Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 952 - Dead Brought Back to Life (1)

Chapter 952 - Dead Brought Back to Life (1)

Chapter 952: Dead Brought Back to Life (1)


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If he wasn’t a sh.e.l.l-type beastman and had also reached the level of a stripeless beast, he’d probably have died.

He was an enraged wild beast, and there was no order nor rationality to his attacks, but they were impeccable.

Muir was forced to keep on dodging the scorpion pincers, unable to find a chance to retaliate.

Parker wasn’t having it easy outside, either. He had only reached the level of a four-striped beastman and his strength was definitely no match for Mitch.e.l.l. However, his speed ensured that his opponent couldn’t hurt him, either.

The battles inside and outside created an extremely huge commotion. The corpse laying on the bed seemed as if she was woken up from her sleep and let out a moan.

The enraged huge scorpion’s body trembled intensely. He lost sense of everything around him and even forgot that he was fighting against someone.

He held his breathing and turned to look at the female on the stone bed. When he saw the female’s body moving slightly, his viciousness instantly dissipated. His body turned from a terrifying scorpion to that of a handsome young man.

Even though his head was covered in blood, he still looked refres.h.i.+ng like a breeze.

“Chris, you’ve finally woken up.” Saint Zachary walked over toward her.

Muir didn’t understand romance or a.s.sisting others to fulfill their wishes. He only believed in “dealing a lethal blow while the opponent is down”. He clenched his fist and walked quickly toward Saint Zachary.

This time around, Saint Zachary calmed down completely since he had his wish fulfilled. The faint bit of snake venom that had entered from his wound had also completely dissipated. His senses returned to clarity.

At this moment, how could he possibly let someone beat him for no reason?

Before the eagle beastman could swing his fist, he was sent flying by the scorpion beastman that had suddenly appeared and swung toward him. His movement was very graceful and didn’t appear forlorn at all.

Muir flew out the door and first smashed heavily against the wall before spurting out fresh blood, then landed heavily on the floor.

With someone suddenly flying out, both Parker and Mitch.e.l.l stopped their duel.

When Parker saw that it was Muir, his heart sank. If even Muir couldn’t win against the scorpion king, then how the h.e.l.l could he? It was more important to stay alive.

Although Muir’s internal organs were hurt, he remained composed and immediately got back up. As he did so, he spurted another mouthful of blood.

He understood clearly that Saint Zachary’s weakest condition was over. Since he couldn’t succeed earlier, then there were even fewer chances for him to win now. He signaled at Parker with his eyes.

Parker was also planning to leave. The two of them came to a consensus and fled in different directions.

Mitch.e.l.l was still thinking of taking the chance of joining Bai Qingqing’s family, so he kept one eye closed, letting them flee. He ran into the ice house excitedly.

With the two troublemakers gone, the underground palace returned to its peace.

Saint Zachary’s feelings weren’t affected by them in the least. He walked over to the stone bed in huge strides, gently helping up the female on the bed.

Chris seemed to not have realized that she was dead. She didn’t even notice any abnormality when her b.l.o.o.d.y arm was sticking onto the bed. She seemed to be dazed from the sleep and was in a stupor as she let Saint Zachary help her up.

Saint Zachary was overjoyed. He hugged Chris and deeply kissed her. The two icy-cold bodies were extremely engrossed in their kiss.

Very long later, Saint Zachary’s heart gradually calmed down. Only then did he notice that his mate wasn’t breathing.

He only paused slightly, then let her go naturally, saying gently, “You’ve finally woken up. Do you still remember me?”

“Saint Zachary.” Chris looked up at Saint Zachary with a baffled gleam in her eyes.

Saint Zachary was overjoyed and hugged Chris tightly. He used so much force that the body in his arms became deformed.

However, Chris couldn’t feel any pain at all. Her gaze appeared to be recollecting things, and all sorts of emotions appeared in her eyes.