Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1657 - Buried Together

Chapter 1657 - Buried Together

Chapter 1657: Buried Together

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Silver buried Anan with Bluepools head, thinking that she would be happier this way.

Even though there wasnt such a thing as erecting a headstone in the sea, Silver still pressed a flat huge rock on top to prevent the corpses from being dug out by fishes.

The silver merman leaned against the rock and gently caressed it, his actions so gentle it was as if he was caressing his beloved woman. Traces of tears kept acc.u.mulating in his cold eyes, slipping down one by one.

He truly regretted it. It was him who had severed the thriving development of his tribe. Even though the little female could let them regain their prosperity, that female who liked to try to bite him would never appear again.

Since he was a kid, he loved circling her. In order to get closer to her, he had worked hard to train his body and strove to rush to the frontmost position of the school of fish in order to get a chance to get near her.

When he was young, his opponents were his brothers. After he grew up, his opponent became his father.

The two phases had gone smoothly, yet he hadnt expected that this smoothness ended up causing her death.

His heart brimmed with resentment and hatred, yet he had no idea who to target his hatred at. If he had to hate someone, he could probably only hate himself.

The surroundings were deathly quiet.

Silver turned his head to look at his left hand, the fingernail that had yet to grow out completely on his index finger reminding him of the brutal truth at all times. The fingernail, which exuded off a sharp and cold glint, could easily slice through the bodies of prey, as well as his own throat.

He really wanted to kill himself and end this painful life.

Leader, the female has a running nose. What should we do?

A merman cautiously swam to the vicinity and disrupted Silvers thoughts.

Silver lowered his hand and shook his fishtail as he swam over.

Shes probably cold. Change her into thicker clothes. Silvers eyes were filled with blood vessels, but he had resumed his usual cold and distant state.

He still had a tribe to manage. Since he had killed the leader, he had to be responsible for this tribe.

As there were quite a lot of merfolk tribes in the sea, they had to at least have a four-striped beastman be in charge. Otherwise, what awaited their tribe would be capture, killing, and enslavement.

Silver left without turning back, merely leaving a stretch of full and glistening teardrops on the grave.

In the depths of the sea, no distinction was made between day and night. However, after sunset, the temperature would be a tad lower.

Free from the confinement of their physical bodies, souls condensed more easily in a cold environment. Under the huge rock, a wisp of white glow slowly emerged from the sandy seabed embellished with transparent pearls.

It spun one round, as though sizing up its own body.

It was more or less similar to what she had seen of herself in the past, also exuding a white glow. But somehow, it felt different.

At the thought of this, Anan extended her focus to the surrounding waters.

Without the illumination of luminous b.a.l.l.s, the depths of the sea were so dark that one couldnt see their outstretched hand in front of them. Yet, now she could clearly see it. The world was pretty much similar to what it usually appeared to her, yet there was now the addition of many pretty things that could move.

Blue fish, yellow fish, colorful fish Unlike plants, they had no roots and were swimming around in the water. Anan was fascinated by the sight.

At the same time, she felt a tad confused. In the past when she looked at the sea, these moving things were all objects that exuded a glow. Why had those glows disappeared? Clearly, she herself still gave off a glow.

Just as she was prepared to swim further, she suddenly felt a ball of powerful energy behind her.

Anan turned around. (Alright, souls werent actually restrained by their angle of view. In reality, she only had to s.h.i.+ft her willpower to see what was behind her.)

Anan Bluepool looked exactly the same as he did when he was still alive. Unlike females, his powerful energy was sufficient to allow living people to see his appearance. In the eyes of the soul, Anan also looked exactly the same as when she was alive.

She was still so beautiful, still so fragile.