Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 376 - Ape King Leaves (1)

Chapter 376 - Ape King Leaves (1)

Chapter 376: Ape King Leaves (1)

Fortunately, the eagle beastmen who returned with news arrived just in time.

How could they not realize that Bai Qingqing was innocent after witnessing the sight before them? Not having the time to regret, they immediately began to search for their females and brought them to a slightly safer place one by one.

The disaster lasted for another half an hour before silence fell upon them once more.

The air was filled with the smell of dirt and burning plants. There was no longer any sign of the City of Beastmen, and the Camel Hump Valley was distorted as well. The two mountains were now squeezed together to form one large mountain, and one could only vaguely make out the two peaks.

This disaster nearly destroyed the entire City of Beastmen. The ten thousand-strong population of males was now reduced to hundreds. On the other hand, the female population was only reduced by half, and the females that were gone were mostly elderly.

They helped each other back to where the City of Beastmen once was. There was no sign of the stone houses that once populated the city. The most they could find were some crumbling stone walls and beastmen bodies covered in dirt and mud.

No one spoke for a long time. They could not believe the sight before their eyes.

“Ape king, you said that Bai Qingqing brought disaster upon us. We already exiled her and even sent men to kill her. Why did disaster still strike?”

The one who spoke was the leopard king, a four-striped beastman. Although he didn’t look as disheveled, he had just as much sorrow in his eyes as everyone else after witnessing the havoc before him.

Because of this disaster, his family lost a young cub who had just learned to jump on trees. They also lost a male who died while protecting the other cubs.

His mate, Memi, was fortunately unharmed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to face all this calmly.

Memi, however, was already reduced to tears in his arms.

Jean and her saying she wanted to immediately return to the ocean were the only things on the ape king’s mind. He replied to the leopard king briefly, “Maybe she’s nearby. If we kill her, the disaster definitely will not happen again. It’s all her fault.”

An eagle beastman flew over and transformed into a human before saying, “We came back with news. Bai Qingqing is at the Sea Cliff. Curtis’s gone to look for her. We came back to ask for help. We didn’t think…”

Everyone’s gaze towards the ape king instantly changed.

The sharp ape king immediately noticed the suspicion of the people around him. He comfortingly patted the crying Jean in his arms and replied naturally, “Perhaps it’s because Bai Qingqing has stayed here for too long.”

The two eagle beastmen looked at each other with suspicion. The eagle beastman who had transformed into a human then replied angrily, “Okay, I’ll go take a look at the Sea Cliff again. Since she’s the one who brought disaster upon us and she’s at Sea Cliff, the vibrations there should have been more intense.”

He then transformed back into an eagle, flapped his wings, and flew away. The other eagle beastman quickly caught up to him.

“Hey, wait!” Jean immediately stopped crying and shouted anxiously at the sky.

Knowing that she wanted to leave with the eagle beastmen, the ape king interrupted her without hesitation. “Are your feet bleeding? Let me see.”

Jean ignored the ape king, but he lifted her.

The other beastmen began to check their mates’ bodies as well, creating a commotion. Jean let the ape king move her body as he pleased while she continued to shout towards the sky. The eagle beastmen, already far away, didn’t give her any response.

Jean helplessly watched the eagle beastmen fly away till they were out of sight. She then furiously picked up a stone and forcefully threw it at the ape king. “It’s all your fault. You should have stopped them earlier!”

The ape king didn’t avoid the stone. The moment the stone made contact with his head, bright red blood flowed down the side of his nose to his lips as a shocked look appeared on his face.

“I… Can’t you stay here? I can already hunt down the behemoth and give you the green crystal.” The ape king pleaded with her.