Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1659 - Bluepool and An'an's Final Ending

Chapter 1659 - Bluepool and An'an's Final Ending

Chapter 1659: Bluepool and Anans Final Ending

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Dawn came. Anans spirit hence vanished in the sea, while the more powerful Bluepool could still maintain his thoughts with difficulty.

Due to its instinct to pursue good fortune and avoid disaster, souls would automatically wander towards colder regions.

Ice beads and the depths of the sea where temperatures were cold were the best spots for souls to congregate.

After a soul crystallized into a soul crystal, the soul would no longer be able to move. It could then only move within a range it was capable of unless someone dug it out.

In order to stay by Anans side, Bluepool had refused to leave. Now, he started pondering a home for their souls. When Anan appeared, they could move away together.

Before night arrived, the burial ground was visited by a merman.

A lone Silver swam to his destination and s.p.a.ced out as he sat beside the rock, completely oblivious to the fact that he was being watched.

Powerful souls could be seen by the living. But Bluepool didnt wish to see Silver and would treat him like air every time.

When night fell, Anan showed up as expected, emerging from below the rock.

Who is he? Anan circled Silver a few times. Females mental power totally couldnt be seen by the living. Only the equally fragile females could sense it in their dreams.

An ingrate that couldnt be tamed, Bluepool answered disdainfully.

Seemingly because Anan was near, Silvers suppressed grief suddenly loosened, and he couldnt help but shed a tear.

Anan caught it with her hand. Realizing that the tear turned into something solid when it pa.s.sed through her palm, she felt incredibly curious.

Did the pretty pearls on the ground fall from his eyes? They look so much like the luminous b.a.l.l.s. Can you pick them up? I cant do that, Anan said as she held Bluepools tailfin.

With a look of disdain, Bluepool grabbed that hand of Anans which she used to catch the tear bead and kissed it as if to mask others scent. Whats there to collect about his tears? I used to be able to shed tears, too.

Anans mental power was attracted by Bluepool. She stared at his eyes, seemingly wanting to dig out two such beads.

Bluepool smiled and planted a kiss on her lips. Its time for us to leave. If we still dont do so, youll vanish again when dawn comes.

Anan recalled the sense of powerlessness of a weakened soul and felt afraid, so she instantly nodded. Okay, Ill go wherever you go. I dont ever want to leave you again.

Having lived for such a long time, Bluepool instantly blushed. He dared not look at Anan and simply held her hand as he swam upwards.

Ill take you to see the place where we used to live first. Bluepool introduced as he walked. Coincidentally, when they came across a batch of mermen who had just come back from outside, Bluepool said, The mermen living here are all birthed by us. Do you still remember?

Anan turned back and glanced. That one, too?

Dont look at him! Bluepool feigned rage, and Anan immediately turned her head back and expressed that she wouldnt look at him anymore. That obedient manner made Bluepools heart brim with sweetness.

He felt blissful, for he had obtained something males in this entire world desired but were denied due to its elusivenessbeing the one and only love of their spouse.

The two souls chatted as they walked as if wanting to make up for all the unspoken words in their lifetime.

Bluepool chose a ravine not far from their tribe. Although this place was very near to their tribe, he had never been down there before, because even mermen found it hard to endure the water pressure here.

When Bluepool came here for the first time, he realized, to his surprise, that this was actually a merfolk burial ground, and there were plenty of skeletons buried underneath.

Presumably, before long, this would also become their tribes burial ground.

Countless soul crystals were embedded in the rocks, making it quite lively.

The two souls exchanged a glance and entered the stone wall hand in hand, transforming into one black and one white soul crystal lying right next to each other.

There were countless soul crystals in the stone wall, but they were the only pair that were together.

Or perhaps it should be said that Anan was the only female soul here. Even as a soul, Bluepool triggered much jealousy and envy.

But souls already had no obsessions and wouldnt go so far as to get revenge or fight or things like that. At most, they would only feel envious.

They lived here peacefully for many years. Until one day, their obsessions were completely absorbed by the earth, allowing them to break free of the fetters of the soul crystals and leave the ravine, intertwined.

It was said that two people who were especially in love would reincarnate very close to each other in the next lifetime and feel an involuntary attraction towards each other. That was probably how love at first sight came to be!