Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1632 - The Animal Doctor Visits

Chapter 1632 - The Animal Doctor Visits

Chapter 1632: The Animal Doctor Visits

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Bluepool said nothing, but An’an reacted very strongly. She immediately buried her face in his chest and refused to s.h.i.+ft it away.

Feeling even more embarra.s.sed now, Left swept aside the rubbish on the ground with his claws to make s.p.a.ce.


Seeing the young eagle return with someone on his back, the three young leopards sunbathing at the entrance instantly sprinted inside. Right, who was perched on the tree branch and enjoying the breeze, also flapped his wings and flew back.

Leopard beastmen had a keen sense of smell. Right away, the young leopards confirmed An’an’s ident.i.ty. The trio excitedly bounced up and down as they surrounded them, stomping on the bones on the floor and causing them to fly everywhere.

After Right conversed with Left, he also confirmed An’an’s ident.i.ty and was so happy that he flapped his wings, stirring up waves of funky odor from rotten food.

Bluepool couldn’t bear to look and carried An’an, not letting her put her feet on the ground. He went straight to the point. “Please invite an animal doctor here. Don’t come too close to An’an, lest other beastmen detect it.”


The young leopards agreed right away. The three of them tried s.h.i.+rking the task to one another for a bit, and ultimately all three ran out the door together.

As Harvey had become the most brilliant animal doctor in the tribe, plus considering he was also from the leopard tribe, the young leopards naturally went to find him.

As Harvey followed the leopards in, he said, “Who exactly is it that got injured? You’re acting so mysterious.”


The young leopards merely continuously urged him to hurry.

Harvey walked to the stone castle entrance and stopped. Only after taking in a deep breath did he have the courage to take a step inside.

Even though Harvey was mentally prepared, he was still stunned by the ‘dirt, mess, and stink’ before his eyes. Had they saved the bones leftover from their food from the past ten years at home? If bones could be made into weapons, this place would totally be an a.r.s.enal.

As he stepped into the main hall, Harvey suddenly froze. His expression turned serious as he turned to look around.

“Is there a female in heat in your home?”

With An’an in his arms, Bluepool stood out from the aisle. “Incredible, as expected of an animal doctor. There’s indeed a female, but she’s not in heat. She’s probably ill.”

Shocked to see them, Harvey immediately walked over briskly.

“But this is the scent of a female in heat,” Harvey declared affirmatively. However, he still edged closer to An’an and sniffed, especially at her lower abdomen.

“But she’s too young.” As Bluepool spoke, he looked around and said, “An’an doesn’t like it here. We’d better go elsewhere.”

Harvey quickly nodded.

They went to the second story, which was also dirty and messy. But there wasn’t much garbage, only dust. If they moved a little more, it would stir up a cloud of dust.

After chasing out the young beastmen and closing the door, Bluepool sat on the floor with An’an on his lap and let Harvey do a detailed checkup on her.

After a detailed checkup, Harvey declared with certainty, “This definitely is the scent of a female in heat. I can’t possibly be mistaken. Perhaps because she’s Bai Qingqing’s daughter and has potent reproductive abilities, she’s going into heat at an earlier age than other females.”

“Really?” Bluepool was still doubtful as he tidied up An’an’s clothes immediately.

Harvey could tell that he was being perfunctory, so he asked, “When did she start bleeding?”

“About five days ago,” replied Bluepool.

Females tended to have heavy periods for the first time, and it also lasted many days. Right now, An’an’s period was still very heavy and showed no signs of stopping. One couldn’t blame Bluepool for being pessimistic.

Harvey nodded. “Wait another two days and see how it goes. When one is in heat, it usually won’t last beyond seven days.”

“Okay,” Bluepool responded. At last, there was some useful information.

Seven days… that meant that there were another two days to go. It shouldn’t be bad enough to threaten An’an’s life.

He, too, hoped that An’an was in heat. If the bleeding didn’t stop two days later, what should he do?