Beauty and the Bodyguard - Chapter 10613

Chapter 10613

Chapter 10613

10613 Chapter 10602-

Naturally, the Shen Emperor could tell.

His strong instinct told him that if he held it in, Lin Yi would lose for sure.

But in the end, he still made a move.

The only reason was that once he held it in, Lin Yi would become even more cautious than him when the highest pa.s.s disappeared completely. It would be extremely difficult to find a fatal flaw like this again.

It was better to take a gamble now and see if they could injure Lin Yi in one fell swoop than to fight Lin Yi to the death later!

He had baxias defense, after all-even if he lost, Lin Yi wouldnt be able to hurt him.

At least from a logical point of view, this was definitely not a wrong choice.

Zhao Chen, Hechi, and the other two from the Alliances security Department didnt think that there was anything wrong with the Shen Emperors actions. On the contrary, they all thought that Lin Yi was going to go for wool and come home shorn.

They knew that Lin Yi wanted to fish, but the problem was that there was a price to pay, especially for a fish as big as the Shen Emperor. One could imagine how much bait he had to pay to get him.

They didnt know if Lin Yi would succeed or not, but they were sure that hed suffer a huge loss.

The most likely result would be that the Shen Emperor had taken the bait, but the rope had broken.

Zhao Chen shook his head. Lin Yi was still too impulsive.

But from Lin Yis position, it wasnt completely incomprehensible for him to make such a low-level mistake. After all, the highest level luggage was shaking, and this was Lin Yis last chance.

However, this way, Lin Yi would be heavily injured by the Shen Emperor, and there would be no turning back.

Die, you idiot!

The Shen Emperor revealed himself with a sinister smile, and the shadow of baxia appeared behind him as he threw a powerful punch at Lin Yis head.

The shockwaves from the explosion caused Zhao Chen and the others to shudder in fear.

If this punch landed on their heads, they would all be killed on the spot. There was no chance of them surviving.

In fact, even Lin Yi, who had displayed an almost unbreakable defense before, had his defense severely broken by this attack. There was even the sound of bones cracking. It was very likely that his entire cranial cavity would collapse in the next second and he would die on the spot!

The Shen Emperor laughed triumphantly. He had used all his strength for this punch.

Although he was a cautious person, he also had a crazy side to him. The strong contrast between the two gave people the feeling that they had two different personalities.

However, this was not contradictory. After all, the battle when he ascended the throne was essentially a huge gamble, and he won the gamble.

It was the same today!

Since he had made a move, he was bound to amaze the world with a brilliant feat!

Its over

Zhao Chen sighed helplessly. Even if he wanted to stand on Lin Yis side, it was impossible to turn the tide now.

The overall situation was set.

But at this moment, Lin Yi blocked the terrifying impact from above his head and calmly returned a palm.

The Shen Emperors eyelids twitched, but he let out a breath of relief after seeing Lin Yis attack. It wasnt the same terrifying palm that killed Xiao Maitreya.

In the end, the only thing he feared about Lin Yi was the great thousand world palm.

Unfortunately, the great thousand world palm was too powerful, and the burden on Lin Yi was equally huge. Without enough time to acc.u.mulate energy, he couldnt use his palm at all.

As for the other attacks, even the hundred forms sword sacrifice, with the difference in their levels, and the fact that Mystic cla.s.s Venerables couldnt be challenged by those of a higher level, even if they could break his defense, they wouldnt be able to seriously injure him.

Trading his light injuries for Lin Yis heavy injuries, or even Lin Yis life, no matter how he looked at it, he didnt lose anything.

As long as it was not the great thousand world palm, he was confident that he would not lose.

However, when Lin Yis seemingly powerless palm landed on his body, the Shen Emperors eyes twitched.

Ill send you a thousand reincarnations. Good luck.

Lin Yi smiled as he backed away.

This palm was not the great thousand world palm, but it was definitely not a casual attack either. It was a variation of the great thousand world palm, the great thousand reincarnation palm!

Since he was going to gamble, he naturally had to have enough trump cards.

Just as his opponent had calculated, the time he had just now was not enough for him to acc.u.mulate power and unleash a complete great thousand world palm. However, it was barely enough for him to unleash a variation of the great thousand reincarnation palm.

In terms of explosive power, the great thousand reincarnation palm was indeed inferior to the great thousand world palm.

However, the thousand reincarnation palm had merged with the life reincarnation system that Lin Yi had built up in the New World. It could force the target into reincarnation, and its power didnt lie in an instant explosion, but in the continuous reincarnation of a thousand lives!

Feeling the terrifying force that was pulling him, the Shen Emperor was both shocked and afraid. However, even with his baxia strength, he could not break free.

It was even more impossible for him to escape into the void under such circ.u.mstances.

Unable to break free, unable to escape, his only end was to be sent into a thousand reincarnations.

Of course, this wasnt the true meaning of life and death. With Lin Yis current strength, he wouldnt be able to do this outside of the New World.

The so-called thousand reincarnations was to use the power of the life reincarnation system to weaken it in a way similar to repeated reincarnation.

If this move was used on an ordinary person, it would have almost no effect, because ordinary people did not have anything worth weakening. Even if they had gone through a thousand reincarnations, they would still be ordinary people, and there would not be any essential differences.

However, to the Shen Emperor, who had the baxia bloodline, it was a completely different story.

For things like bloodlines, the closer the seniority, the purer the bloodline, and naturally the more powerful it could be.

On the other hand, with every additional reincarnation, the bloodline would be diluted, and its power would naturally be weakened.

If it was only one reincarnation cycle, the effect might not be so obvious. However, once the number of reincarnations reached an exaggerated number of thousand reincarnations, the effect was beyond the imagination of ordinary people.

To a certain extent, the great thousand reincarnation palm was tailor-made for people like the Shen Emperor, who had a powerful bloodline!

Sure enough, although the Shen Emperor did not suffer any obvious injuries, he was unable to break free from the suction of the great thousand reincarnation palm. He could only fall into the cycle of reincarnation.

His baxia bloodline would weaken with each reincarnation baptism. After a hundred reincarnations, even bystanders like Zhao Chen could clearly sense the extent of the weakening.