Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 10612

Chapter 10612

Chapter 10612

10612 Chapter 10601-

No matter how important Lin Yis existence was to him, if he was forced to use his veto right at a time like this, hed lose face as a top-tier Big Shot, and itd make the other big shots very unhappy.

The one-vote veto was indeed the privilege of the top Giants, and there was no dispute about this.

However, the problem was that every time he used the one-vote veto, it was essentially consuming the authority of the top big shots. Once this authority was consumed too much, the credibility of the one-vote veto would also be reduced.

If Gu jiumu was forced to use his veto power to protect Lin Yi, he might not even succeed, and even if he did, it would be a huge blow to his reputation in the eyes of the other big shots.

Perhaps the next time he used the one-vote veto, it might not be as effective.

As such, unless it was absolutely necessary, Gu jiumu would not use his veto power.

Taking ten thousand steps back, even if he used a veto right this time, it would still be a major failure for him!

After receiving Xi rulais message, the Shen Emperor couldnt help but size up the experts of the Alliances security Bureau.

As expected, the expressions of these people, who were just watching the show, all turned serious at the same time. Their eyes were clearly judgmental when they looked at Lin Yi.

It could be seen that they had all received messages from the big shots behind them.

The situation was changing, and it was obvious that it was changing in favor of the Shen Emperor!

As long as these people joined the battle, the stalemate would be broken, and no matter how much of a pain in the a.s.s Lin Yi was, hed have to die in the end!

On the other side, Zhao Chen was secretly anxious.

Hed already received the news that Gu jiumu probably wouldnt use his one-vote veto power. In other words, Lin Yis pa.s.s could lose its effect at any moment, and when that happened, the others would have to join the battle, and hed be in an awkward position.

Although Zhao Chen could be considered to be on Gu jiumus side, he was still a member of the Alliance security.

If he wanted to help Lin Yi, it was at most within the scope of his authority. He could only fight for Lin Yi verbally, but what he did just now was already crossing the line.

As for jumping out and fighting alongside Lin Yi, and fighting the Shen Emperor and the others in public, that was even more impossible.

The big boss behind him spent a lot of effort to put him into the Alliance Security Bureau, not to let him jump out at this time to be a self-destructing truck.

If this continued, hed have to watch Lin Yi in trouble without doing anything.

Unless Lin Yi could kill the Shen Emperor before the highest pa.s.s lost its effect!

Unfortunately, the exchange of blows just now had already clearly stated one thing-no matter who it was, they would not be able to take down the other partys strength in a short time.

Even if the outcome of todays battle could be decided, it would definitely be a long and drawn-out battle!

No matter how one looked at it, as long as Gu jiumu lost his position in the board meeting, Lin Yi would never be able to get out of this alive.

In fact, whether or not they could even survive and leave half of their lives behind would depend on their luck!

Zhao Chen wasnt the only one who understood the situation, Lin Yi was even more aware of it.

He wasnt afraid that the other experts from the Alliances security Bureau would partic.i.p.ate in the battle. The key was that once the highest pa.s.s lost its effect, all his resistance would be seen as a provocation to the entire divine college Alliance. If that happened, he would be in big trouble.

However, in the next few attacks, even when Lin Yi tried to use the sword sacrifice, even when he accurately predicted the opponents position, he still couldnt break through the Shen Emperors insane defense!

Hehe! Its so pitiful to see you at your wits end. Why dont I show you some mercy and let you stab me a few more times?

The Shen Emperor was in a good mood. maybe youll be lucky. Maybe youll break my defense by accident.

Although he said that, his actions were still extremely cautious.

Even though Lin Yi had accurately predicted his position five times in a row, he still didnt get tired of it and entered the state of absolute concealment.

This was the combat intuition and experience of a top-tier expert.

Most people would give up immediately when they saw that their moves had been broken, but the Shen Emperor was different.

He knew that even if his absolute stealth was broken, it was still effective. At least it could restrict Lin Yis chances to attack.

If hed given up on his stealth and fought Lin Yi head on instead, his defense wouldve been broken already.

He knew very well that Lin Yi still couldnt break through his defense. On one hand, the defense of his baxia bloodline was strong, but on the other hand, he didnt give Lin Yi the chance to use his full strength.

Even if there was a huge possibility that Lin Yi wouldnt be able to break through his defense, even if he used all his strength.

However, he really didnt need to gamble on this.

After all, the lesson of the laughing Maitreya was right in front of him.

If Lin Yi could kill the laughing Maitreya in seconds, then he could kill the Shen Emperor too!

Although in terms of defensive power, the Shen Emperor was far superior to the subst.i.tute Xiao Maitreya, but it was better to be safe than sorry.

In any case, the current situation was good. As long as he continued to drag on, he would be able to sit firmly on the fis.h.i.+ng platform.

If that was the case, why take the risk and give Lin Yi a chance to counterattack?

It had to be said that in terms of strength, the Shen Emperor wasnt the strongest opponent Lin Yi had met recently. Whether it was Tian Sheng or the laughing Maitreya, their overall strength was above his.

However, the combination of absolute concealment, the powerful defense of the baxia bloodline, and the Shen Emperors extremely cautious nature made him a much more difficult opponent than the laughing Maitreya!

Lin Yis highest pa.s.s was flickering in and out of view, as if it would disappear at any moment.

It was obvious that the voting by the Supreme Board of Directors was about to end, and the result was already set. It was very likely that the Supreme access order would disappear completely in the next second.

Lin Yi took a deep breath-this was his last chance.

However, the Shen Emperor had clearly seen through this. After entering a state of absolute concealment, he did not appear again.

He wanted to wait until the highest pa.s.s disappeared before making his move!

This was the most secure strategy.

At this moment, Lin Yi suddenly revealed a huge flaw, exposing his mingmen without any defense.

For an expert of his level, it was impossible for such a low-level mistake to occur. The fact that he was stuck at this special time was clearly a deliberate attempt to lure the Shen Emperor into making a move!