Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 377 - Ape King Leaves (2)

Chapter 377 - Ape King Leaves (2)

Chapter 377: Ape King Leaves (2)


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Jean took a look at the surroundings and said calmly, “Given this environment, if you were to leave, how am I going to survive? It’ll be the heavy rainy season very soon. Right now, even having a place to stay is going to be a problem.”

As Jean said this, she had a stronger feeling that the ocean was good. She only needed to take note of the ocean currents and tsunamis. However, those threats would also be resolved by the male merfolks and wouldn’t appear before her.

The ape king fell silent and only spoke up after a long while. “Alright… I’ll send you back.”

After the ape king said this, his back hunched and the spa.r.s.e hair on his head swayed with the wind, giving off a bleak feeling. It was as if he had instantly grown 20 years older.

Amongst the four races, the ape beastmen suffered the greatest loss. There weren’t many of them left, so there was nothing that he’d feel bad about leaving behind.

The ape king’s decision was like adding fuel to the flame for the surviving beastmen. They realized that Bai Qingqing was wronged by the ape king and felt furious as well. However, what they needed more right now was the ape king’s ability to rebuild their homes.

However, they were completely disheartened when they saw that the ape king was unmoved by their pleas for help.

When the ape king turned to leave, the leopard king suddenly spoke up.

“If I ascertain that Bai Qingqing was framed by you, I’ll definitely kill you.”

“We’ll talk with our capabilities then.”

The ape king replied without even turning back. He carried Jean on his back and slowly left the beast crowd.

It was just a small earthquake. The Sea Cliff’s terrain was unique and this would happen once every few years. There’d usually not be any major things taking place, and the beastmen living here were already experienced.

Look at this ma.s.sive banyan tree. It had been living for over a thousand years. Wasn’t it doing fine?

The Sea Cliff’s terrain was fertile and there was a rich variety of species here. There was also salt which was a necessity in beastmen’s lives.

However, the beastmen from various parts of the world would rather travel far distances to trade salt instead of living here because earthquakes occurred every now and then.

Only flying beastmen, as well as the merfolks, who dominated the sea, could reside here permanently.

No one would think of such a small earthquake as a disaster brought by someone.

Bai Qingqing got tired from crying and fell asleep in Muir’s arms. She curled up her body while in her sleep. Clearly, she didn’t have a sense of security.

Alva flew up next to the wooden house and hid outside, only poking his head to the door.


Muir threw a cold glance at him and said in an extremely soft voice, “Shut up. She’s asleep.”

The few feathers left on Alva’s tail shook and he quickly backed off, flying to the side.

This eagle beastman was too vicious. To think that he destroyed his beautiful feathers. Didn’t he know that these were the most important things to the peac.o.c.k tribe? How was he going to face Bai Qingqing in his beast form?

Sigh, he could only wait for them to grow out next year. He had to eat more pine nuts. He might be able to grow out more beautiful and colorful feathers next year.

It was very quiet in the wooden house. Muir continued to sit on his heels. Only when he felt that Bai Qingqing was fast asleep did he then held onto her gently as he changed to another position.

Muir leaned against the door frame, allowing Bai Qingqing to sit on his legs and lean on his chest as she slept. When he lowered his head, he could see Bai Qingqing’s tears-stricken small face. He gently wiped off the tears on her face and looked at her with a gaze filled with adoration.

“Don’t cry. If you’re afraid, then lean against me. I’ll always be here.”

“Mmm—” Bai Qingqing suddenly let out a moan, moving from discomfort.

Muir immediately put down his hand, feeling regretful. Did he wake her up?

Muir immediately became quiet like a log. However, Bai Qingqing still frowned as she opened her eyes, holding her stomach with her hand as she moaned. “It hurts…”