Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 951 - Entering Underground Once Again (4)

Chapter 951 - Entering Underground Once Again (4)

Chapter 951: Entering Underground Once Again (4)

His father wouldn’t care if Bai Qingqing was abducted.

Mitch.e.l.l felt defeated and walked out of the ice house dejectedly, sitting down against the stone wall.

He wanted to know if the soul crystal could bring his mother back to life as well. If it could be done, did that mean that he could also change bodies? If so, he’d be able to feel a more intense feeling of love.

The heartthrobs he had experienced the previous few times wanted for more. Those were far from enough. He wanted to experience that amazing feeling as and when he wished to.

Only Saint Zachary and the silent and motionless Chris were in the ice house. Saint Zachary’s lips curled up in satisfaction. This moment had only appeared after countless dreams. He was exceptionally calm.

He smiled, his face and eyes filled with gentleness. He gently stroked his mate’s still springy face, lowering his head to rub against her ears. His breathing that landed on the female’s face was weak and anxious, giving off a slight delusion of affection.

“Which one of them is you?” Saint Zachary’s hands trembled as he took out the necklace, discerning them in detail. It was as if every one of them was Chris, and he couldn’t make up his mind.

Mitch.e.l.l, who was outside, heard him and said in a loud voice, “Father, Bai Qingqing said that females’ soul crystals come in a set of seven.”

Saint Zachary fell silent for a moment, then hung the entire necklace on the neck of Chris’s corpse.

Souls were something extremely profound, and it wouldn’t be strange if the soul crystals for males and females were different. He’d find out after testing it.

At this moment, Muir brought Parker in with familiarity.

Mitch.e.l.l immediately got up. He was told by the black crystal that Muir was the one who had a.s.saulted him, and he immediately a.s.sumed an attacking stance. However, he didn’t dare to get close easily as he was wary. He only let out rustling sounds to inform his father.

However, it was as if Saint Zachary didn’t hear anything. It was dead silent in the ice house.

The temperature of the places near the ice house was abnormally low. The hints of cold currents in the air darted into their pores like venomous snakes.

Parker found it familiar and quickly recalled that the temperature of the gap in the ground outside the village where they found the soul crystals were also similar.

If he didn’t guess wrongly, it must be cold as snow in the room.

“Qingqing was hidden here?” Uncontrollable fury was detected in Parker’s voice.

Muir let out a soft “en”.

The volcano in Parker’s heart instantly erupted. He let out an enraged bellow, then turned into his beast form and pounced toward Mitch.e.l.l.

How dare they lock Qingqing here when she was so afraid of the cold. This was too much. He must bite these cold-blooded scorpion beastmen to their deaths.

Mitch.e.l.l felt very anxious when he didn’t receive his father’s reply. When Parker pounced toward him, he quickly turned into his beast form, taking on his enemy as a scorpion.

Muir’s mind was on taking Saint Zachary’s life. He avoided the two battling beastmen and quickly entered the ice house.

Saint Zachary had his back facing the outside, using his eyes that had their vision blurred under the influence of the snake venom to look at his mate’s face. His senses had turned blurry, but with the commotion being so great, how could he not know?

Compelling footsteps approached from behind him, but he couldn’t bear to part his gaze away from his mate’s face. He didn’t wish to miss the instant when she opened her eyes.

Muir didn’t hesitate, raising his fist and swinging it at Saint Zachary’s head.


Saint Zachary’s head banged against the stone bed and started bleeding. When he raised his head, it was covered with blood. The arm of the corpse on the bed was also flattened into meat paste.

A layer of blood shrouded Saint Zachary’s vision, and that pile of meat paste pierced his eyes even deeper. He bellowed and, as he turned around, turned into a huge scorpion, swinging his pincers everywhere as he cried out.

A few cracks appeared on the huge scorpion’s head and back as well as his sh.e.l.l. This showed how terrifyingly strong that punch was.