Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 948 - Entering Underground Once Again (1)

Chapter 948 - Entering Underground Once Again (1)

Chapter 948: Entering Underground Once Again (1)

Winston was honest, didn’t fight for Bai Qingqing’s favor, and also contributed a lot to the family. As a result, Parker did have some feelings for him. He was quite happy to see that Winston hadn’t died.

Parker looked around and said, “Curtis can control the desert snakes. If he does that, it’d be very easy for us to be discovered if we walk around recklessly. We should just keep watch at the water source. We’d be able to wait for Qingqing’s news while hiding our traces.”

Winston immediately said, “I’m thinking the same.”

The two of them came to an agreement and carefully headed for the lake.

While they were discussing, Alva flew up to check out the entire oasis. He then lowered himself at the place furthest from the tiger and leopard, then continued to fly at a low alt.i.tude before meeting up with them.

Alva followed them and ask curiously, “What on earth happened? Why is it that Curtis can’t accept you guys now?”

Curtis kept a low profile and all the beastmen in the village didn’t know of his actual strength. Although there was a rumor of higher levels beyond that of a four-striped beastman, no one had seen one before, and thus most people wouldn’t think of this.

Alva guessed that Curtis might be a four-striped beastman, but it was just that the levels of snake beastmen wouldn’t be revealed on their faces.

What he found strange was that both Parker and Winston were four-striped beastmen, yet they couldn’t win against Curtis. Moreover, they couldn’t even save their own lives in front of him.

This was unbelievable.

Parker felt angry and said without thinking, “He has always been like this, it’s just that he has gone crazy today and is more extreme than usual.”

Alva felt a strong sense of fear upon hearing this, thinking to himself that thankfully, he had encountered Molly and made himself give up on Bai Qingqing. Otherwise, even if he had become Bai Qingqing’s mate, it’d be hard for him to save himself.

Winston was experienced with being inflicted by scorpion poison and had committed a grave mistake. Thankfully, Qingqing hadn’t detested him, but instead, gradually accepted him.

In comparison to himself, Winston didn’t feel any anger toward Curtis. Even if Curtis had killed him, he wouldn’t think that he had gone overboard.

Winston paid attention to the environment while saying, “He was inflicted by scorpion poison. The poison had acted up just now. It makes one lose their senses. He only lost his senses this time around and his desires got magnified. It might be worse the next time around.”

Hearing this, Parker erupted, “What else could be worse?”

“If the poison isn’t neutralized in time, it’d corrode his nerves even further, producing hallucinations.” After saying that, Winston paused. He recalled his experiences of having been inflicted by scorpion poison twice, then said, “No one will know what kind of hallucinations he’ll get.”

They didn’t slow down even as they spoke, and they arrived at the lake.

Winston dug a hole under a huge rock and the three beastmen entered it. Plants covered the entrance, so it was hard to notice the three beastmen.

Strong gusts of wind blew, and even the sand and dust with their scent on them were blown away. Some of them fell into the water, dissolving completely. Some of them floated to midair, mixing with even more chaotic scents. Their traces were considered to be completely concealed.

“What scorpion beastman was it? To think that it managed to hurt even Curtis?” Alva was baffled. Since two four-striped beastmen couldn’t win against Curtis even when they joined forces, then how strong was the beastman who had hurt Curtis?

“It’s a shameless old man from Flame City,” Parker said in disdain.

There were a few pieces of fresh green leaves in front of him. Looking at the luscious green color, Parker couldn’t help but want to pluck them for Qingqing to eat. However, she wasn’t here.

He looked at the leaves and thought of her, plucking one leaf, put it to his mouth, and chewed on it. The astringent taste caused him to frown instantly.

He really couldn’t understand why Qingqing liked to eat gra.s.s.

The plants’ abnormal shaking attracted the attention of a pair of eagle eyes.