Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 375 - Destruction of the City of Beastmen

Chapter 375 - Destruction of the City of Beastmen

Chapter 375: Destruction of the City of Beastmen

This earthquake affected a very large area, nearly covering the whole land.

The vibrations sent the ashes of the burnt shrubland flying. With a crack, the “rocks” stuck between the dents in the ground fell out and quickly rolled down the mountain and into the river.

As the black rocks floated down the river, the currents revealed their original color. The silhouette of a person could almost be seen.

Like the other objects in the river, the rocks were eventually swept out to sea.

Parker was currently running at a uniform speed when the ground suddenly shook violently, scaring him so much that he howled and jumped up five feet. He caught onto a tree trunk with his front claws and climbed up the tree in a matter of moments.

Parker only looked down once he was at a safe distance from the ground. There was not a single living being on the ground.

That gave me a fright. I thought I stepped on some powerful animal. Was that an earthquake?

Before long, Parker also recalled the ape king’s prediction and immediately looked towards Bai Qingqing’s direction, then towards the City of Beastmen.

Why are the movements coming from the City of Beastmen becoming more intense?

Hurhur. Qingqing indeed had nothing to do with this. She already left, but the City of Beastmen still hasn’t escaped danger.

Parker had a nasty guess, but he wasn’t too sure of it. Sensing that the ground was still relatively stable, he jumped down and continued running.

City of Beastmen.

The world looked distorted from afar. The ground was like the surface of the ocean, with large waves ripping through groves of trees.

Explosions could be heard from time to time. Lava erupted from the peaks of the two mountains in Camel Hump Valley and was shot high into the air like ammunition. Flames could be seen everywhere.

The cries of various beastmen could be heard amidst the loud sounds. If one looked closer, one would see them struggling on the ground. Some of them were like a drop in the bucket, fighting bravely alone. Others formed groups around their females to protect them.

In the face of natural disasters, even the strongest species would instantly become weak.

With a loud crash, the last centuries-old castle collapsed. Everything had been bulldozed to the ground.

“Ah!” Jean screamed incessantly. Although her shrill voice couldn’t be heard amidst the loud sounds, it still made one uncomfortable.

The ape king used his mental power to s.h.i.+eld himself and Jean, then placed an arm around her as they followed the crowd outside.

Although there was an earthquake outside, there were too many rocks in the City of Beastmen, and one would be injured by them if one wasn’t careful. In the mountains, one simply needed to be mindful of the trees, which could even s.h.i.+eld them from the spattering lava in the air.

When they finally found a smooth road, the disheveled Jean asked loudly, “Why did disaster still strike? Is Bai Qingqing here?”

The ape king looked around him while covering Jean and continuing to escape. “I don’t think so. I didn’t think this would happen either. Thank goodness I didn’t listen to you when you told me to immediately capture the behemoth…”

The ape king turned to look at Jean and placed a kiss on her dirt-covered forehead. “I can’t imagine you witnessing a natural disaster like this alone.”

“Hmph!” Jean’s eyes welled up with tears. The soles of her feet had been scratched several times by small rocks, causing her to leave b.l.o.o.d.y footprints on the ground with every step she took. However, she continued to step on the messy ground without hesitation, not daring to stop for even a single second.

She was more frustrated than afraid as she had never suffered so much in her life. How would she pay attention to the ape king?

“I don’t care. I’m going back into the sea. It’s too scary here.”

The ape king’s footsteps suddenly came to a halt. The surrounding dangers around him seemed to disappear as the words of the female before him now became the biggest disaster.

“What’s wrong? Let’s go,” Jean said, urging him anxiously.

“What about me?” The ape king looked at Jean like a lost child.

Jean avoided his gaze and pulled him along. “We’ll talk about it later.”