Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 10611

Chapter 10611

Chapter 10611

10611 Chapter 10600-

It seemed that the Shen Emperor was well-prepared to even think of this.

But surprisingly, the next time the Shen Emperor attacked, he was still blocked by Lin Yis demonic blade!


The Shen Emperor was dumbfounded.

The other experts from the Alliances security Department were also confused.

Your talismans dont seem to be working, Lin Yi grinned.

this, this is impossible!

The Shen Emperor immediately felt as if his knowledge had been subverted.

From what he knew, the law of time was the only way to break his absolute concealment. There was no other way.

For this reason, he had paid a huge price to hire someone to create an anti-time array talisman in order to block the only possible flaw, but it actually didnt work?

What he didnt know was that Lin Yi didnt rely on the laws of time to predict when and where he would appear. It was the worlds will.

It was true that the world will could not directly sense the Shen Emperors position, but at his level, even if he entered a state of absolute concealment, it was not as if he could not be detected at all.

However, the premise was that the worlds will had to cover the entire surrounding s.p.a.ce.

With the sensitivity of the world will, even if it couldnt sense the enemys presence directly, itd be like a stone falling into a calm pond-the instant the enemy left its absolute stealth state, itd send a ripple to Lin Yi.

With Lin Yis medium-level divine bodys reaction speed, he could hit his opponent before he could!

Among them, the sky screen that Xi rulai had cast down had also helped a lot.

The sky screen cage had completely blocked Lin Yis escape route, but it also greatly limited the Shen Emperors room to move, greatly reducing his options to attack.

If it wasnt for that, it would be impossible for Lin Yi to cover the entire s.p.a.ce with the worlds will.

After all, the worlds will had its limits.

But no matter what, from this perspective, Lin Yi had solved the problem of his opponents absolute concealment.

However, Lin Yi wasnt in the mood to celebrate.

His opponents absolute concealment had indeed been broken, but in this mode, he was unable to break through his opponents defense, which made everything he had done earlier useless to a certain extent.

Zhao Chen and the others quickly noticed Lin Yis awkwardness.

even if youre lucky enough to guess Deputy Shens position every time, he Chi sneered, you cant even break his defense. Isnt that funny?

The other experts from the Alliances security Department also had strange expressions on their faces.

The battle between the two was quite interesting. The Shen Emperor couldnt break Lin Yis defense before, and now it was Lin Yi who couldnt break the Shen Emperors defense. A turtle sh.e.l.l against a turtle sh.e.l.l-it was a funny sight.

However, it was easy to make sarcastic remarks, but if they were in their position, they would probably be in despair.

After all, no matter if it was Lin Yi or the Shen Emperor, even if it looked awkward, they could at least continue the stalemate. If it were them, any one of these twos attacks would be enough to make them suffer.

Zhao Chen hesitated.

The big boss behind him was on Gu jiumus side, and naturally wouldnt hit Lin Yi when he was down. He was hesitating whether he should help.

Before Gu jiumu gave Lin Yi the highest pa.s.s, they didnt have any real contact. Naturally, he could just be a pa.s.serby and minimize the problem, but even if he chose to stay out of it, no one could blame him.

But now, the big boss on his side had made it clear that he wanted to protect Lin Yi. As a follower, he couldnt just sit back and do nothing.

The crux of the problem was that in the current situation, no matter what he did, it was bound to be risky.

After much consideration, Zhao Chen decided to send Lin Yi a message through his consciousness.

the Shen Emperor has the bloodline of an ancient beast. Not only is he extremely strong, but he also has an indestructible defense. In terms of defense, hes second to none in our entire Alliance Security Bureau. Even the director cant stop praising him.

Lin Yi raised a brow. Baxia bloodline?

It was no wonder.

Any ancient beast that had left its name behind was not easy to deal with. As a Dragon child, not only did BA Xia have the bloodline of a true Dragon, but it also had the bloodline of a Black Tortoise. In terms of bloodline level, it was almost at the top of the world.

The other party had the baxia bloodline, and to a certain extent, he was born with a divine body. It was reasonable that ordinary attacks couldnt break through his defense.

But then again, if he wanted to attack with all his might, it would not be so easy to catch the other party because of the time it took to acc.u.mulate power.

With that, even if Lin Yi broke the enemys absolute concealment, the situation was still extremely awkward.

In fact, no matter how fl.u.s.tered the Shen Emperor was, he was always the one who had the initiative.

After all, as long as he went back into the void and didnt attack Lin Yi, Lin Yi wouldnt be able to lock onto his position and find a chance to break his defense.

However, the Shen Emperor didnt want this to continue. Since he had already made his move, he had to take Lin Yi down forcefully. Otherwise, the situation might change if it dragged on.

The Shen Emperors gaze fell on the experts of the Alliances security Bureau.

If Zhao Chens group of four attacked now, their strength would be enough to break the stalemate.

After all, these four were all real Mystic early phase Venerables. Even if they couldnt take on Lin Yi individually, they werent cannon fodder.

Not to mention four people present, even if there was only one person, as long as he was serious, it was completely possible to change the balance of victory and defeat.

Unfortunately, these four people were his subordinates in name, but he could not order them at all.

Just as the Shen Emperor was in a dilemma, Xi rulai suddenly sent another message. After the Shen Emperor accepted it, he was overjoyed.

The message was simple. It only briefly reported the current situation of the Supreme Board of Directors.

At this moment, the Supreme Board of Directors had already initiated a vote to abolish the Supreme access order. From the reactions of the big shots, they were basically all on the side of the strongest faction.

Since this matter had already entered the voting stage, even if Gu jiumu wanted to play any tricks, it was too late.

Although the voting had not ended, it was clear that Gu jiumus defeat was set in stone.

No matter what he did next, he would only be able to delay time at most. It was impossible to change the overall situation.

As for the Power of Veto that only the top leaders had, even if one used their toes to think, they would know that Gu jiumu would definitely not use it at this time.