Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1652 - Pregnant

Chapter 1652 - Pregnant

Chapter 1652: Pregnant

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However, before their relations.h.i.+p could develop, Anan fell sick.

The aroma of fish soup emanated throughout the stone cave. It was Anans favorite type of foodfishyet she merely ate a mouthful before vomiting.

Startled, Silver hurriedly patted her back. After her nausea eased, he brought the soup over again to feed her.

Anan was extremely irritable and slapped around, flipping over the soup pot, causing the scalding soup to splash on Silvers tail.

Yet, as though he didnt sense it, Silver merely continuously patted Anans back to soothe her.

Alright, dont eat this. What do you want to eat? Lets eat something different, shall we? Silver coaxed gently.

There was a fishy stench on Silver, and Anan kept struggling to break free of his embrace.

She wouldnt be like that usually. Silver was a tad disappointed, but he could still comfort himself with the thought that Anan was merely disdaining him for being dirty, that was why she wouldnt let him go near.

Hence, Silver let go of Anan, cleared up the stone cave, and replaced the air within. After that, he went out to look for food.

Leader, is Anan still not eating? Immediately, a few mermen swam over.

Silver frowned, his expression sufficiently answering the other partys question.

Well go look for new ingredients right away.

The mermen swam away, and Silver also shook his fishtail and did likewise.

He subconsciously swam to the island, where Bluepool had planted plenty of trees of Anans favorite fruits. All four seasons throughout the year, there were ripe fruits, and Anan would occasionally eat a few.

If Bluepool was still around, he would definitely have a way to make Anan eat her fill, wouldnt he?

Silver suddenly wondered if he had been too reckless. Actually, he could very well have allowed Bluepool to live and make him a highly-ranked merman as well as one of Anans spouses.

However, a males pride wouldnt be able to take it after being chased off the position of the leader. Bluepool would instead think that he was deliberately humiliating him.

He plucked a few fruits and went back. When he returned, he saw Anan leaning against the bubble at the stone cave entrance, gazing outside with her eyes wide open, as though waiting for someone. Her lone figure and expressionless face triggered sadness in others for some reason.

Hadnt he shown her Fathers head? She ought to know that Father wasnt going to come back.

Could she have forgotten? Did she like Father or not?

All of a sudden, Silver didnt feel so certain.

He returned with these fruits, and thankfully, Anan finally ate. She finished all three fruits.

But after eating, she started having diarrhea. Anan was cold in the sea, to begin with. Now that she had eaten too much raw and cold food, her body naturally couldnt take it.

Actually, if they would just place her on the warm island, Anan would get much better. However, the mermen felt that the sun and wind were too strong on the island, and would therefore exacerbate her condition. And so, they let her remain at the depths of the sea.

Since there wasnt a way to replenish her energy, Anan looked haggard.

Silver was truly scared, scared that Anan would die from sickness. He even regretted disturbing the existing situation of his tribe. If Bluepool was still around, Anan would definitely be fine.

Thankfully, a merman caught a squirrel on the island. They roasted it and brought it to Anan, and she finally ate, causing her condition to stabilize.

Though her diarrhea had stopped, she still often vomited when she ate something. When they realized that Anan couldnt eat fish, they organized a powerful team to hunt on the land. Only then did Anans condition improve.

When Silver swam to the bottom of the sea with the freshly prepared food, as expected, Anan was leaning against the bubble at the entrance. She had fallen asleep with her head leaning against the stone wall.

His gaze turned gentle. He entered the stone cave and carried Anan horizontally, before placing her on the soft bed. He then lay down as well and let her lean on his arm.

It had been more than three months since that incident. Other than being ill, Anans emotions had been quite normal. They could become spouses, right?

However, when Silver propped up his body to look at Anan, he suddenly noticed a slight bulge on her abdomen.