Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1011 – Transforming the Devil World

Chapter 1011 – Transforming the Devil World

Transforming the Devil World

The 9th chapter!

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Jiang Chen returned to his original form after eliminating Desolate Wuleng, and then vanished into the warzone without leaving any trace behind. Now that his ident.i.ty had been thoroughly exposed, there’s no need for him to conceal it anymore. On this vast warzone of Western Domain, everyone was his enemy except for the people of the Gu Family and Demon Race. He would continue to kill the devils but if any experts from the six major palaces would dare to cause him trouble, they would meet the same result as Desolate Wuleng. Jiang Chen would never show them any quarters.

Moreover, he knew very well that there wasn’t only one monstrous genius hidden in Desolate Palace. He figured that Desolate Changyun was probably the weakest among them, and the true monstrous experts hadn’t revealed themselves yet. However, he didn’t have the slightest fear for them. Instead, he was looking forward in meeting those geniuses, only them could make his blood boil and make fighting meaningful.

The news of Gu Chen actually being Jiang Chen spread like a storm, including the death of Desolate Wuleng and Desolate Changyun. At this rate, it wouldn’t take long before the news covered the entire Western Domain. By then, all the experts of the eight major palaces would know about this.

However, it was already useless even if they heard the news. Who else from the six major palaces would dare to confront Jiang Chen when even Desolate Wuleng was killed? As for those Ninth Grade Great Saints, they were fully occupied by the Super Devil Saints and was unable to care about the news. Besides, they had created a battlefield that was outside the domain.

In other words, Jiang Chen was the conqueror of this battlefield and also the most powerful being. Regardless of whether they are humans or devils, none of them is a match for him. Whoever faced him will only end up dead.

“This is hateful! Even Desolate Wuleng was killed. This Jiang Chen really has grown very strong. Now, only Ninth Grade Great Saints could eliminate him. Let’s not offend him at this moment or else, he would kill us without hesitation given his ruthlessness. People of Dan Palace, listen. Keep a distance away from the devils that are in close proximity to Jiang Chen. The danger he poses is a hundred times more compared to the devils!”

“Ai! We had our chance to take revenge but it already slipped away. The moment this war is over, the first thing that I’m going to do is to get rid of that man. We must not let him grow further. He has already become too terrifying. He was able to kill an Eighth Grade Great Saint with ease even if he is merely a Fifth Grade Great Saint. If he advanced to the sixth grade, wouldn’t that mean that he can kill Ninth Grade Great Saints? I’m afraid that s.h.i.+ Palace will fall into his hands if he is allowed to grow further.”

“Kill him! We must kill that man. As soon as this war is over, we will gather all the Ninth Grade Great Saints and eliminate that little beast!”


All the higher-ups of the six major palaces felt a jolt of fear in their spine. The existence of Jiang Chen was overly horrifying. This was a threat that indirectly caused great pressure on them. There was no one in this battlefield capable enough to eliminate Jiang Chen.

The terror that Jiang Chen projected wasn’t just because of his heaven defying combat strength, it was his speed of growth that left them no time to respond. The higher ups of the six major palaces weren’t fools. They were clear that if they allowed such a monstrous genius to continue growing, it was only a matter of time before the six major palaces faced their end.

b.l.o.o.d.y fights were everywhere. The void across the Western Domain had already been enshrouded by destructive energy. The s.p.a.ces in the void were occupied by numerous battlefields. Layers of spatial zone were broken, this almost damaged the barrier of Saint Origin World. Such a fierce war was unprecedented in over thousands of years. In this Great War, bloodshed happened in almost every moment, but this war was a rare life-or-death experience to either the Human or Devil Race.

Of all the things in the world, including the Human, Devil, Demon or the other races, they all had one thing in common, a longing to experience battles, battles that would bring them to the brink of death. Only through this way could they improve the overall strength of their race and make their race more powerful.

After one day and one night of raging battle, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base had reached the peak of the fifth grade, only a step away from the next grade. In the warzone, he was constantly obtaining benefits the entire time, and a large portion of the Seventh Level of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had been condensed out. At this rate, he only needed half a day more of battle before the entire Seventh Level was condensed.

Corpses of the dead were heaped up nearly everywhere. Each and every battlefield was filled with the stench of blood. On the battlefield outside the domain, some Ninth Grade Devil Saints had fallen while the Ninth Grade Great Saints from the Human Race had almost lost their lives from the war.

Although the eight major palaces of Saint Origin Palace had suffered considerable losses, many had gained from the war.

Tyrant and Han Yan were without a doubt the individuals that had gained the most besides Jiang Chen. Tyrant had edified three Eighth Grade Devil Saints and basically conquered every battlefield he went. His cultivation had already reached the peak of the Sixth Grade Great Saint, only a step away from the seventh.

Han Yan, on the other hand, was even more terrifying. The combination of the Great Devil Curse and his Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline gave him natural advantage on the devils. He had then absorbed countless of devil souls, pus.h.i.+ng his cultivation base to the peak of the sixth grade as well.

Although Big Yellow wasn’t any better than the two of them, he was quite frightening. He had drifted to various battlefield and the devil souls had become his biggest nourishment. He was a being that could eat and digest anything. Not knowing how many of those souls he had eaten, he had advanced to the peak of the Fifth Grade Great Saint. It seemed like he would be able to advance to the sixth grade once he digested all the energy in his body, which would take him a day’s time at most.

These three friends were like Jiang Chen, slaughtering large number of devil experts, causing the devil army to fall pretty quick, while the others were also pus.h.i.+ng the devils towards the direction of the Devil World continuously. If this situation continued, it wouldn’t take long for the Human Race to truly defeat the Devil Race.

*Howl…* *Howl…*

At this moment, howls reverberated from the Devil World. It sounded ancient and deep and was unpleasant to hear. It also sounded as if it was some kind of a call from the highest level of devils.

The instant the call was made, the devil army that was in a frenzied mode retreated speedily like a tide. In just ten minutes, all of them had retreated back to the Devil World.

Not just the devils below, but also the Ninth Grade Devil Saints, retreating back to their world. Their faces were filled with shock and also certain exhilaration. Immediately, all of them ditched the experts of Saint Origin Palace and entered the Devil World in just several blinks. Then, the door of the Devil World was completely closed.