Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 653 - The Shameless Rosa

Chapter 653 - The Shameless Rosa

Chapter 653: The Shameless Rosa


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As the village had just been constructed, plus with the threat from the floating beasts, Winston couldn’t afford to be careless.

Sighing, he set aside whatever he was working on and went over to check.

By the time Winston returned to the village, the eagle beastman had ridden a female back, and many males in the village had also run out.

“Female?” Winston paused for a moment, before striding over to check on her.

The female on the black eagle’s back was covered in scars from head to toe. Although her skin was nowhere comparable to Bai Qingqing’s, it was considered relatively tender and fair compared to ordinary females. Judging from her figure, one could tell that she was very young. Moreover, she was a tiger female, and there weren’t any spousal marks on her.

How could such a young female roam in the wilderness all by herself?

Could it be that someone was taking revenge on them and deliberately found a tiger female and placed her on their territory to establish an imposing air?

The female was so cold that she kept s.h.i.+vering. After gliding down from the back of the black eagle, she tightly gripped his wings and refused to let go.

Maniac joy erupted in the black eagle’s eyes. Only then did he recall that he had the right to ask to be her mate since he had rescued her.

And looking at the reaction of the female, she seemed to be very reliant on him.

“Where did you come from?” Winston asked in his deep voice.

The female’s body trembled violently before turning stiff, as though she just heard something terrifying.

With a doubtful frown, Winston reached out to pinch her chin, forcing her to turn her head around.

Winston was stunned to see who it was.


It had only been a year since he last saw her. Yet, even though Rosa’s body still appeared young, her brown short hair had turned withered and discolored, like dry weeds lying on her head. Also, her face seemed to have aged by ten years. Although one could still tell she used to be a beauty, she was far from being hailed as the number one beauty in a city; in fact, it would be a stretch to consider her looks average.

After all, no matter how beautiful a female was, they couldn’t compare with the gorgeous males. Besides, health was also one of the considerations in males’ a.s.sessment of females’ beauty. Only with good health would the females be better able to procreate.

Being the first to snap out of her trance, an ecstatic expression was revealed on Rosa’s face.

“Ah! Ahhh—”

Yet, when she opened her mouth, she could only utter single-syllable words. If one looked carefully, they could see that her mouth was horrifyingly clean—with the absence of a tongue.

Irritation flashed across Winston’s eyes. “Where did you pick her up? Send her back there.”


The eagle beastman let out a screech of disbelief.

Winston’s words made Rosa fly into a panic. She pounced towards him and grabbed his leg. “Ah! Ah! Ah!”

With her head raised, she kept shaking her head as she gazed at Winston, an intense pleading look in her eyes. She even went on to kiss Winston’s legs, the arrogance and elegance she used to display nowhere to be seen now.

Winston instantly felt all the hairs on his body stand up, and the irritation on his face intensified. He attempted to shake off the person clinging onto his leg, but this was the first time he came across a female with such great strength, so great that he couldn’t shake her off.

“Seems like something has happened in the village.” Bai Qingqing stood up with her belly protruding outwards, then went to the tree hole entrance and looked down. Her eyes immediately widened.

The white-furred Winston was very easy to recognize. She also could tell that the lump of meat hanging onto his leg was a female.

Of course, she wouldn’t suspect Winston of cheating on her, but looking at that image really left a sour taste in her mouth.

Bai Qingqing raised a hand and flung a comb at him. As she watched the comb fly out, she let out a shriek and screamed, “My comb!”

Upon hearing her voice, Winston got fl.u.s.tered and lost his ability to control his strength, kicking the female away immediately.

With a m.u.f.fled cry, Rosa collapsed upon the wet muddy ground. The mud on her body then speedily rinsed off in the rain, revealing the original color of her skin.

Only then did realization dawned on the eagle beastman. He had thought that this female was fond of him. He hadn’t expected her to so shamelessly cling onto the tiger king.