Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 655 - Family Conflict Averted

Chapter 655 - Family Conflict Averted

Chapter 655: Family Conflict Averted

Winston smiled bitterly in silence. It was already very good that Qingqing didn’t blame him for forcibly mating with her. And she even regarded him as a friend. He ought to feel content.

But why did his heart ache so terribly?

Bai Qingqing continued, “The relations.h.i.+p between Winston and I is more like kins.h.i.+p. After we became spouses, my att.i.tude towards him seems to have changed a little. But… since he’s already my mate, he would be too pitiful if I simply regard him as a tool for hard manual labor.”

The killing intent in Curtis’s eyes vanished completely, and his expression grew gentler. “You’re too softhearted.”

But if Snow wasn’t so softhearted, he wouldn’t have received so much affection in response. Hence, he could accept such an explanation.

Bai Qingqing’s taut nerves finally eased. At last, a conflict was averted.

The pain in Winston’s heart eased a little, and his lips arched in a smile. If not for that scar spread across his entire face, he would definitely be a handsome dude that gave off a wild vibe.

He picked up the comb, walked to the cubs’ nest entrance, and placed it in their nest.

“Help me hand this to your mommy,” Winston said extremely softly.


After patting their little heads, Winston exited the tree hole.

As the nest was too warm, the cubs couldn’t bear to move. The three cubs’ heads squeezed together as they attempted to sink their teeth into each other. Eventually, Third suffered defeat and was chased out with that wooden comb.

Bai Qingqing was just about to walk to the tree hole entrance to retrieve her comb when Third came over with it between his jaws. She exclaimed delightedly, “Third, did you help Mommy find this? Thank you!”

Roar roar roar~ Third roared a few times at her. Though she had no idea what he was saying, she simply took that as agreement and stroked his head vigorously.

Though Curtis was aware that Winston was here earlier, he said nothing.

He knew Bai Qingqing very well. If she came to learn that Winston had heard what she said, she would definitely feel guilty. In that case, it was better for her to remain ignorant.

The rain didn’t weaken, and large and small puddles had already formed on the ground.

Winston ran to the edge of the village to check. There must be more to Rosa’s arrival than met the eye—a female couldn’t possibly travel such great distances through the mountains, someone must have brought her here. Either that or she escaped halfway while her village was migrating.

The eagle beastman who caught Rosa flew back. When he caught sight of the white tiger, he quickly flew downwards, the female in his claws in a half-conscious state.

He gently set the female upon the muddy ground, then landed on the ground and transformed into a human, anxiety clouding his face. “Tiger king, I didn’t find any beastmen in the vicinity. The female seems to have fallen ill. Why don’t we let her stay on in the village for now? Or else she will die!”

Winston walked up and sniffed Rosa’s breathing, then nudged her with his head. [Rosa?]

In a daze, Rosa heard Winston’s voice but didn’t respond. She appeared to be unconscious.

Huff! Winston emitted a puff of breath as he growled in a deep voice.

“Does that mean consent?” The eagle beastman asked testingly. Seeing that the tiger beastman didn’t object, his face lit up in joy.

The eagle beastman helped Rosa up and comforted her. “I’ll bring you to the village right away.”

With that, he transformed into an eagle and flew towards the village speedily and steadily.

Winston continued roaming in the forest, which had ditches strewn all over. Apart from the flow of water on the ground, he sharply discovered traces of beasts crawling.

Seems like some animals that crawled. Are the floating beasts spread over such a wide area? Or are they migrating again?

Hopefully, the floating beasts were preparing to leave. Although they didn’t fear those floating beasts, it would be terrible if they entered the village with the flow of the river and ended up hurting the females and baby beastmen.