Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1633 - Dilemma

Chapter 1633 - Dilemma

Chapter 1633: Dilemma

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Bluepool and An’an stayed in the castle. As he couldn’t stand the filthiness and messiness in the house, after coaxing An’an to sleep, Bluepool spent half a day cleaning up the stone castle.

After he was done, the five little fellows nearly couldn’t recognize their own home. They excitedly ran around in the house.

In the past, they only weren’t fond of playing at home because they couldn’t find a place to stand. It was embarra.s.sing.

Because of An’an, Bluepool had bred enmity with the City of Beastmen ten years ago, even though An’an had been handed to him by Winston personally.

As it wasn’t convenient to show his face, and the young eagles and leopards cherished their younger sister, they took the initiative to provide food for them. As such, no beastmen in the city discovered they had returned.

Two days later, An’an’s bleeding had indeed improved.

Bluepool was relieved. To err on the side of caution, he invited Harvey over for a follow-up consultation.

This time, Harvey merely edged closer to An’an and sniffed, before saying with a smile, “She’s indeed like her mother, her scent is slightly different from other females’ scent at the end of their estrous cycle. Nonetheless, she can get pregnant. Congratulations.”

Harvey was envious.

An’an pressed against Bluepool. As it was noon, the weather was extremely hot, and mermen’s cooling bodies were the best respite from the heat for An’an.

Bluepool lowered his head and gazed at her, still feeling that it was too early for her to go into heat at 13. He said worriedly, “I’m not planning to mate with An’an. I’m going to observe a little longer. I’ll leave her to you in the future.”

Harvey’s countenance changed instantly, and he said sternly, “Breeding opportunities are precious.”

After missing this opportunity, they would have to wait for the next year. Besides, she wouldn’t necessarily conceive at first shot. Even though An’an was Bai Qingqing’s daughter, there was no guarantee that she had equally potent reproductive abilities.

It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that “heaven will not tolerate it” should they give up this breeding opportunity just like that.

Other than the males in her family, Bai Qingqing hadn’t told anyone about her menstrual cycle, including Harvey. Therefore, he cared very much about An’an going into heat this time.

The friendliness disappeared from Bluepool’s face, and he pulled An’an into his arms. “An’an is my spouse. I have the right to choose when to mate with her. You’re being too meddlesome.”

The atmosphere between the two beasts turned tense in an instant.

Harvey was merely a stripeless beast. When faced with the three-striped Bluepool, it was immediately obvious who was more powerful.

He very quickly lost and left angrily.


The young leopards and young eagles walked in.

Bluepool’s face was clouded with worry as he asked, “Will he divulge our whereabouts to other beastmen?”

The young leopards shook their heads resolutely as they howled non-stop.

“Seems like you guys trust Harvey a lot.”

The worry didn’t diminish on Bluepool’s face as he a.n.a.lyzed, “However, he firmly believes that An’an is healthy and feels that giving birth early is good for her. As for me, I’m but a beastman of another tribe. I’m afraid he won’t continue to stand on my side.”

The little fellows also froze.

Bluepool rubbed An’an’s stomach with a helpless look. “We can leave now, but I won’t be able to find a trustworthy doctor to attend to her outside.”

Finally, he took a deep breath and made up his mind. “We’ll stay for now and take things one step at a time.”



Five half-grown beastmen puffed up their chests to express their att.i.tudes of wanting to protect An’an.

Back then, in order to fight for her, the City of Beastmen had been in a state of continuous battle. As An’an’s older brothers, they hadn’t even the right to speak up a word or two, burying seeds of resentment in their young hearts.

Later, Winston handed An’an to Bluepool, and he became An’an’s spouse that they acknowledged in their hearts.. Towards the males of the City of Beastmen, the five young beastmen didn’t have any hatred towards them, but they were extremely unwilling for them to have anything to do with their sister.