Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1658 - Recovery

Chapter 1658 - Recovery

Chapter 1658: Recovery

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Even if it was just a soul, Bluepool couldnt help but fall into a daze staring at her. He cupped Anans face and excitedly edged closer to rub his face against it.

My Anan As he embraced her more tightly, Bluepool choked, as though soaked in tears.

If mermen were to pa.s.s by, they would definitely see this mystical scene.

The blue mermans intangible figure tightly held a ball of light, nearly becoming one with it. There was no doubt that they loved each other deeply.

Anan raised her head and gazed at his face. As the temperature fell, her silhouette gradually became clear, revealing a pair of big open eyes.


Bluepools body shook. He let go of Anan in disbelief and carefully sized her up.

Have you really recovered? Bluepool had heard what Anan said to Silver before killing herself. At the time, he had been overwhelmed with jealousy. He had been with Anan for so many years, yet he had never heard her utter a single word. Yet, Silver had managed to make her do it.

Was he really inferior to Silver? On top of being less capable than him, he also couldnt compare with him in Anans heart?

Although Bluepool was dead, he had never left Anans side. At the start, he felt dejected that Anan didnt seem the least bit saddened by his death and didnt even spare more than a glance at his head.

Later, he felt glad about it. This was perhaps for the best. Since he was already dead, no matter how much she grieved over it, it wouldnt help things at all. In that case, she might as well live well with the other mermen.

When he saw Anan hiding the fingernail, he was baffled as well. It had never occurred to him that she had planned to commit suicide so early on. Moreover, she only took action after the baby weaned off breastfeeding. If he had sensed it earlier, he would definitely have tried to stop her.

He had truly underestimated Anans intelligence. Even though she didnt speak, she was capable of thinking.

At this moment, the two of them no longer conversed using voices. Instead, they used a communication method unique to souls, a method that had nothing to do with language. So long as Anan had thoughts, she would be able to convey them.

What delighted Bluepool wasnt the fact that she could talk, but that she could interact with him using her consciousness.

Anan smiled happily. It really is you. She snuggled into Bluepools arms. I finally found you.

Actually, at that instant when Bluepool died, she already sensed that he was likely not coming back anymore.

It was just that she refused to believe it and kept waiting. As time went on, she felt that there was no point in living anymore, thus wanting to end her life.

But because of the baby, Bluepools final gift to her, she endured it and lived for a longer period of time. Especially since that baby even moved in her stomach, it made her feel greater affection towards it. If Bluepool was still around, he would definitely like her very much.

That face with blue hair kept surfacing in her mind. That face was extremely good-looking. Perhaps it was because of this that she kept remembering it.

Only now did she realize that that was Bluepool, the spouse she had been waiting and searching for.

Bluepool nearly wept tears of joy as he said in a trembling voice, Were you looking for me? Do you like me?

Of course I like you, Anan replied without hesitation. Very quickly, she realized that they werent interacting in the way they usually did. Her jaw dropped open in shock.

Without the interference of a broken body, she could now truly hear what Bluepool was saying.

So his voice was like this. So they could even interact like this. So this was what Bluepool actually looked like

She was even glad about this turn of events. She liked such a change.

It could be said that death was Anans ultimate antidote, for she was now finally a normal person.

Anan, Anan Bluepool was so thrilled that he spoke incoherently. He wanted to lean back and laugh. He wanted to stir up magnificent waves on the sea. However, with his beloved spouse in his arms, he only instinctively did one thing.


He fiercely sealed his lips over his spouses.