Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 363 - Setting a Trap (2)

Chapter 363 - Setting a Trap (2)

Chapter 363: Setting a Trap (2)

[Whether it’s true or not, you’ll only have to test it to know it. Curtis is a nocturnal animal and can see perfectly well at night. But during the day his pupils will shrink to their smallest size possible. This is sufficient proof that he has photophobia. Moreover…]

Muir’s eyes swept over the eagle beastmen surrounding him, the muscles all over his body highly tensed as he prepared to fight. [I know how to neutralize his poison.]

At the mention of this, all the eagle beastmen p.r.i.c.ked up their ears.

Many of those eagle beastmen who died were sc.r.a.ped by Curtis’s teeth. The extent of the physical injury wasn’t fatal, but that venom would make sure their death was certain.

If there was a way to neutralize the poison, it would greatly enhance their chances of survival.

[As everyone knows, I’ve been poisoned by snake venom before.] It was evident from Muir’s eyes he was recollecting the incident. [It was the snake scale Bai Qingqing left behind that saved me.]

[Snake scales can neutralize poison?] someone asked in an urgent tone.

When one was poisoned by the venom from a snake beastman, eating the snake beastman would help to neutralize the poison—this was something every beastman knew.

But many beastmen weren’t so lucky, and those that managed to survive were in the minority. And that was because they didn’t know exactly which part of the snake they had to eat.

Muir said, [Looking at the color, that scale should have come from Curtis’s tail. So long as you manage to kill him, everyone who was bitten will be able to live.]

Suppressed sounds of joy rang from the group of eagle beastmen. They stepped on the tree branch underneath their feet with urgency to express their strong desire to battle.

[What other weaknesses does Curtis have?] The leader pressed.

[I don’t know for now.]

The leader’s gaze swept over each of the eagle beastman and quickly made eye contact with them.

Without waiting for them to take action, Muir suddenly flew towards the skies, towards an area where there was more s.p.a.ce for encirclement.

[Since you still wish to protect Bai Qingqing, then let’s kill you first!]

The leader of the eagle beastmen flew towards Muir as he spoke.

Several eagle beastmen dashed towards Muir and closed in on him. Muir raised his speed to the maximum, and all he could see was that brightness at the exit point.


He succeeded in flying out of the forest. A large black feather slowly fell from the skies, just like the ashes of a fire floating in the sky after a raging fire. Mixed with blood droplets, it seemed as though these ashes weren’t done burning, and there was still a scorching temperature to it.



The eagle beastmen came das.h.i.+ng over. Muir didn’t stop but instead flew in a different direction. There were now several scratch claws marks on his grayish-black chest and the end of his tail that were so deep the bones underneath could be seen.

The flesh at his wound was exposed, and his fur was moist. Every time he moved his wings, fresh blood would seep out.

Muir didn’t slow down at all. He had no idea how far behind his enemies were; the only thing he knew was that he had to try his hardest to fly ahead. In front of him was the monotonous scenery of the sea and the skies, yet his brain was filled with the images of Bai Qingqing’s smile.

Bai Qingqing’s smile was especially charming. Muir couldn’t remember what it was that he said that made Bai Qingqing suddenly smile—her lips would first purse, and following that the corners of her lips would twitch upwards, revealing a sweet smile on her fair and tender face, as well as eight adorable small white teeth.

Memories regarding her smile, every scene, every detail of every action, was clearly imprinted in Muir’s mind.

He must live. After he got through this, he would be able to be with Qingqing.


Muir increased his speed again, and a string of blood droplets spilled in the skies.

The distance between the eagle beastmen and Muir drew apart once more.

Seeing that Muir could still increase his speed, the leader came to a halt and said, [Forget it, let’s conserve our energy. Since the weather is fine today, let’s go and kill the snake beastman first.]

The other eagle beastmen stopped where they were.