Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 652 - Curtis the Great Beauty

Chapter 652 - Curtis the Great Beauty

Chapter 652: Curtis the Great Beauty


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Things like this happened from time to time in the City of Beastmen, so every male would be wary against their blood brothers.

“Why?” Unable to understand, Bai Qingqing was both shocked and angry.

Multiple births! Will they look very similar to Parker? Ah! Just the thought of it sounds fun. How could Parker chase them away? I really want to punch someone!

“With your dull sense of smell, wouldn’t it be terrible if you mistake them for me?”

Bai Qingqing, who frequently mixed up the little triplets downstairs, didn’t sound as confident now. “How is that possible?… Even if I fail to tell them apart, I can still call out the name.”

“Hmph!” Parker scoffed and said, “Whoever you call Parker, they will respond to it.”

“Ah?” Bai Qingqing looked confused.

Parker flicked her on the head. “Stupid, how can anyone not like you when you’re so pretty? Because of you, those brothers of mine have been pestering me endlessly.”

Realization suddenly dawned on her, making her feel helpless.

“Curtis, what about you?” Bai Qingqing asked in pa.s.sing, “You got separated from them, weren’t you?”

Curtis, who had eaten all his brothers in the same birth, smiled and said nothing.

Since he didn’t wish to speak, there was nothing Bai Qingqing could do to make him open his mouth, so she wisely stopped asking. Seeing Curtis’s head of smooth red hair and stroking her own afro-hairdo, she felt psychologically imbalanced.

No way, she couldn’t be the only one sticking out like a sore thumb!

“Curtis, let me comb your hair.” Bai Qingqing walked over to him excitedly with a comb.

Curtis gazed at her and said dotingly, “Up to you.”

Overjoyed, she knelt behind him and kissed him on the back of his head. “You’re the best.”

As Parker kept away the bowl and chopsticks, he glanced at them before leaving. Seeing how happy she looked with the snake beastman, he felt a tinge of regret.

Should I not have rejected Qingqing’s pranking earlier?

Bai Qingqing wickedly created small braids all over Curtis’s head, and it took several hours to complete the task. After she was done, she retreated several steps to look at her creation. She was amazed by the sight.

With several tens of slim braids on his head, not only did Curtis not appear feminine, there was now a hint of a stern temptation of abstinence amidst the usual coldness. He looked as n.o.ble and elegant as a mysterious priest one read in Western folklore.

“Does it look good?” Curtis c.o.c.ked his head sideways to ask as he peered at her reaction.

Bai Qingqing nodded and responded with an “Mm,” before snapping out of her reverie, her cheeks flus.h.i.+ng.

Gazing at her, Curtis suddenly smiled. Without his messy hair covering his face, his perfect face was revealed in its entirety, making his smile appear all the more charming.

Ba-dump! Ba-dump!

Bai Qingqing’s heart rate escalated to an absurd level. She screamed internally:

Ah! This is against the rules! No matter how long I’ve arrived here, I can’t resist the men of this world!

Oh well, since he was her spouse anyway, it didn’t matter if she went boy-crazy.

Bai Qingqing had given up hopes of ever recovering from this symptom.

As the heavy downpour descended throughout the entire forest, a human figure could vaguely be seen moving slowly within, stumbling along and seemingly in a sorry state.

On this rainy day, the eagle beastmen diligently guarded the village and didn’t dare to lax even a little.

They noticed the figure moving among the plants in the first instance it appeared.


He quickly flew over, and upon confirming that it really was a female, immediately called for his companions.


The screeching of the eagles weaved through the rain and reverberated throughout the entire village.

Having made a little house (which was somewhat like a doghouse) for the leopard cubs, Winston went off to build the house.

When the eagle screeches entered his ears, he halted in his actions.

Winston was able to understand these simple signals made by the eagle tribe as he was surrounded by eagle beastmen since he was young. After he came of age, as he was disdained due to the scar on his face, he spent even more time around the eagle beastmen, taking on the responsibility of guarding the City of Beastmen.