Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1013 – The News of the Devil Mountain

Chapter 1013 – The News of the Devil Mountain

The News of the Devil Mountain

The 11th chapter!

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The people of the six major palaces were infuriated. The enemy that they wanted to get rid of was just under their noses all along. Their failure to eliminate him had given him enough time to grow, which frustrated them tremendously.

However, no one was angrier than Desolate Emperor. Ever since Jiang Chen’s name emerged, Desolate Palace had suffered severe losses compared to the other five major palaces. He could get over the death of the few geniuses but not the death of the great elder, Desolate Wuleng. If this wasn’t enough to stir up his anger, the death of Desolate Changyun was enough for him cough out blood. One should know that Desolate Changyun was a supreme genius that was secretly nurtured by Desolate Palace. They had expended ma.s.sive amount of efforts, time and resources to train each and every one of them. So how could he stay indifferent when a supreme genius was killed by Jiang Chen today?

More importantly, the secret of their hidden geniuses had been exposed. He could explain that Desolate Changyun had just advanced to the Seventh Grade Great Saint, but Desolate Changyun’s appearance had aroused the dissatisfaction and doubts of the other palaces.

This prompted Desolate Emperor to make a decision—it seemed like Desolate Palace should execute their plan ahead of time.

Fury pierced through the skies. The Ninth Grade Great Saints of the six major palaces began to unleash their terrifying divine sense to sweep across, not just the area of the Western Domain, but also the lands across the entire Saint Origin World. Unfortunately, no trace of Jiang Chen could be found, not even a breath of his Qi.

“Dammit! That b.a.s.t.a.r.d must have escaped again.”

“Where did that little beast gone? Why can’t we find even a trace of him, as if he had vanished completely under the Heavens?”

“That man is extremely dangerous, cunning and vicious. It is only a matter of time before he becomes a great threat to us. It is unbelievable that a mere Fifth Grade Great Saint could escape from our joint hunt.”


The six palace masters were now deeply aware of the ma.s.sive threat posed by Jiang Chen. As mighty Ninth Grade Great Saints, they had never felt threatened for a long time. They were always the top existences of the pyramid under the Heavens and Earth, the supreme beings of this world.

As a matter of fact, although Jiang Chen was very capable, he wasn’t as all-powerful as they had thought. Presently, even if they racked their brains, they wouldn’t be able to figure out that Jiang Chen had entered the Devil World. Before this, the palace master of s.h.i.+ Family personally tried to break the huge gate of the Devil World but found his effort useless, the gates had already been completely sealed by the high ranked experts of the Devi Race. If not even a Ninth Grade Great Saint could slip through the gates unnoticeably, let alone Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s sudden disappearance had relieved the worries of the people of Gu Palace. Regardless of how much the six major palaces wanted to kill Jiang Chen, his disappearance made it impossible for them to take their revenge. However, if Jiang Chen was present, neither Gu Palace nor the Demon Palace could protect him, the six major palaces definitely wouldn’t tolerate it.

“Smart boy.”

Gu Firmament’s face was full of smile. His admiration for Jiang Chen grew again. He had known Jiang Chen’s true ident.i.ty a long time ago, but he hadn’t thought that it would be revealed so soon. It seemed like Jiang Chen had already antic.i.p.ated what would happen, which explained why he had not been found anywhere.

Jiang Chen’s escape also shocked Gu Firmament like the other palace masters. He was shocked by Jiang Chen’s means of escaping. He wondered how did a Fifth Grade Great Saint slip through the search of so many Ninth Grade Great Saints. Furthermore, the time given was too short, it was impossible for him to flee without leaving a trace or anything.

“Gu Firmament, it must be you who hid Jiang Chen. Otherwise, how could a puny Fifth Grade Great Saint flee so swiftly?” Desolate Emperor s.h.i.+fted his focus to Gu Firmament.

“That’s right. Gu Firmament, don’t tell me that you never knew the ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen all this while. Your Gu Palace have been covering up for him all this time. That means you all are going against the six major palaces. I urge you to hand over Jiang Chen right away. That man has killed so many of our people, he has to be punished for what he did!” shouted Narang Yunhe.

The six major palaces undoubtedly had a similar stance with regards to Jiang Chen.

The other four palace masters walked forth, putting more pressure on Gu Firmament. In truth, every one of them knew that Gu Firmament had been with them on the battlefield outside the Western Domain until the war ended, but they just couldn’t stomach the grievance.

“It’s funny that you all palace masters speak in such a childish way. We have been fighting together against the Super Devil Saints of the devil army. What makes you think that I could hide a person without being noticed by any of you? In fact, I have just learned about Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty like the rest of you. It’s up to you whether you believe it or not.” Gu Firmament flicked his sleeve and said.

