Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1651 - New Leadership

Chapter 1651 - New Leadership

Chapter 1651: New Leaders.h.i.+p

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Anan. Silver entered the stone cave. Standing beside Anan for the first time, his heart couldnt help but thump wildly. He was even more nervous than that moment where he had made up his mind to face off against his father.

Anan merely continued to stare straight ahead.

Silver raised his arm and, after some hesitation, placed his palm on Anans shoulder.

Anan merely gazed outside the stone cave, her response not much different from when Bluepool held her shoulder. This made Silver feel secretly delighted.

Anan, Father is dead. He showed her Bluepools head. As Anan refused to cooperate, he had to press her head down before her gaze met with that face that was still handsome despite being detached from its body.

Anan was a tad impatient and merely swept a quick glance over the face on that head. Just as she was prepared to go back to looking outside, she suddenly seemed to realize something, and she lowered her head again to look at the head.

This was the first time she could see a persons face clearly. Previously the mermen she had seen were all alive. Their heads would exude a white glow, and regardless of which angle she looked from, she couldnt see those faces clearly.

Yet, she could clearly see this head which had lost all signs of life. She couldnt help but touch her own face.

It was so similar to herhis eyes, nose, mouth, were all grown in the same places.

This one was also blue, so much like him.

However, this accidental discovery merely made Anan cast an extra glance at it, just one glance. The next moment, she went back to gazing outside anxiously.

Anans response made Silver even more delighted. Seemed like in Anans eyes, his father was nothing more than that. He excitedly hugged her and solemnly swore, Ill definitely treat you well. Better than how Father treated you!

After saying that, he tried to kiss Anans forehead the way his father used to.

The nearly 40-year-old Silver was like a youth that had just come of age when he got intimate with Anan. Just a gentle touch was enough to make his heart beat like a drum. Unable to take it, he ran out of the cave.

This head was also brought away by Silver. Under the witness of many mermen, he casually buried it in the bottom of the sea.

Leader, when can we mate with Anan? After burying their fathers head, the mermen asked excitedly.

Silver was the most formidable amongst them and was also their leader. After Bluepool died, he naturally became their new leader.

Hearing this, Silvers eyes instantly turned cold. It was only now that he empathized with his fathers desire to have Anan all to himself.

But because he had experienced the same cruelty as his companions, he wasnt planning on having Anan to himself completely.

He merely chose a few of the strongest and left a chance for the mermen in their tribe, so as to suppress any intention to revolt.

Otherwise, he would become another Bluepool sooner or later.

Anan is very sad. Lets give her some time, Silver said to the mermen.

But now that she has us, shell recover in no time. One of them spoke up indignantly, voicing the thoughts of the majority.

Silvers face turned cold and he shot a sharp gaze over, shus.h.i.+ng the restless merman instantly.

All of you have rendered great service and are the strong in our tribe. I will definitely arrange for you guys to mate with Anan. Silvers tone changed. However, now is not the time. Even I wont touch her.

Using a carrot and stick approach, Silver successfully tamed the group of mermen.

The mermen no longer had any objections, but they were a little disappointed.

Referencing the rules in other tribes, Silver forbade all mermen who had yet to become spouses with Anan from coming into contact with her. He claimed that this was so as to prevent certain mermen from acting recklessly. However, in actual fact, since no one had yet to become spouses with Anan, that meant that only he had the right to take care of her.

Silver wanted to take advantage of this period to make Anan develop affection for him, so as to become the most important male in her heart.