Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 654 - Of Course I Like Winston

Chapter 654 - Of Course I Like Winston

Chapter 654: Of Course I Like Winston


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It dawned on him that the female didn’t feel anything special towards him and was now changing her target now that she saw someone more powerful.

A dejected feeling rose in the black eagle. But still, he transformed into a human and s.h.i.+elded the female.

“I found her all by herself outside the village, and she wasn’t accompanied by other beastmen. Why don’t we let her stay in the village?” The eagle beastman proposed after transforming into a young man.

His attention fully focused on the tree where his home was, Winston said irritably, “Then, go and find!”

Heart trembling, the eagle beastman immediately transformed into an eagle and walked to the female’s side.


He shoved at Rosa with his beak, prompting her to climb onto his back.

However, Rosa constantly retreated, shouting m.u.f.fled sounds as she did so. It seemed like she was saying “I’m not leaving.”

Feeling extremely sorry for her, the eagle beastman thought that if this female would cling to him and not go to other males, even at the risk of being chased out of the village, he would oppose the tiger king’s decision.

Sensing that the tiger king’s patience was waning, he didn’t dare delay things. He immediately grabbed the female’s arms with his claws and took flight amidst the female’s piercing screams.

The female’s body was exposed without any form of concealment in front of the many male beastmen. As she swung her legs wildly and was taken to the skies, they could even clearly see her private parts.

Bai Qingqing, who couldn’t bear to look, decided to forget about her comb and went back into the tree hole.

After Winston successfully found the comb, he looked up and didn’t see Bai Qingqing and started panicking.

Did she get the wrong idea? She doesn’t even like me that much, to begin with. Will she abandon me because of this?

With his heart torn by anxiety, Winston held the comb between his jaws and speedily climbed up the tree.

“What’s the matter with that female? Winston’s att.i.tude towards her was so weird. Why did he just chase her away like that?” Bai Qingqing wondered to herself.

Not that she actually heard the conversation that went on down there. But if he was making that female stay, he wouldn’t have made her go in the heavy rain. Instead, he would more likely find somewhere for her to warm up first.

“You like Winston?” Curtis suddenly asked in an icy voice. “Did you fling the comb because you saw Winston talking with another female?”

“Ah?” Bai Qingqing was caught off-guard by this sudden question.

In the fourth story, Winston also froze, and his breathing halted involuntarily.

Recalling her reaction earlier, that was concrete evidence. She couldn’t possibly deny it.

She lowered her head and thought for a moment, then said, “Since I’ve accepted the fact that I’ve become mates with Winston, of course, I would mind seeing him behave intimately with other females.

“As for whether I like him or not… of course I do.”


Something seemed to have fallen on the ground from the tree hole downstairs.

Winston widened his eyes in disbelief, his pupils speedily expanding. As for Curtis, he tightened the rear-end of his snake’s tail and cast a glance towards the entrance of the tree hole downstairs with killing intent in his eyes.

“Who?” Bai Qingqing asked upon hearing that sound, “Babies, was that you?”


The cubs, lying belly-down on the nest Winston constructed for them, responded to their mommy lazily.

Gripped by nervousness, Winston didn’t dare make a sound. Seeing that the cubs had already taken the rap for him, he simply went to the wall and panted heavily with his back leaning against it.

Bai Qingqing saw that Curtis’s expression wasn’t quite right. In order to maintain harmony in the family, she hurriedly explained, “I like plenty of people—Molly, Bluepool, Harvey, Parker’s parents, and also my family and cla.s.smates back in the world where I come from. Winston is one of them.”

“Oh?” The murderous intent in Curtis’s eyes dissipated a little. But still, he clearly wasn’t satisfied with this answer.

But those words were enough to make Winston plunge down from the clouds onto Earth. Though his mouth remained open, his breathing had calmed down.

It’s wishful thinking on my part to think that Qingqing actually likes me.