Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 8913

Chapter 8913

Chapter 8913

8913 Chapter 8912-

Dian Youwei was overjoyed. Luo xinglius words not only proved that there was no problem with Lin Yis ident.i.ty, but it also indirectly proved that Daniyas ident.i.ty was fine!

In the future, if anyone wanted to question Daniyas words, they could completely use what Luo xingliu said today to deal with it!

Great Hall Master Luo, there should be an explanation for the matter between Sima Yi and the sky array sect, right? This matter can not be delayed! Unless first hall Master can tell us the so-called inside story!

After admitting his mistake, Yuan Buliu changed the topic and started talking about the grudges between Lin Yi and the sky array sect again. He swore to carry on the impeachment until the end!

Ive already said that theres something going on between Sima Yi and the sky array sect. Its not convenient to explain this here, but I can guarantee that Hall Master Sima is not in the wrong! The impeachment is not valid!

Luo xinglius intention to protect Lin Yi was clear-he decided to use his position as the head of the martial Alliance to guarantee Lin Yis safety!

He was trying to suppress the impeachment by force. Unless Yuan Buliu wanted to fall out with him on the spot, he had to stop!

Lin Yi didnt think much of it-he thought that Luo xingliu was too much. So what if he revealed the sky array sects dirty secrets?

If the sky array sect did not clean up their own sc.u.m, how could they blame others for cleaning them up?

However, Lin Yi understood Luo xinglius difficulties. He had to think about the things that people in that position had to think about. It was hard for the humans and the dark Demon beasts to be friendly, and they had to maintain internal stability.

Therefore, even if the martial League and the sky array sect appeared to be United on the surface, they had to pretend that everything was normal. They could not completely fall out because of some things.

The sky array sect probably knew this too, which was why they tested Luo xinglius bottom line again and again!

For example, right now, Luo xingliu had just finished speaking when a sinister sneer came from outside the conference hall.What great authority! First hall Master Luo xingliu is really amazing. He doesnt even put our sky array sect in his eyes!

Sima Yi killed our sky array sects people and took our sky array sects ancient records. Hes not wrong, so its our sky array sects fault?

Everyone in the meeting hall looked out the door in unison. The one who spoke was a middle-aged man in a sky-blue silk robe. The collar of his robe had gold edges, and it was glittering under the sun.

Behind the middle-aged man were two young men in Black clothes. They were burly and had cold faces. They both held a single blade in their hands and had an amazing aura. They should be the middle-aged mans guards. It seemed that their strength was quite extraordinary.

Dian Youwei, who was sitting in the corner, had a glint in his eyes. He stood up and cupped his hands.Who are you? This is the Xingyuan continents martial Alliances conference hall. Today, the debriefing meeting of the martial Alliances great Hall Masters of the various continents is being held. If you are not involved, please leave!

The middle-aged man had already said that he was from the sky array sect. Dian Youwei knew that, but he had to go through the motions.

He didnt want to show his face. The best choice was to continue hiding in the corner and watch the show. However, the people of the sky array sect were pointing at Luo xingliu. It was somewhat inappropriate for Luo xingliu to respond.

Dian Youwei was the only vice Hall Master present, and his usual image was that of a warm-hearted and helpful old man. If he didnt take the initiative to say a few words, his image would easily fall apart.

Is the martial Alliance of the starsource continent that great? He doesnt even put our sky array sect in his eyes! Did you hear me clearly? We are from the sky array sect! And its the main sect of the sky array sect on the continent Island of The Burning Sky Star region!

The middle-aged man raised his head arrogantly and looked at everyone present, including Luo xingliu, in disdain.A mere martial Alliance of the starsource continent. Who gave you the courage to ignore and humiliate our sky array sect? Could it be that you think that our sky array sect has already declined, so anyone can come and step on us?

This was sarcasm. Anyone could tell that in his eyes, the sky array sect had not only not declined, but was even at the peak of its power, and its reputation was not below that of martial League!

Only the sky array sect could bully others. Who could bully them?

So you are my friend from the sky array sect from The Burning Sky Star regions continent Island. The meeting hall is simple and not a good place to receive guests. Why dont you come with me to the distinguished guest building to rest?

Dian Youwei smiled and warmly welcomed the three of them.After our work-reporting meeting is over, Hall Master Luo will naturally explain the previous misunderstanding!

A misunderstanding? Hehe! This Lord didnt seem to have misunderstood! Just now, your Hall Master Luo said that the shameless person who stole our precious books was not wrong! So its our sky array sects fault. We shouldnt have these ancient books. Theyre coveted by others, and they deserve to be robbed, right?

The middle-aged man sneered again and again. He had no intention of leaving at all. He had come here today to find trouble. How could he be taken away so easily?

Whats more, Dian Youwei didnt really want to take them away. What Dian Youwei said just now seemed reasonable and reasonable, but in the ears of the three people from the sky array sect, it was clear that their Affairs were not important, and that the F * cking work report conference was more important.

If he wanted to deal with the sky array sect, he had to wait until this bullsh * t work report conference was over!

Luo xingliu didnt notice the hidden provocation in Dian Youweis words. He was a little embarra.s.sed by the middle-aged mans merciless question.

The other party was from the continent Island of The Burning Sky Star region. He had a distinguished status. Although he did not know what position he held in the sky array sect, it was natural for people from the central and lower regions to have an unspoken rule that they were three ranks higher than the officials.

At this stage, the martial Alliance wouldnt completely fall out with the sky array sect. If the two great forces fought, what would the darkness demon beast clan have to do? The sub-Island would immediately fall into chaos!

Of course I dont mean that! It was a misunderstanding! May I ask which lord of the sky array sect is your esteemed self?

Luo xingliu forced out a smile, got up, and lowered his posture.

The middle-aged man snorted and continued to speak arrogantly,I am Gao Yuding, The Guardian elder of the sky array sect on the continent Island of The Burning Sky Star region! What misunderstanding are you talking about? Theres no misunderstanding!

I heard what you said with my own ears before I entered. As the hall Master of the martial Alliance of the starsource continent, every word you say represents the stance of the martial Alliance. Are you going to go back on your word?

Lets not talk about this first. Who is that despicable person, Sima Yi? Come out and let me see how different you are. You can even make the Great Hall Master of the martial Alliance of the starsource continent protect you!

Lin Yi stood out expressionlessly. Im the despicable person youve been talking about, Sima Yi! However, I really dont deserve this description. Compared to your sky array sects experts, the t.i.tle of despicable villain is too far away from me. You should keep it for yourself!