although he suffered no injuries from it, the psychological blow brought by the impact was enough for him to suffer.


The whole crowd was in ferment. It dumbfounded not only the adversary’s forces but also the Divine Immortal experts of Fragrant Sky City, their mouths were wide open. As people living in Evil Abyss, the demonic devils of the Evil Clan were no stranger to them. They had already fought these demonic devils at some point in their lives. Therefore, they were able to determine that this was a mighty late Divine Immortal demonic devil of the Evil Clan judging from its devil’s Qi.

“My G.o.d, it’s a demonic devil from the Evil Clan. It’s a mighty late Divine Immortal devil, but why would it listen to City Lord’s order?”

“City Lord must have used some kind of means to subdue this demonic devil, otherwise, given the devil’s ferocity, it will never submit itself to a human. Before this, when master left the city for two days, no one had thought that he would go and subdue some big monster of the Evil Clan. I can’t help but be impressed by him.”

“It turns out that City Lord still has such a huge trump card. No wonder he was so calm moments ago. The two late Divine Immortal human experts won’t be a match for this late Divine Immortal demonic devil.”


Chen Hui and the others were too shocked to speak. For a moment, they changed their views on Jiang Chen. Their admiration for him had reached an unprecedented level. It was precisely because they knew the strength of the Evil Clan that it made them admire their master so much. They knew that demonic devils were ferocious by nature and regarded themselves as n.o.ble beings. These devils would never lower their heads to a human even if they died. So no matter how powerful a human expert was, he could never really subdue a powerful demonic devil.

However, Jiang Chen was able to do so. If they hadn’t witnessed such an astounding scene with their own eyes, they were afraid that they would never believe it.

While facing the experts of Dark Yang City, they could see that each and every one of their faces had changed dramatically. They could similarly tell the origin of this big monster at first glance. And because of this, fear was stirred up inside of them. They knew very well that no one on the scene could be a match for this devil.

“It’s a mighty demonic devil of the Evil Clan. In the Evil Abyss, the Evil Clan and the human race couldn’t accept each other’s existence. So, why did this demonic devil helped Jiang Chen?”

“d.a.m.n! Could it be that this Jiang Chen has the means of subduing a powerful demonic devil?”

Mao Sheng and the others felt the urge to cough up blood. Their hope was instantly extinguished. Now that Jiang Chen had a demonic devil as his a.s.sistant, anyone could already imagine the outcome of this fight today. It was just like what Jiang Chen said before, they still couldn’t defend themselves even with the two late Divine Immortal experts. They were afraid that these two senior experts would face the threat of death too.

“Jiang Chen, how dare you collude with a demonic devil of the Evil Clan? Don’t you know that we and the Evil Clan are irreconcilable enemies?” The late Divine Immortal expert shouted.

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