Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1247 – Fierce and Cruel

Chapter 1247 – Fierce and Cruel

Fierce and Cruel

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Although the late Divine Immortal city lord was roaring, it obviously lacked resonance. In the face of the powerful demonic chief, it was hard for anyone to maintain a vibrant voice. At this time, everyone had already lost their exuberant Qi and confidence. The emergence of the demonic chief had sent them a fatal blow. Currently, there was only fear, the fear of dying.

“Colluding with the demonic devil? That’s ridiculous. Even a fool could tell that this demonic chief is merely my slave, my killing tool. In my eyes, all the Evil Clan are like insects. As long as they are subdued by me, they will become my eternal slaves. If I ordered them to die, they will die immediately in front of me. So why speak about colluding? Anyway, you all are going to die now,” said Jiang Chen indifferently.

He deliberately emphasized that the demonic chief was subdued by him, this would be his first step in approaching the Evil Lord. He believed that this was already enough to attract the attention of the Evil Lord, and it may even intrigued the Evil Lord.

“No, that’s not possible. The Evil Clan are extremely vicious and will never yield to us humans. How can you have the means to subdue them?” clamoured Mao Sheng loudly.

He was unwilling to speak to Jiang Chen, however, his heart was now filled with fear. It wasn’t important whether this demonic chief was subdued by Jiang Chen or a.s.sociated itself to Jiang Chen. What was more important was that Jiang Chen could control this powerful demonic devil, and this devil was going to take their lives.

“Demonic chief, what are you still waiting for? Kill them now!”

Jiang Chen didn’t bother to continue conversing with Mao Sheng. He immediately ordered the demonic chief to strike.

“Yes, master.”

The demonic chief didn’t dare show any neglect in his master’s command, immediately, it let out a roar and lunged at the target with boundless killing and evil intent.

“This demonic devil is too powerful. The two of us should combine our strength.”

The city lord who fought the demonic devil earlier spoke. The two of them immediately exchanged a glance, then summoned their own Immortal Weapons, and charged at the demonic chief from two different directions, the left and right. Based on the past experiences they had with the Evil Clan, they deeply understood the scariness of demonic devils. Take this demonic chief for example, there was no other way to fight this demonic devil besides two of them combining their strength. But in truth, they already knew it in their hearts that they were still no match for this demonic chief even after they combined their strength.

*Hong Long……*

The Qi of the demonic chief was overpowering. Countless black devil waves radiated from all over his body like the roaring ocean. The layers of black tides converged and formed a peerless and frenzied demon. It seemed illusory like a dream, constantly being overlapped by something and had the capacity to engulf everything.

The murderous intent of the demonic chief soared up to the sky. He launched his strongest attack in their first exchange. The attack was so fierce and uncontrollable that it could level all the cities around. The two city lords could only grit their teeth and exert their maximum strength.

It couldn’t be denied that these two city lords possessed quite an ability. Both of their Immortal Weapons slashed out colourful rays that hovered in the sky, like the brilliant heavenly rivers. The power of such an attack could never be underestimated.

The two heavenly rivers merged together and clashed with the demonic chief’s attack in a twinkle.

*Hong Long……*

The impact produced deafening sounds, great waves of Qi that was powerful enough to destroy everything, and sparks that turned into a sea of fire, burning and evaporating every oxygen in the air.


The demonic chief roared continuously. His huge palm struck out once more, sending out boundless energy. The city lords couldn’t resist such an aggressive attack and were sent a dozen steps back before regaining their balance.

As the saying went, one round of battle could already determine the strong and the weak. The faces of the Divine Immortal experts of Dark Yang City turned pale. These city lords were their only hope and reliance. They initially thought that there would be no more problems the moment these two late Divine Immortal experts came to defend their city, even if Jiang Chen had three heads and six arms. However, no one had ever thought of the possibility that a mighty demonic chief would be attacking them. They were still no match even after the two strongest city lords combined their strength. At this rate, they could already imagine the outcome of the battle. Death would be the only thing that awaited them eventually.


The demonic chief roared once more. Having received Jiang Chen’s order to kill he would never stop until he completed Jiang Chen’s order.

Fortunately, the two city lords had a very good understanding of each other, which made them capable enough to fight the demonic chief, however, Jiang Chen would never give them such an opportunity.

“Ah Da and Ah Er, attack.”

Jiang Chen commanded coldly. He didn’t want to waste anymore time. Based on the current situation, it was best if he could settle this battle as quickly as possible.

“Yes, master.”

Ah Da, Ah Er and the demonic chief were all the same, they were all Jiang Chen’s slaves that only had absolute obedience towards Jiang Chen’s command.

The heavenly devil barbaric bulls struck. Their objective was very simple – that was to entangle one of the late Divine Immortal human expert. The situation was already clear. As long as they could temporarily keep the other late Divine Immortal expert busy, the other Divine Immortal expert would soon be finished off by the demonic chief.

“Get lost, stupid bulls!”

When one of them saw Ah Da and Ah Er charging at them, he immediately roared and swung his Immortal Weapon at Ah Da. He totally didn’t put the two mid Divine Immortal demonic beasts in his eyes. Given his strength, he felt that it wasn’t a problem for him to kill one of them with a single sword strike.

However, the reality was very different. When Ah Da and Ah Er combined together, their strength was equivalent to a late Divine Immortal expert. It might be true that they couldn’t kill a late Divine Immortal opponent easily, but they wouldn’t have any problems keeping their opponent occupied.

When Ah Da and Ah Er managed to get a late Divine Immortal expert entangled with them, the other late Divine Immortal expert confronted the demonic chief alone and suffered injuries due to the frenzied attacks of the demonic chief.

Jiang Chen stood at the back, observing the situation of the battle ahead. At the present moment, it was no longer necessary for him to intervene in this battle.

“It’s over. It’s totally over now.”

Mao Sheng’s face darkened incredibly, it was like he had aged for a few dozens of years. Despair covered his face. That was right, it was despair. Mao Sheng wasn’t the only one who was feeling total despair, the people of Dark Yang City also felt the same. They could already figure out the fate of these two late Divine Immortal experts, and at the same time, their fates. There was no way that Jiang Chen would let them go.

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