Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 950 - Entering Underground Once Again (3)

Chapter 950 - Entering Underground Once Again (3)

Chapter 950: Entering Underground Once Again (3)


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It was safer to be with everyone else.

Parker urged, “Come in quickly! Otherwise, leave! Don’t drag us down!”

Of course, Muir didn’t wish to squeeze together with them. However, feeling worried for Bai Qingqing, he still entered the hole.

Alva instantly felt horrible.

They didn’t notice it earlier, but when Muir squeezed into the hole, the air was instantly filled with the murky and piercing stench of blood.

That intense scent was something that even Alva, whose sense of smell wasn’t as strong, could clearly smell. It was thus pure torture for Parker and Winston.

Winston threw a glance at Muir, lowered his voice, and asked, “After you sent Qingqing up, you went back down to help Curtis?”

“En,” Muir replied, then immediately asked, “Qingqing is now with Curtis?”

He knew that Curtis was struck by the old scorpion king’s poison, and he himself was too. The poison had acted up once earlier, but the toxicity wasn’t strong and didn’t threaten his life.

However, when the poison acted up, he wouldn’t be in the right state of mind. If Qingqing and Curtis were alone by themselves, how dangerous would that be?

Muir was unable to calm down. Winston’s reply made his heart sink even deeper.

“That’s right. Qingqing is now with Curtis,” Winston replied.

Muir gave it some thought before suddenly saying, “The old scorpion king was also struck by Curtis’s poison.”

Although he didn’t say it clearly, his words had a hint of decisiveness to it. He was clearly thinking of getting the antidote from the old scorpion king.

The old scorpion king was also poisoned by Curtis. This was an extremely important piece of information. Curtis’s venom was also extremely domineering. Although he was strong, he would be somewhat weakened. If they wished to launch a sneak attack, they ought to do it earlier.

Parker felt a little agitated as well and urged, “The scorpion king’s antidote is in his tail. Is it the same for all other scorpion beastmen as well? Should we go underground to check it out?”

Winston said, “That might not necessarily be the case. If it was so simple, poisonous beastmen’s poisonous parts would all be known by the others.”

Muir said coldly, “Kill the scorpion beastman and let Curtis devour him entirely.”

No one knew if the antidote would still be effective if the marrow under the sh.e.l.l was digested, but it would be better than to not take anything at all.

Muir couldn’t wait and wanted to take action immediately.

Seeing that Muir, an outsider, was so involved, Parker couldn’t sit still either. He raised his hand and said, “I’ll go too.”

Carrying An’an, Winston was left with no choice. He could only say, “I’ll wait here for you guys to bring back the good news.”

“En,” Parker didn’t mind and replied. He then crawled out of the hole together with Muir.

He couldn’t feel at ease leaving the female child to Alva, an outsider. What if she was abducted?

Muir and Parker set off immediately, entering underground through the quicksand.

In the ice house under the desert. The handsome young man with long black hair was holding tightly onto a beautiful necklace with translucent crystals. His fair and clean face now had an abnormal dark hue to it. His lips were also a purplish-black and his pitch-black eyes had lost focus, but his gaze was still bright, showing the hope of a dying man who had grabbed onto a lifebuoy.

Saint Zachary staggered as he dashed toward the stone bed, saying agitated, “Chris, I’ve come to save you.”

Mitch.e.l.l, hiding in a small stone room, rubbed the back of his neck and then shot up, shouting, “This is bad! Bai Qingqing has gone missing!”

He quickly ran out. When he saw that his father was here, he instantly felt a.s.sured.

He was about to say something when Saint Zachary said with great irritation, “Scram!”

Mitch.e.l.l was stunned and immediately understood.

His father must have gotten his hands on his mother’s soul crystal. Bai Qingqing was useless to him now.