Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1631 - Garbage Stone Castle

Chapter 1631 - Garbage Stone Castle

Chapter 1631: Garbage Stone Castle

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Their fight caused quite a commotion, startling the birds.

Weaving through the forest, an eagle curiously flew into the tree crowns upon seeing flocks of birds take flight fl.u.s.teredly.

Unexpectedly, he saw a familiar face.


The giant eagle let out a screech and dove towards the two beasts entangled in a fight.

Attacked from the front and the back, added to the fact that his capabilities were inferior to the merman, the snake beastman instantly fell into a disadvantageous position. After casting one last reluctant look at the female held in a tight embrace, he found a chance to escape into the river.

Bluepool first stroked An’an’s head to soothe her nerves, before covering her face properly. Only then did he look warily towards the eagle beastman who had just helped him.


However, he wouldn’t agree to let the eagle beastman pursue An’an simply because of this.

Who knew, the eagle beastman was more brazen than he had imagined and kept staring at An’an. Bluepool’s countenance instantly turned dark, and he turned around to leave.

“An’an, are you full? We can eat after we get to the City of Beastmen.”

Screech! [Wait a minute!]

The eagle beastman flapped his wings and circled around Bluepool, blocking his way. His beak opened and closed as he said something: Screech screech screech~~~

Too bad, because they were from different tribes, no matter how much emotion the eagle beastman put into his screeches and expression, Bluepool couldn’t understand a word.

Thankfully, Bluepool wasn’t a daft one. Seeing that the eagle beastman had yet to come of age and treated him in an extraordinarily friendly manner, he guessed: “Are you by any chance… Bai Qingqing’s offspring?”

The eagle beastman visibly heaved a sigh of relief. Screech~

Then, he raised his left claw to express that he was Left.

Relief washed over Bluepool. “It’s great to see you.”

Left, however, wasn’t in the mood for small talk. His attention was entirely focused on An’an, and he lowered his beak to peck at her veil.

Although he was An’an’s younger brother, he was a male, after all. Despite feeling uncomfortable, Bluepool resisted the urge to wave him away and allowed Left to lift An’an’s veil.


An’an is so pretty. She looks so much like Winston. The males in City of Beastmen will definitely recognize her.

As these thoughts came to mind, Left started worrying. He let out a doubtful screech.

Bluepool said, “An’an is sick.”

As he spoke, he s.h.i.+fted her to his other arm and showed Left the traces of blood on his arm.

Left widened his beak and gasped. Screech screech screech screech screech screech?

As he was only 12, he only knew that females bled when they went into heat. Instantly, astonishment shot out from his eyes as he gazed at An’an.

After falling speechless for a moment, Bluepool said, “An’an isn’t even 14!”

Screech? Left’s thoughts had yet to turn around.

“Forget it, you won’t understand even if I tell you. Hurry up and bring me into the City of Beastmen to let the doctor have a look at her,” said Bluepool.

Left responded and lowered his body. After Bluepool carried An’an onto his back, he flapped his wings and flew into the air towards the City of Beastmen.

With Left’s help, they arrived at the City of Beastmen soon after.

The City of Beastmen was still the same as before, with no increase in population. It was just that all the beastmen in the city had strong physiques, while the females had full figures. One could tell that everyone here led a very good life.

The young eagle flew Bluepool and An’an straight into the stone castle.

To commemorate Bai Qingqing and her family’s contribution to the City of Beastmen, they had left the stone castle untouched. The new city lord didn’t forcefully occupy it and left it for Bai Qingqing’s descendants instead.

Of course, one of the reasons was that the young eagles and leopards had too strong a potential.

Possessing the most outstanding genes, even though they hadn’t come of age, their capabilities could already rival that of one-striped beastmen. Other than the fact that they couldn’t transform, they weren’t much different from adult males. They had become independent at a young age, a feat that many females took delight in talking about even until now. Seeing as many females were waiting for them to turn of age, they certainly wouldn’t have to fret about not being able to find a spouse in the future.

The exterior of the stone castle was as majestic as before, but it was a complete mess inside. In addition to the peculiar odor, there were bones and garbage everywhere, as well as countless flies buzzing in the air.

Left felt embarra.s.sed the minute he flew into the stone castle.