Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 362 - Setting a Trap (1)

Chapter 362 - Setting a Trap (1)

Chapter 362: Setting a Trap (1)

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“Oh, okay,” Bai Qingqing replied in a perfunctory tone. Only when she saw the male leave did she let out a small exhale.

Bella was seated by the river and soaking her feet, while Alva was squatting beside her and handling the feathers of a fat bird.

Upon seeing Bai Qingqing, Bella said with a nasty tone, “You’re finally here. Hurry up and roast meat for me.”

Bai Qingqing’s expression turned cold as she walked towards them.

“The meat is roasted. Take it.”

Bai Qingqing handed the packed meat to Bella. After casting a glance at it, Bella hit the meat away.

“I want to eat the meat of the baby bird Alva caught for me. The meat of ordinary animals are so tough, how can a delicate female like me be able to chew something like that?”

Maintaining an elegant disposition, Bella cast a disdainful look at Bai Qingqing. “Perhaps only lowly females like you will be able to chew it. I guess it makes sense. With your ugly looks, if you’re difficult to provide for, perhaps no male will want you.”

“F*ck!” Bai Qingqing couldn’t resist scolding softly. She had never seen someone as shameless as Bella. If she lived in the modern days, her shamelessness would probably make her a celebrity on the Internet.

What poor judgment she had. Muir had especially captured this prey which had tender meat for her, and it tasted pretty much like pork; it was a delicacy that was hard to come by. She even felt that giving Bella some was too good a deal for her. Good. Since she doesn’t want it, I’ll eat more today. I’ll finish it all!

“What did you just say?” Bella looked at Bai Qingqing suspiciously.

Bai Qingqing said with a poker face, “Nothing.”

Bella didn’t harp on it and continued gliding water with her feet in a merry mood.

Thankfully, the meat was wrapped with a tree leaf, so dust didn’t get onto it even though it dropped to the floor. She plucked a large leaf and spread it on the ground, placed the food on it, then started a fire and began roasting the meat resignedly.

Despite the blazing sunlight, Muir was still flying high up in the skies, casting a black shadow on the bright gra.s.sland before he quickly disappeared into the forest.

In the forest, several eagle beastmen were murmuring among each other. At the sight of Muir, they instantly exuded an air of enmity.

Muir landed on a safe spot and went straight to the point. [I’m here to help you kill the snake beastman.]

The three-striped beastman leading them flew for some distance, before landing opposite Muir. [You think we will believe you?]

As he said, he winked at the surrounding eagle beastmen, who took the cue and flew to surround Muir.

[But you’ve been pursuing Bai Qingqing. How could you possibly help us? I don’t think you’ll give up on a female so easily, and even put your beloved female into a hopeless situation.]

[Of course, I won’t give up on Bai Qingqing.]

As he gazed warily at his surroundings, Muir said: [I have a death feud with Curtis. With him around, there’s no way I can become Bai Qingqing’s male. This is why I have to get rid of him. As for Bai Qingqing, I naturally will make sure to protect her.]

The eagle beastmen looked at each other. The leader then said: [What solution do you propose?]

A cold glint flashed by in Muir’s eyes as he let out a loud and clear screech. [Although Curtis is very strong, us eagle beastmen are the mortal enemies of the snake beastmen. If we combine forces to attack him, there’s a chance we might defeat him.

[I’ve been protecting Bai Qingqing in the dark for a year. According to my observation, Curtis has a terrible daytime vision, so he nearly never exposes himself under the sunlight during the day. Just nice, the mountain I chose has small plants, and the lighting on the ground is very bright as well. His vision is bound to be affected. If you guys attack him together, you will surely be able to kill him.]

Muir said slowly.

His words caused a commotion among the eagle beastmen, yet they weren’t completely a.s.sured.

[How can we know if you’re speaking the truth? What if this is a plot you and him came up with?] The leader asked.