Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 364: - A Trap Within a Trap

Chapter 364: - A Trap Within a Trap

Chapter 364: A Trap Within a Trap

[Muir’s so severely injured, he surely won’t be able to rescue Bai Qingqing later. We just have to kill her.]

[That’s right.]

After a speedy discussion, the eagle beastmen went back together.

Muir had no idea when the enemies left. All of a sudden, he blacked out and fell through the skies for a while, only regaining consciousness right before landing on the ground. He flapped his wings haphazardly as he fell, stirring up dust as he landed. Only when he raised his head did he realize that there weren’t any eagle beastmen around.

With scarcely any breath left, Muir panted heavily as he laid face-down on the ground for a while, before he got up in a stumbling manner. He then flapped his wings and flew back.


In a bush forest.

Curtis slithered out of the cave. The sufficient rest he had last night made him feel energetic today. He was fearless in the face of more than ten eight eagle beastmen in front of him.

With the daylight s.h.i.+ning into his eyes, Curtis’s pupils had shrunk into a blood-red slit so thin they nearly couldn’t be seen; only pitch darkness whose depths couldn’t be seen. (It pretty much looked like the whites of a human’s eyeb.a.l.l.s.)

“Ssss—” Curtis flicked out his tongue.

Muir did manage to convince these eagle beastmen to come together. Finally, he could settle them once and for all.

[Muir wasn’t lying, snake beastmen indeed have photophobia.]

Over on this side, the eagle beastmen were secretly rejoicing.

The eagle beastmen launched the attack first, first flying up before das.h.i.+ng downwards, their eyes locked on the snake beastman’s body.

Curtis didn’t make any move, merely arching his snake lips slightly to reveal a sneer.

Just as the eagle beastmen flew within ten meters of him, Curtis abruptly moved. With a sweep of his tail, more than ten eagle beastmen were sent flying out. Following which, he straightened his snake body and his mouth went straight for the eagle beastman leading the attack.


With a pitiful cry, the eagle beastman’s life ended intensely.

The difference in their levels wasn’t something that could be erased by having more of them around.

The eagle beastmen had expected something like this would happen. The snake beastman had always been swift; the time they spent das.h.i.+ng downwards was sufficient time for the snake beastman to prepare.

Hence, even though they didn’t get the upper-hand in the first round, the eagle beastmen didn’t retreat. Instead, they continued pouncing at the snake beastman without any regard for their lives.

If their sacrifice could exchange for their spouses’ safety, why should they fear death?

If they died here in a bid to protect their females, their spouses would definitely remember them forever.

This would be enough.

Curtis’s snake tail was pecked at by the eagle beastmen several times. Even though his scales were tough, he suffered some injuries. Curtis only s.h.i.+elded his vital part and disregarded the attacks on his body as he claimed the lives of the eagle beastmen as though he couldn’t feel anything.

Eagle beastmen continued dying, and the air was filled with the stench of blood and death.

Under the mountain, Muir—who had transformed into a human—was hugging a stone vat of 2m diameter, which contained dark green oil inside. He was pouring the contents on the ground, and as the oil fell upon the half-green-half-yellowish gra.s.sland, bloodstains would appear from time to time.

The entire mountain was being surrounded by oil, except for this side where the wind was blowing in this direction.

Muir revealed a smile, yet there was an incredibly crazed look in his eyes. Strangely, fire appeared in his eyes—that was the scene of the upas tree being burned in the ape king’s yard.

Qingqing is truly intelligent. You would never have guessed that I would use the method you came up with to deal with Curtis, huh?

Don’t blame me, I was forced. With Curtis around, I will never be able to have you!


There was a botanical fragrance in the breeze blowing in the forest.

Some eagle beastmen took the chance to fly into the cave. Their ultimate goal was, after all, Bai Qingqing.

Curtis was prepared to give chase. There were more than ten eagle beastmen that had yet to be dealt with, so now was not the time for them to find out that Snow wasn’t here.

Flicking out his tongue, Curtis halted and gazed in the direction of the wind.


An eagle beastman seized the opportunity to peck at the back of Curtis’s head.