Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1245 – Reinforcements

Chapter 1245 – Reinforcements


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Currently, the prefecture of Dark Yang City was in a state of chaos. The experts of all four cities had converged on this place. Like the other cities, they had joined forces only to fight the devil Jiang Chen.

However, all their confidence had been mercilessly destroyed. At this time, panic emerged in each of their faces. They already knew what had happened to the other cities. They found it hard to believe that Jiang Chen could be so strong and unstoppable that he had succeeded in his every attack.

What made them even more depressed was that Jiang Chen actually dared to do such a thing. At the beginning, like the others, they thought that Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare launch any large-scale move, the most this young man would do was to conquer another few cities. Furthermore, their cities were very far away from Fragrant Sky City, which was supposed to be the safest zone.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen was far more ferocious than they had ever imagined. It now seemed that he was going to conquer the entire outer region. Besides, how could those cities he already conquered be so fragile and vulnerable? None of them could act as a hindrance to Jiang Chen. All of them had been invaded in just half a day’s time. To most of them in Dark Yang City, it was like a dream that they would never believe if it wasn’t happening in reality.

“What now? I’m afraid that Jiang Chen will be here soon. We will be his next target. Given our current strength, we don’t stand a chance against his army and we’ll die for sure,” someone spoke nervously.

“Dammit! That Jiang Chen is just too savage, totally ignoring the rules of the outer region and not putting the Evil Lord in his eyes. We will be finished while facing such a mad man.”

“Why not we just surrender to him if we can’t fight? We can’t just bet our lives.”

“No way. That Jiang Chen has already given us the chance to surrender, but none of us did. Now, everything is over. Jiang Chen will never let any of us go. This is evident from the deaths of the other city lords. Jiang Chen is a man of ruthlessness, but in Evil Abyss, only such man is able to live for long. It’s already too late for us to surrender now. We have to figure out another way.”


At this time, no one could keep their calm any longer. They must think of a solution as soon as possible. None of them would live once Jiang Chen arrived in their city.

“We have to turn to the four super cities for help, only late Divine Immortal experts would be able to help us now.”

“That’s right. I’m sure they won’t just stand there and watch us die. They aren’t fools, they will not hope to see the entire outer region fall into Jiang Chen’s hands. They knew that once Jiang Chen built his empire, it will pose a serious threat to their foothold.”

“Time is of the essence. We should seek help from the neighbouring cities. As long as late Divine Immortals are here to help, we won’t have to be afraid of that Jiang Chen anymore.”


To them, their remaining time was too short. They had to get the help of the late Divine Immortal experts as soon as possible because Jiang Chen would be here at any time, and the consequences were too frightening to imagine.

Nearest to Dark Yang City was a nameless city that had a late Divine Immortal expert, but presently, there was also another late Divine Immortal expert who was the city lord of another city. Apparently, they had already known about Jiang Chen’s matter and the chaos of today. So, they have come together to discuss some countermeasures.

At this moment, the city lord of Dark Yang City arrived. He was called Mao Sheng. He looked fl.u.s.tered. He immediately cupped his fists upon seeing the two late Divine Immortal experts.

“I beg the two masters’ for help. That Jiang Chen is too arrogant and insane. Most of the cities in the outer region has already been conquered by him. This man ma.s.sacred everyone and left no survivors. It will be Dark Yang City’s turn soon. I plead for the two masters to help us kill that wicked man.”

Mao Sheng’s tone was full of entreaty. At the present moment, getting help from someone was by far the best solution.

“Mao Sheng, we have already known about Jiang Chen’s matter. Even if you didn’t come, we will both take action in helping your city. We would like to see what made this Jiang Chen so presumptuous. It’s really a joke that he declared his intention of conquering the entire outer region. And that’s not putting any of us in his eyes.”

One of the city lord spoke furiously. Even if the outer region was a weak region, there were still four late Divine Immortal experts maintaining the order of the place. What Jiang Chen was doing not only violated the will of the Evil Lord, but also ignored their very existences which was totally unacceptable to them.

“Many thanks, City Lord. It would be great with your help. No matter how heaven defying that Jiang Chen is, he will never be a match for late Divine Immortal experts.”

Mao Sheng was so excited, as if he had already obtain the life-saving straw. He now felt a pang of relief and some feeling of rebirth, but no one knew how long such feelings would last.

Under Lu Sheng’s guidance, Jiang Chen and the other experts reached the sky above Dark Yang City. The experts of the city had already been expecting them outside. Two late Divine Immortal experts had already arrived to protect the city. This had given the army an incomparably huge confidence, drastically reducing their fear for Jiang Chen.

“Not good. Master. There are late Divine Immortal experts here. It seems like they have asked the help of the four cities. I’m afraid that we are no match for them,” said Lu Sheng worriedly.

“How do you know that we aren’t a match for them?”

Jiang Chen glared at Lu Sheng for saying such demoralizing sentence in front of his army. If it wasn’t for Lu Sheng’s good intention, Jiang Chen would have already sent him a slap.

The emergence of the two late Divine Immortal experts were within Jiang Chen’s expectation, and this was what he wanted. The fact that only two appeared instead of four indicated the inharmonious relations.h.i.+p within the four cities. It might be a little difficult to handle if the four of them were present at the same time, but with only two here, it made everything easier. The demonic chief in the paG.o.da wouldn’t have any problems dealing with these two late Divine Immortal experts.

“You are that Jiang Chen?” Mao Sheng pointed and shouted loudly at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen let out a laugh, but didn’t reply to his opponent’s question, he felt that it was senseless to do so as he wasn’t here to converse with his enemy.

“Jiang Chen, your guts is rather too much! Being a mere Heaven Immortal expert, do you think you can really conquer the entire region? That’s ridiculous!” One of the late Divine Immortal experts sneered.

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