Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1650 - Revolt

Chapter 1650 - Revolt

Chapter 1650: Revolt

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But at the thought of this, Bluepool grew vigilant and flashed ahead. He then turned around and scrutinized his kids.

Silvers countenance remained icy. With tens of two-striped and three-striped mermen behind him, he was locked in a stalemate with Bluepool.

Realization instantly dawned on Bluepool, and his expression darkened.

Were not under attack, are we? Bluepool said in an affirmative tone.

Silver shook his fishtail, and the mermen around him took the cue and instantly dispersed to surround Bluepool.

Just as I thought. With nary a change in countenance, Bluepool expanded his attention in all directions.

Id long seen this day coming. I just didnt expect you to use such a despicable trick to dupe me into coming out, said Bluepool.

The mature Silver basically bore no differences from Bluepool in terms of appearance. No one would be able to tell that they were father and son. In addition to that, he even exuded the innate aura of a ruler.

Its the same everywhere. I just dont want Anan to see this, Silver said as he stared at Bluepool with fury and indignation gradually surfacing in his icy eyes, suddenly exploding like a volcano that had been suppressed for 40 years.

Ive had enough of you having Anan all to yourself. She doesnt belong to you alone! She belongs to our entire tribe!

Before Silvers voice died away, the surrounding mermen shouted in unison, Anan belongs to our entire tribe!

Silver flashed towards Bluepool like lightning, and the silver and blue mermen instantly broke into a fight.

The surrounding mermen did nothing and merely watched coldly while enveloping the battle arena to prevent Bluepool from escaping.

As soon as they started sparring, Bluepool realized that he was going to lose.

Silver was much more formidable than he had imagined, for the former had been concealing his true abilities all along.

Although he was mentally prepared to be surpa.s.sed, Bluepool didnt expect this day to arrive so quickly. So quickly that he was completely unprepared.

He hadnt lived enough with Anan.

When his neck was being strangled by the other partys fingers, what Bluepool thought of wasnt how to escape. Instead, his mind was filled with images of Anan.

He had known her for more than 50 years and had been her spouse for more than 40 years. Yet, he had yet to get her validation. He really couldnt take it lying down.

So, did she love him or not? Was it that she would be fine even if another male replaced him?

In the end, Bluepool actually hoped that it would be better if Anan didnt love him. He could leave in solitude, and she still had many wonderful years ahead of her

The churning seawater was dyed red with blood, and a merman corpse that had stopped moving sank into the sea.

Silver grabbed a fistful of blue hair and raised Bluepools head up high, manic joy in his cold silver eyes as he declared loudly, Anan is ours now!

The mermen instantly let out an instinctive growl, transmitting the sound waves far away in the sea.

At this moment, Anan was in a stone cave just below the island. As the ear-piercing and shattering sound entered her ears, she felt extremely tormented. However, what made her feel most terrible was her heart.

She clutched her chest with a hand. It felt like something had been drawn out from within. At the same time, it felt like a large hand was grasping it, making her feel so stifled she had difficulty breathing.

However, her expression was dazed and one couldnt read joy or sorrow from it. She merely crawled to the stone cave entrance and propped her hands against the bubble and looked outside.

Where is he? Why is he gone?

Silver returned, visible joy on his usually aloof face. His eyes were blood-red from excitement, making him a terrifying sight to behold.

He swam to the stone cave entrance. When he met with Anans gaze, his heart suddenly started to palpitate.. Yet, his body didnt even halt for a moment as he directly swam over with Bluepools head in one hand.