Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1630 - A Duel Between the Fish and the Snake

Chapter 1630 - A Duel Between the Fish and the Snake

Chapter 1630: A Duel Between the Fish and the Snake

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Bluepool left the bubble behind for safety reasons.

He was worried that An’an’s scent would be released along the way, and beastmen would intercept them. After lowering the bubble and letting it flow into the sea, they would be completely safe.

It was just that there were certain risks when the bubble was in the river.

And this risk happened to come true. Unfortunately, it was discovered by a feral beast, a species that had a notorious reputation in the beastmen world.

The youth held the bubble and scrutinized it for a moment.

His legacy memories told him that mermen’s bubbles were specifically used for carrying their spouses.

Did that mean that a merman had brought his spouse ash.o.r.e?

It was said that females of this species were the most beautiful in the world. If an opportunity arose, he definitely had to s.n.a.t.c.h her away!

Interest sparkled in the youth’s eyes as he punctured the bubble with his sharp fingernails.

Snakes’ sense of smell was hundreds of times keener than mermen’s. The youth was instantly enveloped by a strong female scent, a scent so intense it nearly intoxicated him.

What made him even more excited was, this scent… was clearly the scent of a female in heat!

That merman must be crazy. To think he brought his mate in heat ash.o.r.e.

She was totally sent right to his doorstep. If he didn’t manage to s.n.a.t.c.h her for himself, he wouldn’t have to live anymore.

Lips curling into a sneer, the youth instantly transformed into his beast form and slithered along the coastline.

Bluepool started a fire on the sh.o.r.e and roasted a short-winged bird. It was already roasted till it was golden-brown and oozing with oil, giving off a tantalizing aroma.

As there were very few opportunities to eat animals, An’an craved it badly. She swallowed her saliva, and without waiting for Bluepool to tell her to start eating, she reached out to grab the meat.

Bluepool agilely grabbed her hand. “Did you forget that food on the fire is very hot? If you want to eat, you can tell me ‘Eat’.”

An’an merely licked her lips and gulped her saliva, not uttering any sound.

Used to it, Bluepool wasn’t disappointed. He first tore off a piece of roast meat and blew upon it to cool it down before handing it to her.

“Eat slowly. Careful, it’s hot.”

An’an instantly started eating. Though she ate very quickly, her manner of eating was very demure. Bluepool enjoyed watching her eat, never tiring of it.

All of a sudden, he sensed that the forest was eerily quiet. Not even the chirping of insects and birds could be heard.

Bluepool quietly raised his guard while pretending he hadn’t sensed anything on the surface. As he prepared the food for An’an, all his senses were paying attention to the surroundings.

Suddenly, a gust of wind came from behind.

In order to take care of An’an, Bluepool had lived on the island for a long time and had become very sensitive to air fluctuation. He swiftly grabbed An’an and rolled away to avoid the attack.

Turning around, he saw a snake beastman.

Bluepool’s first instinct was to feel nervous, for this snake beastman was too similar to Curtis, triggering the fear from his memories.

The next instant, it occurred to him that if it were Curtis, he definitely wouldn’t have been able to dodge. Besides, this snake was also one size smaller than Curtis, and his capabilities were also much weaker.

Bluepool calmed down. Seeing that he was a mere snake beastman, he faced him with an att.i.tude that could even be considered relaxed.

Reason being, snake beastmen were solitary animals. If he couldn’t even defeat a lone snake beastman, he might as well discard the three animal stripes on his face. Much less the right to take care of An’an.

“Curtis’s offspring?” Bluepool sized up the snake beastman before him from head to toe. “Hatefully arrogant, just like him.”

Back then, if it weren’t for Curtis, the female in their tribe wouldn’t have had the chance to leave their tribe. Neither would he not have had the guts to pursue Bai Qingqing.

Although right now, he merely felt relief.

Visible rage surfaced in the snake beastman’s eyes. He let out a sharp hiss and pounced over to bite his opponent again.

Even though he didn’t fear this snake beastman at all, Bluepool was barely coping as he had to carry An’an.. Momentarily, the two beastmen fought to a draw.