Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1012 – The Fury of the Six Major Palaces

Chapter 1012 – The Fury of the Six Major Palaces

The Fury of the Six Major Palaces

The 10th chapter!

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“What happened? Why has the devil army suddenly retreated?” Narang Yunhe had a puzzled look.

“There may be something going on inside the Devil World. Just now I senses some unusual movement inside but it was deliberately concealed by them. If I’m not mistaken, the unexpected change in the Devil World has something to do with their sudden retreat, otherwise, given their ferocious nature, they wouldn’t retreat so quickly. Even though the devil army has been at a disadvantage in the war, they were still far from being truly defeated,” said Gu Firmament. He looked in the direction of the Devil World, wondering what was happening inside it.

“In my opinion, let’s enter the Devil World!”

The palace master of s.h.i.+ Palace’s Qi fluctuated. As soon as his voice faded, he had flown to the giant gate of the Devil World, and struck to rip it open.

*Hong Long…*

The void outside the gate was destroyed instantly, but the gate remained intact and locked. Inside the Devil World, the large gate was sealed by a dozen of Super Devil Saints. Judging by how fast the devil army was summoned back to the Devil World, it seemed as if they were putting an end to the war completely.

“Something must have happened inside. Brother Gu, what are we going to do now? Should we work together to break the seal behind the giant gate?” The palace master of Dan Palace looked at Gu Firmament and asked.

The eyes of the rest fell upon him. Now that he was the one in charge of the Law Enforcement Palace, he was also the leader of Saint Origin Palace. As such, only Gu Firmament could make the decision for such great event.

“I think no. The Devil World is different from the Western Domain. It is the nest of the devils. The environment there will suppress our combat strength. Furthermore, we don’t know what exactly has happened inside there. If we attacked forcefully, we may arouse a frenzied response from them which will not do us any good.” said Gu Firmement, shaking his head.

Considering the fact that the Devil Race had recuperated for quite a long time, they might have built strong forces and fortresses in their world. On the other hand, although Western Domain was the heartland of Buddha Sect, it didn’t make the war for the Human Race any easier. If they entered the Devil World, aside from not knowing the world’s geography, they would also be affected negatively.

“Brother Gu is right. I don’t see how we can take advantage of the land in the Devil World. Since they have retreated, I suppose they won’t be back for a period of time. I think, we should return to Saint Origin Palace first for the time being. We had made hasty preparations before the war. This time we have to make better preparations for the next war by mobilizing the top experts to our forces, so that we are always ready to face the war. As long as the devils dare to appear again, we will attack them with heavy blows.” Desolate Emperor suggested.

“It seems this is the only way given the circ.u.mstances.” Narang Yunhe nodded, agreed to what Desolate Emperor said.

“Alright. Inform everyone to withdraw from the warfield, to prepare well for the next round of war,” said Gu Firmament, nodding.

Thick smoke was rolling off the battlefields. After the eight palace masters gave the orders to retreat, all of the experts gathered at their respective camps; Han Yan and Jiang Chen gathered in the same group.

“Little Chen, what now? Your ident.i.ty has already been exposed. I’m afraid the six major palaces will not let you go,” said Han Yan.

“F*ck! I have no idea what’s going on that the devil army to pull back so quickly. It has messed up my plans.” Jiang Chen couldn’t help cursing.

His original intention was that this war would continue until it was really over. In which case, he would be able to continue advancing in the midst of the war. As long as he could break through to the sixth grade, he would be able to deal with Ninth Grade Great Saints. By then, he wouldn’t be concerned about the other five major palaces anymore and only needed to focus on dealing with Desolate Palace.

The sudden retreat of the Devil Race disrupted all his plans. It was likely that those Ninth Grade Great Saints outside the domain had yet to know about his true ident.i.ty, but after they found out, not even the combined strength of Gu Palace and Demon Palace could protect him given how deep the hatred the six major palaces had for him.

This was a situation which he didn’t wish to see. If he confronted them head-on, it wouldn’t bring any benefits to Demon Palace and Gu Palace but threat instead.

“I think, let’s go straight into the Devil World. First, we can temporarily evade the furious hunt of the six major palaces. Second, we can find out exactly what has happened in the Devil World. Besides, we may be able to obtain some benefits inside. Also, don’t forget that Ah Yan possesses the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline and he has recently acquired the Great Devil Curse, which makes him a lineal descendant of Devil Race. That place is just a piece of cake to him.”

Big Yellow’s eyes were sparkling, eagerly antic.i.p.ating the dangerous trip to the Devil World.

“But the gate of the Devil World has been sealed by the Super Devil Saints. How are we going to get in anyway?”

Yan Chenyu was confused.

“Hehe… Ah, Xiao Yu, isn’t this the strength of Master dog? With our combined strengths and Ah Yan’s Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, it’s going to be very easy for us to penetrate through the seal, and I bet the Super Devil Saints won’t find out about us.”

