Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1634 - Challenge

Chapter 1634 - Challenge

Chapter 1634: Challenge

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Bluepool chose to take the risk in consideration of An’an’s health. Alas, his gamble turned out badly, and Harvey ultimately told others about them.

However, he merely told the single young males with the strongest potential in the City of Beastmen. These beastmen had at least two animal stripes, and there was even a slightly older three-striped beastman amongst them.

When Harvey led the group of males into the stone castle, Bluepool wasn’t surprised. He merely put up a defensive stance and blocked them outside the door.

Harvey said, “Anyone has the right to pursue An’an. It’s just that your situation is unique, so I only told the young beastmen with the greatest potential in the City of Beastmen. If you defeat all of them, I have nothing more to say.”

“Thanks, Harvey.”

The males brought here by Harvey looked at the merman with an excited look in their eyes, burning with eagerness.

Bluepool had nary a change in countenance. Even though fighting on land was his weakness, he was at least capable of defense, and it wouldn’t be easy defeating him.

Besides, only one of them was on the same level as him. That group of two-striped beastmen didn’t feel embarra.s.sed to challenge him?

A battle looked to be on the verge of breaking out. A wolf beastman struck first to gain the initiative. After retreating a few steps, he charged towards Bluepool.

Bluepool remained where he was and only countered the blows, taking advantage of an opportunity to attack when it arose. With claws as sharp as hooks, he easily sliced through the wolf beastman’s fur.

However, the wolf beastman had the advantage of being able to move freely. The minute he sensed danger, he fled. As for Bluepool, with his fishtail transformed into a pair of legs, his ability to move was comparatively weakened. Due to this, he didn’t give chase. So long as the opponent fled, there was nothing he could do.

The battle came to a stalemate.

Since G.o.d knew when An’an had come to stand at the entrance to watch the duel.

At the sight of the stunning female, and as the intoxicating scent of a female in heat entered their senses, the males’ blood coursed through their veins. They couldn’t wait to battle and win the rights to mate.

The wolf beastman battling Bluepool fell into a maniacal state. Determined to pursue this to the brutal end, he let out a howl and lunged forward to bite his opponent.

Seeing as the wolf’s teeth were about to sink into his neck, Bluepool grabbed the other party’s nape at an unbelievably fast speed and ferociously tossed him aside.

Mermen were extremely agile in water, to begin with. Onsh.o.r.e, without the resistance of water, the speed at which they could move their limbs was unrivaled by any beast.

The battle instantly came to an end. Before Bluepool could take a breather, that three-striped male burst through his skirt and transformed into a bear beastman. After slapping his chest a few times as he growled, he let out one final roar and charged straight at his opponent. Even the ground trembled slightly as he stomped upon it.

So it was a bear beastman. With their thick flesh, they were adept at enduring beatings. Bluepool immediately understood that he had met his nemesis.

The bear beastman pounced over like a huge boulder. Bluepool steadied himself and pushed out his palm to receive the bear beastman’s palm attack.

He had done this to get a feel for the bear beastman’s abilities. Unexpectedly, the bear beastman’s strength was more powerful than he had imagined. Bluepool instantly felt a pain in the part between the thumb and the index finger. If his body was slightly more fragile, his hand would probably have been snapped from the impact.

However, this palm attack was merely an appetizer for the bear beastman. After that slap, the bear beastman fanned another slap over. Even the wind carried a sharp force.

Bluepool didn’t steel himself to receive the blow this time. Instead, he tilted his body to the side to avoid the bear beastman’s attack.

However, it was difficult for him to move about. When the bear beastman followed up a victory with hot pursuit, his weakness was exposed.

Harvey’s expression darkened, and he couldn’t bear to watch any longer.

The force of the black palm was astounding. If that palm were to land solidly on an opponent, even the most resilient of bones would be crushed into powder.

The outcome was determined.

However, the gory scene that everyone had imagined didn’t materialize. At this crucial moment, An’an suddenly ran into the battle arena.

Momentarily, the bear’s palm froze mid-air. The male beastman pulled back his strength with superhuman control and stared dazedly at the female.

An’an hugged Bluepool’s arm and pulled him into the room, seemingly feeling that they would be safe after going inside.