Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 949 - Entering Underground Once Again (2)

Chapter 949 - Entering Underground Once Again (2)

Chapter 949: Entering Underground Once Again (2)


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Eagle beastmen’s vision was definitely the best in the world of beastmen. Even when they were flying high up over 10,000 meters in the sky, they would be able to accurately discern the animals on the gra.s.s plains. Even the slightly bigger b.u.t.terflies and wild snakes wouldn’t be able to escape from their eyes.

Moreover, Muir had already arrived at the borders of the oasis and was just several thousand meters away from the lake. At one glance, he saw the shaking tree leaves, and there was a hint of yellow color inside that was about the same color as that of sand.

However, although the hint of yellow was in the dark, it showed a vague golden color. That was not the color of sand. Muir concluded that an animal was definitely inside.

Food was rare in the desert, and if they were to encounter prey, how could they not hunt it?

Muir had come here for a drink. His lips were parched and peeling. Although there was clear water right in front of him, he didn’t go over to take a sip. The hunger he was feeling drove him to look for food.

He slowly got close to the rock, his wounds covered by densely packed sand and unseen by the naked eye. Even a lot of the blood scent was covered up.

To ensure that everything went on smoothly, he even especially went against the flow of the wind.

The three beastmen hidden under the rock didn’t capture any scent. They didn’t say another word and were so quiet as if they didn’t exist.

Suddenly, a hand came scooping over, clearly by someone standing on the rock. Most beastmen’s arms wouldn’t be able to reach in, but this one could reach halfway in.

Thankfully, it was Parker who was faced against this arm. His reaction was swift, and he immediately dodged back, avoiding the claw-shaped hand.

Gah! Alva was given a great scare and he let out a loud cry uncontrollably.

Roar! Winston also bellowed, but he didn’t panic. He was ferocious.

At the next instant, Winston jumped out from under the rock, turning his body to face the rock.

Since Muir failed in his sneak a.s.sault, he might receive retaliation if he made a second attempt. Therefore, he planned on flipping over the rock and catching the target directly.

However, he hadn’t been able to make the move yet. He hadn’t even drawn his arm back and it was still reaching downward, with his body squatting on the rock. He looked a little silly.

When Winston saw that it was him, he withdrew his attacking stance.

Parker and Alva jumped out in succession, and Parker’s hostility dissipated rapidly as well. Alva was the only one who didn’t recognize Muir and stared at him as if he was facing a great foe.

This beastman’s disposition was too dangerous. Although he didn’t have any animal stripes on his face, it gave him a strong urge to flee.

The food that had reached his mouth disappeared.

Muir felt that it was a bit of a pity, but he didn’t show any changes to his expression. He looked around before speaking up with a hint of dissatisfaction.

“Where’s Bai Qingqing?”

Both Parker and Winston knew well about Muir’s dissatisfaction, and Parker was the first to speak up, “Hide quickly.”

As Parker said this, he darted back under the rock once again and then continued, “Curtis has been poisoned. He’s hunting us down.”

Winston also darted into the hole. Alva understood that this person was on the same side as them and felt a little relieved. Only then did he realize that this person looked a little familiar.

However, he was certain that he didn’t know of such an amazing figure. Otherwise, he would definitely have a deep impression of him.

Muir had recognized Alva at first glance, and his heart couldn’t help but ache intensely.

Back then, this bird had been wooing Bai Qingqing together with him. Back then, Alva’s chance of succeeding wasn’t as high as his. But now, was he already by Qingqing’s side?

On the other hand, he couldn’t even compare to food. Good food could still make Qingqing happy.

He could ignore all of Bai Qingqing’s other mates, but Muir couldn’t suppress his jealousy toward this flashy and superficial peac.o.c.k.

All of Alva’s hair stood up in the presence of a stripeless beast’s extremely hostile gaze. He quickly darted under the rock.