Big Yellow revealed a conceited smile. He was well-versed with the Formation Holy Book, so there was basically no seals in this world he couldn’t break.

“Well then, let’s go to the Devil World,” replied Jiang Chen.

He was a man who never procrastinated and given the current situation, entering the Devil World was the best choice as there was nowhere else in Saint Origin World that he could go. But when he advanced to the Sixth Grade Great Saint, none of the six major palaces would be able to deal with him.

“Haha! It must be very dangerous for us to enter the Devil World at this time. There must be something big going on inside there. Plus, they must have increased their alertness to the maximum. But thinking about this excites me. So, count me in.” Tyrant laughed and said.

How could he be excluded from such stimulating event? In addition, he hadn’t fought side by side with his brothers for a long time.

Like Tyrant said, entering the Devil World at this time was undoubtedly an extremely dangerous time but people used to say that: People with great skills are highly audacious. Moreover, their cultivation base was enough to handle most of the enemies. Any one of them was able to engage in solo battle. Plus, most of them had suppressive ability against the devils. So, they didn’t need to be afraid even if they encountered danger. Throughout the Heaven and Earth, only this abnormal group of beings were bold enough to intrude into the Devil World at this moment.

“Brother Chen, I’m not going then. I will return to the camp of Gu Family. You guys must be careful when you are in the Devil World.”

Yan Chenyu gazed at Jiang Chen, her eyes overflowed with intimate concern and love.

“Xiao Yu, take care of yourself and the people of Martial Saint Dynasty.”

Jiang Chen’s hand caressed Yan Chenyu’s cheek, revealing a rare trace of masculine tenderness. Her understanding and empathy for him made his heart ache. She knew that the fewer the people enter the Devil World, the better. Though her cultivation base wasn’t weak, her Nine Yin Meridian Physique made her the only one who didn’t have the advantage of suppression over the devils. As such, she voluntarily withdrew herself from the team fearing that Jiang Chen and the others would be distracted due to her vulnerability.

“Not to worry, Brother Chen. I’m not going to let my family get hurt.”

Yan Chenyu nodded with a little force, she then turned and vanished, heading towards the camp of Gu Family.

“Let’s go quickly before the six palace masters took action. Or else, we won’t have the chance anymore.” Big Yellow prompted.

Three men and a dog turned into four shadows and vanished without making any delays. Given their speed, they had reached the front gate of the Devil World the moment they reappeared.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Even before they got close to it, they could feel the s.h.i.+vering sound of the seal coming from the other side of the gate. That sound carried a trace of gloominess that could shake one’s soul.

“This is a very simple seal. It can block any beings other than devils. So, we don’t have to waste any effort at all. Ah Yan, encompa.s.s three of us with your domain using the Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline. Big Yellow, Tyrant, we have to conceal our Qi for now.”

Jiang Chen was able to discern the nature of the seal by one glance. This was a seal specialized at blocking the Human Race from entering, but it had no effect on devils. It was impossible for any ordinary human to cross the gate without getting any backlash from the seal, but such powerful seal wouldn’t have an impact on Jiang Chen and his comrades, as the bloodline that Han Yan possessed could easily get them through the gates.


Han Yan nodded. He then enshrouded the three of them with his domain. Jiang Chen and the other two kept their Qi and even held their breath to prevent any Qi from getting out.

Han Yan strode forward, and entered the Devil World. It was like what Jiang Chen expected, such a seal wouldn’t be a problem to Han Yan.

On the other side, the people of the eight major palaces had gathered together and the ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen had spread to the Ninth Grade Great Saints.

“Not good, why is this boy so careless? Why did he expose his ident.i.ty so quickly?” Gu Firmament said, frowning.

Instinctively, he was able to guess the reaction of the six major palaces. Jiang Chen had killed all of their patriarchs in Pure Land and numerous of their elders and geniuses, making all six of the major palaces his sworn enemy. Today, after exposing his true ident.i.ty, Gu Firmament was afraid that not even Gu Palace and Demon Palace’s joined capability could protect Jiang Chen.

“What? That Gu Chen is Jiang Chen? d.a.m.n! Where’s this little beast right now? I must kill him now!”

“What the f*ck? I should have thought about this long time ago. How could there be two heaven defying geniuses appear at the same time? And how could they both have close relations.h.i.+p with Gu Family? It turns out that they were the same person. Where is he now? Let’s eliminate him for good. We can’t allow him to grow anymore. He has posed a huge threat to us!”

“Search for him! Search for Jiang Chen immediately! There won’t be a place in Saint Origin World for him to hide anymore. When we catch him, we are going to execute him with Ling Chi.”


The Ninth Grade Great Saints of the six major palaces had gone mad. The scene had gone out of control, just like Jiang Chen antic.i.p.ated.