Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 8914

Chapter 8914

Chapter 8914

8914 Chapter 8912-the end

Luo xingliu had to consider the relations.h.i.+p between the martial League and sky array sect and couldnt just go all out, but Lin Yi didnt have that many restrictions-hed just kill him if he really p.i.s.sed him off!

Gao Yuding squinted at Lin Yi, his face full of disdain,So youre Sima Yi, a brat still wet behind his ears! How dare you go against our sky array sect! Tell me, who is backing you up? Who gave you the guts to steal our sky array sects ancient books?

Luo xingliu quickly stood in front of Lin Yi and gave him a look, hoping that Lin Yi could calm down and not be impulsive!

Although they hadnt known each other for long and only met a few times, Luo xingliu more or less understood Lin Yis temper.

If Gao Yuding continued to provoke him, Sima Yi might really turn hostile and attack him. How could a person who single-handedly killed in and out of the node world and made the dark Demon beast clan unstable endure such humiliation and ridicule?

If he really wanted to fight, Luo xingliu was sure that even if Gao Yuding and the two guards behind him worked together, they wouldnt be able to defeat Lin Yi!

The sky array sects most outstanding strength came from their arrays, and Sima Yi was a true diamond rank array master. The sky array sects advantage didnt exist in front of Lin Yi at all!

If Gao Yuding and the other two were thrown into the node world, they would probably be devoured by the dark Demon beasts as snacks in the blink of an eye, not even their bones would be left!

Lin Yi glanced at Luo xingliu and nodded slightly to show that he wouldnt be impulsive In fact, there was no need to be impulsive. Lin Yi looked at Gao Yuding as if he was looking at a clown. He couldnt be bothered to get angry at him!

Or rather, the sky array sect was like a circus in Lin Yis eyes, always doing exaggerated things. There was no need to lower himself to their level.

Elder Gao, theres indeed something more to this matter, but its not convenient for us to go into detail today. How about this? let our continent martial Alliances Dian Youwei, vice Hall Master Dian, accompany you to the distinguished guest building to rest first. Well talk about this again after Ive dealt with the matters here!

Luo xingliu wanted to talk to Gao Yuding about Lin Yi in private. They could talk about anything in private, including their grudges and all kinds of dirty things.

In front of so many people, those words could not be said directly. If they were said, it would anger the sky array sect, and the probability of both sides falling out would increase dramatically!

Gao Yuding sneered and did not intend to give up,Hall Master Luo really doesnt care about our sky array sects position! In your opinion, our sky array sects matter is a trivial matter, right? We can deal with it later?

Elder Gao, youve misunderstood me. I didnt mean it that way!

Luo xingliu immediately realized that he had said the wrong thing, or rather, Dian Youwei had said the wrong thing. He didnt notice the problem before, but now that he had inadvertently repeated Dian Youweis words, he realized what was wrong.

I have misspoken, please forgive me, elder Gao! How about this, well go to the distinguished guest tower to discuss how to resolve this matter and temporarily stop the work report conference. Its fine to arrange it again after the event. What do you think, elder Gao?

Not much! I feel that theres nothing that cant be said to others. Since Ive coincidentally encountered you during the work-reporting conference, Ill just directly explain the matter!

Gao Yu didnt give Luo xingliu any face as he took out a doc.u.ment and opened it, smiling coldly at Lin Yi.This is the order from the martial Alliance of the continent Island in The Burning Sky Star region. Listen to it!

Investigate, starsource continent, Sangzi continent, martial Alliances Hall Master, Sima Yi, used his power to bully others and provoked trouble for no reason. He launched a vile attack on the Sangzi continents sky array sects sub-sect, causing some casualties in the sky array sect and plundering all the precious books and records of the sky array sects sub-sect!

Today, I hereby issue an order to remove Sima Yi from all internal positions in martial Union. He is to return all the sky array sects ancient books that he has plundered. If he is sincere in his confession, his punishment can be reduced. If he refuses to accept or disobeys, he may be executed on the spot without mercy!

Luo xingliu, the hall Master of the martial Alliance of the starsource continent, has protected Sima Yi and persecuted the sky array sects branch in this incident. He must bear some responsibility and issue a written apology to the sky array sect

Gao Yuding read the doc.u.ment in his hand clearly. Other than Lin Yi, who was punished severely, Luo xingliu was also implicated.

However, other than being reproached, Luo xingliu only needed to write a written apology to the sky array sect. After all, he was the hall Master of the martial Alliance of the same continent. Although The Burning Sky Star regions continent Island was a superior Department, they could not easily punish Luo xingliu excessively.

To the continent Island of The Burning Sky Star region, the martial Alliances Hall Masters of the various continents were all border governors. They did not have full control over the land.

The continental martial League was more independent, and they didnt need the continent Island to provide them with any resources. It was impossible to dismiss Luo xingliu, take him down, or kill him for such a small matter.

He only berated Luo xingliu a few times and asked him to write an apology letter to give everyone a way out.

No matter how good Luo xinglius composure was, his face was already livid, and he almost could not suppress the anger in his heart!

He wanted to negotiate with Gao Yuding in private. However, Gao Yuding insisted on announcing the punishment of the martial Alliance of the continent Island in public. It was understandable. However, he could not understand what the martial Alliance of the continent Island was thinking.

Even if they wanted to punish him, they could have sent a special envoy to resolve the matter internally and let the sky array sects Guardian elder read out the martial Unions punishment. What was the meaning of this?

Had the martial League been swallowed up by the sky array sect?

Especially the punishment for Sima Yi. What did he mean by if theres any disobedience or disobedience, you can execute him on the spot, and he will be executed immediately without mercy?

Sima Yi had just risked his life to enter the node world and solve the hole in the node. He had saved the entire starsource continent and prevented the dark Demon beast clan from opening a hole in the starsource continent and attacking the underground Devils Den, which would then sweep the entire sub-Island.

Theres no time to reward such a great contribution, and youre saying that you want to be executed on the spot? How much water did his brain need to be to make such a decision?

Elder Gao! This matter was open to discussion! I didnt receive any notice from the martial Alliance of the continent Island. The punishment youve decided on may be true, and I agree with part of it, but there are still some that I cant agree with. Ill need to contact the martial Alliance of the continent Island before I can decide if I want to accept

Luo xingliu suppressed his anger and tried to speak calmly, but he was interrupted by Gao Yuding before he could finish.

Luo xingliu, you can question or disagree, but you have no right to refuse this punishment! What right do you have to deny a doc.u.ment issued by the martial Alliance of the mainland island?

Gao Yuding looked down at Lin Yi and Luo xingliu,Sima Yi, dont count on Luo xingliu to continue protecting you. Just cooperate with me!