Now that the position of the Law Enforcement Palace master wasn’t working on them, he might as well react perversely..

“I understand that you all desired to kill Jiang Chen, but you need to be aware of your status and ident.i.ty. Brother Gu has been with us all this time. Given your capabilities, won’t any of you find out if Brother Gu has really hidden Jiang Chen?” said Heavenly Peng King loudly.

At this moment, he stood on Gu Firmament’s side unconditionally. He valued Jiang Chen’s potential and the relations.h.i.+p between Big Yellow and Jiang Chen; both Gu and Demon Palace were bound to form an alliance.

For a moment, Desolate Emperor was at a loss for words. Although he knew that it was impossible for Gu Firmament—the palace master of Gu Palace—to not know about Jiang Chen’s ident.i.ty, he realized that it was no use to continue dwelling on this matter. Besides, Heavenly Peng King was right. Every one of them was a first cla.s.s expert of Saint Origin World. None of them was any weaker than Gu Firmament. As such, there was absolutely no chance for Gu Firmament to hide Jiang Chen under their very nose.

“Very well, Gu Firmament, since you claimed that you didn’t know the ident.i.ty of Jiang Chen before us, the six palaces will send supreme experts to hunt him down and no one in Gu Palace should a.s.sist that criminal. Otherwise, you will bear the unbearable fury of the six palaces,” said Desolate Emperor grimly.

Failing to eliminate Jiang Chen had resulted in heavy losses for Desolate Palace. If they rooted out this troublemaker earlier, such incidents wouldn’t have taken place.

“Provided if you can find him.” Gu Firmament shrugged and showed a face of indifference.

His confidence in Jiang Chen was incomparably high. First, it was because of Jiang Chen’s powerful cultivation base. Jiang Chen had grown to a point where he was about to surpa.s.s Gu Firmament’s strength. Second, it was because of his astuteness. He was able to antic.i.p.ate the situation in advance and take certain countermeasures. Hence, it was virtually impossible to locate Jiang Chen, even for the Ninth Grade Great Saints of the six major palaces when Jiang Chen decided to go into hiding.

“Let’s go.”

Without wasting any more time, Desolate Emperor turned and led his people back to Saint Origin Palace through the portal in Desolate Family. He looked troubled when he thought about executing Desolate Palace’s big plan that had been hidden for a hundred a years.


The Devil World!

Devil waves rolled at every corner, as though the entire world had been thrown into another kind of chaos. Jiang Chen and the other two were still holding their Qi even after entering this place. The present security status of the Devil World was very tight, there were devils everywhere. Moreover, every one of these devil guards had a special signaling talisman used to inform the headquarters should any accident happened in their area.

“Little Chen, where are we going now? I feel that we will be discovered if we moved forward,” asked Han Yan.

“Get close to a mildly strong Devil Saint, then I will use the Edifying Light to subdue it and ask for some things that is happening in this world.”

Jiang Chen, who was now staying within the domain of Han Yan, said.


Han Yan’s divine sense swept across the area and locked onto a Second Grade Devil Saint that wasn’t far away. There was no one around this Devil Saint, so it made him the perfect target.

If they wanted to gather information about what’s happening now, they needed to look for a devil that had a position. Comparing a Devil Saint to any ordinary devils, a Devil Saint would be more likely to receive information about important matters.

Han Yan’s physique was encompa.s.sed by devil Qi that had fully integrated with the Qi of the Devil World. Therefore, no one in the Devil World would doubt his ident.i.ty even if he strolled around openly.

The Second Grade Devil Saint couldn’t help but frown when he saw Han Yan walking towards him. To him, Han Yan was a young stranger that he had never seen before. The Devil World was densely populated and it was only normal to have Devil Saints whom he never knew or saw before, but if it was a young Sixth Grade Devil Saint, he must have seen or at least heard of him.

It was odd that such a young genius was a stranger to him. In his point of view, the youth’s cultivation base was about the same as Sang Ba’s and that was enough to make this genius famous to all the devils in the Devil Race. So why does a Second Grade Devil Saint like him not know about this young genius?

“Who are you?” asked the Second Grade Devil Saint.

Han Yan didn’t answer but grinned, which instantly gave him a sense of foreboding. But before he could react, a beam of light shone before his face and went straight into his brain.

The Second Grade Devil Saint’s body trembled before saluting to Han Yan’s domain with respect. With Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base, it was too easy for him to subdue a Second Grade Devil Saint and the Devil Saint wouldn’t have the strength to resist at all.

“Let me ask you something, what has exactly happened in the Devil World?” Jiang Chen asked.

“My lord, something big has happened in the Devil Mountain. According to my knowledge, the long-lost supreme treasure of the Devil Race is going to reveal itself in no time,” answered the Second Grade Devil Saint respectfully.

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