Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 8912

Chapter 8912

Chapter 8912

8912 Chapter 8911-

Which one is more sincere, taking the initiative to show an att.i.tude or pa.s.sively waiting for them to come and then s.h.i.+rk responsibility? Theres no need for this subordinate to say more, right? I know that Hall Master Luo is taking pity on Sima Yi and feels that he has just made a contribution, so it is not appropriate to punish him.

If its really as you said, first hall Master Luo, and theres some inside story, please explain. What inside story could make the first hall Master of a continents martial Alliance almost exterminate the sky array sects sub-school?

Thats the sky array sect! Even the continents martial Alliance did not have the right to touch the sky array sect. What was Sima Yi? How could he dare to do such a thing that angers both man and G.o.d?

Yuan Bulius anger rose as she spoke, her face filled with righteous indignation. She wanted to tie Lin Yi up and bring him to justice!

Luo xinglius face was cold and he didnt say a word. The Grudge between Lin Yi and the sky array sect wasnt something that could be explained in one sentence. There was a lot of black material about the sky array sect, and if Luo xingliu were to say it out loud, he would really be tearing his face off with the sky array sect!

That was why Yuan Buliu requested to disclose the inside story. Luo xingliu really couldnt tell anyone

From this point of view, Lin Yi was wronged, and Luo xingliu felt guilty. He couldnt think of a good way to solve this problem!

Yuan Buliu chuckled inwardly and continued to fan the flames,Its a good thing that Hall Master Luo cherishes talents, but actually, I also have doubts about Sima Yis contribution this time! Putting aside the matter with the sky array sect, has Sima Yi really made such a great contribution to our human race?

Most of us havent seen what the world on the other side of the spatial node looks like, but its obvious that there must be countless experts from the darkness demon beast clan there!

How could Sima Yi accomplish such a great feat by himself? Perhaps, but in my opinion, its more reasonable for him to die inside, right?

In the end, not only did Sima Yi come back unscathed, he even brought a heaven breaking expert from the darkness demon beast clan? Its not that I want to suspect anything, but Sima Yi might be the real Sima Yi, but is he really the human Sima Yi? Are you sure that Sima Yi did not turn into a member of the darkness demon beast clan?

Yuan Buliu knew that everyone in the Xingyuan continent was suspicious of Daniyas ident.i.ty, so he intentionally linked Lin Yi and Daniya together to explain Lin Yis success from another perspective!

Qianqian, perhaps it wasnt that Sima Yi had really accomplished this great feat, but that the darkness demon beast clan wanted the humans to think that Sima Yi had accomplished it?

Once the seed of suspicion was planted, it would take root, sprout, and find more nutrients to grow without the need for watering and fertilizing!

If they could overthrow Lin Yis contribution, then the impeachment would be even easier!

Dian Youwei, who was sitting in the corner and watching coldly, also looked on expressionlessly. However, he was a little happy in his heart. Daniya was indeed a spy. Nine out of ten people would be suspicious of her.

Lin Yi and Dian Youwei couldnt change that for the time being. If Yuan bulu exaggerated it and didnt provide any concrete evidence, it would quickly cool down!

It was like a pile of paper. If there was a spark in it, it couldnt be burned or put out. It would be stuffy for a long time, and no one knew when it would explode and trigger an even bigger fire.

On the contrary, a big fire could burn it all out in an instant, and there would be no future trouble.

In short, suspecting that Daniya was an undercover agent at this stage was much better than talking about it in the future, so Dian Youwei didnt mind Yuan Buliu burning this fire even more vigorously!

After this period of time, Daniya would be much more stable!

In fact, Yuan Bulius impeachment of Lin Yi was also supported by Dian Youwei. He wanted to target Lin Yi from the start, and the sky array sect incident was used as material for Yuan Bulius impeachment.

Even without Dian Youweis help, this would still happen, but the timing might be different. Dian Youwei felt that bringing it up at this time would hurt Lin Yi more, so he made a move.

If not for that, Dian Youwei might not have come back to attend the work debriefing meeting of the Great Hall Master of the martial Alliance!

Of course, although he had contributed a little, he had never revealed his ident.i.ty. Yuan Buliu would never know that Dian Youwei was also involved in this matter. There were many twists and turns in the process, and even if he wanted to trace it back to Dian Youwei, he wouldnt be able to!

Hall Master Yuan, please conduct yourself with dignity! Dont make irresponsible remarks without any evidence!

Luo xingliu was still expressionless, but the cold aura on his body was enough to show that Hall Master Luo was in a bad mood!

If you can prove that your speculations are true, then show me the evidence. I will definitely handle this matter impartially. I will punish Hall leader Sima however I want to punish him, and I will definitely not compromise in the slightest!

But if you dont have any evidence and its only your own guess, then I wont let you off so easily! Clan leader Sima is the hero of humanity, theres no doubt about that!

Could it be that you think that opening the spatial node pa.s.sage and allowing the dark Beast clans Army to enter the underground Devils Den is not as good as planting two spies in our ranks?

Luo xinglius train of thought was very clear, and the questions he raised were extremely sharp!

If Lin Yi was a spy, he could open up a path in the node and lead the dark Beast Army to attack the underground cave! What the dark Demon beasts couldnt do, Lin Yi could do it easily. Coming back from the spatial node was enough to prove Lin Yis ability!

If Lin Yi joined the dark Beast clan, opening the spatial node would be as easy as blowing off dust. They wouldnt have to waste so much effort to get two spies here-theyd be giving up what was near and far!

Senlan wuhun knew from the start that the chaos demonic beetle plan was bound to fail after Lin Yi came in. That was why he sent Daniya, treating the chaos demonic beetle plan as a sacrifice and making use of it to give Daniya some merits.

If Senlan wuhun hadnt changed his mind and decided to kill Lin Yi, he wouldnt have died, and Daniyas undercover plan wouldve gone on!

Yuan Buliu didnt know what to say. He only wanted to use Daniyas ident.i.ty as a member of the dark Beast race to explain the situation, but he didnt think it through thoroughly. He didnt expect to explain Lin Yis achievements from this angle!

Indeed, if Lin Yi had gone to the dark Demon beasts, the underground cave wouldve been conquered by them already!

Ahem I was thoughtless. Hall Master Luo is more knowledgeable! Sima Yi has really done a great job this time. He cant be a spy from the darkness demon beast clan!

He had to lower his head when he was under someone elses roof. Yuan Buliu didnt want to give Luo xingliu an excuse to target him, so he admitted his mistake and put an end to this.