Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1635 - Exposed

Chapter 1635 - Exposed

Chapter 1635: Exposed

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Bluepool immediately pushed An’an behind him and backed off to a safe distance. He stared at the male beastman warily, but his heart was filled with sweetness and overjoy.

“If you’re capable, then fight with me in the water.” Bluepool knew that his chances of winning weren’t high while on land, and he wasn’t willing to accept defeat. Therefore, he put his arm around An’an and said.

“Roar!” The bear beastman slapped both his hands against his chest, expressing his willingness to change the battlefield.

Harvey said, “Alright. Bluepool, you go out with Left first. I’ll bring them to meet up with you in the wilderness. We mustn’t let more people find out about An’an’s existence.”

The beastmen didn’t have any objections. However, just as they were about to set off, they encountered an accident.

An’an was unwilling to let go of Bluepool’s arm, pulling him straight for the room. They had no idea if she was unwilling to see Bluepool risk his life and fight with other people, or purely because she felt tired and wanted to sleep, or that she wanted to hug him to bring down her temperature.

After trying to break free from An’an for a long time, in the end, Bluepool could only choose to carry her back to the room for an afternoon nap first, agreeing to meet up for a duel at night.

The male beastmen left unwillingly, but they had no other choice.

Bluepool hugged An’an and lay on the soft dried gra.s.s pile. An’an was still hugging tightly onto his arm, not looking go. Her hot little face was also resting against his arm.

Bluepool turned his head to look at her, and the agitation in his eyes had yet to subside. “You like me too, right?”

An’an didn’t seem to have heard what he said but just stared at his chest as if she’d be able to make out something from the skin that was so smooth that not a single pore could be seen.

To speak the truth, she wasn’t able to see Bluepool too clearly.

The beastmen she saw through her eyes were always emitting intense white light, their voices sharp and muddled. It was as if some kind of light rays had blurred up their figures and shattered their voices.

She hadn’t even seen her parents clearly before and was only able to sense the cold-blooded snake beastman and merman clearer. However, she was only able to reach the degree of discerning them.

On the contrary, she was especially sensitive toward motionless objects.

She could see clearly the trajectories in which they moved and grew, as well as the sounds of their breathing. As for the colliding sounds of leaves and branches, they could only be considered noises to her.

In her world, beastmen were nothing and only dead creatures or objects formed the real world. She was also a plant that could breathe and grow, taking up a piece of territory and not moving anymore thereafter.

Too many things obstructed An’an’s senses, and having spent over ten years together, she only knew that someone took very good care of her.

However, he’d often disappear. If she didn’t focus, his features would merge with the air and become hard to discern. Therefore, she kept on staring hard at him.

Bluepool stroked along An’an’s brows and eyes gently with his fingertip, then planted a kiss on her forehead. “No matter if it’s a yes, I’m taking it seriously that you do like me.”

Bluepool embraced An’an tightly, covering her eyes with one hand while also shutting his eyes to sleep. He was going to conserve his energy for tonight’s battle.

However, before night arrived, news of An’an’s return was leaked.

As the bear beastman had come into contact with An’an and he wasn’t particular with handling things, being unaware that he had gotten the scent of a female on him, other beastmen detected it when he went back.

In the evening, countless beastmen surrounded the stone castle. The scene matched that from ten years ago.

“Screech~ Screech~”

The young eagles flew around in front of the stone castle and the young leopards stood on top of the courtyard’s walls, roaring to express their dissatisfaction.

“Hand An’an over!”

“The merman should scram off the land!”

The beastmen outside the stone castle started to holler louder and louder as they took on a stand to face their common enemy, viewing Bluepool as an outsider.

An’an was a female of one of them—land-typed beastmen.. They could accept An’an having a mate from another species, but if that species were to hog her for himself, they’d be unable to accept it.