Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1629 - : Going Ashore

Chapter 1629 - : Going Ashore

Chapter 1629:

Going Ash.o.r.e

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After taking care of An’an for nearly ten years, Bluepool encountered an unprecedentedly difficult problem.

The skies were still as sunny and clear, and it was cool and pleasant in the shade on the island. Curled up on the ground which was covered with soft silk, An’an would roll around from time to time, leaving bright red plum-shaped imprints on the pure white fabric.

Gazing at her, Bluepool’s blue brows were furrowed so tightly a fly might be squashed between them.

“An’an, let me take another look at you.”

An’an didn’t repel him and took the initiative to move closer to him.

A hint of dejection appeared between Bluepool’s brows.

Once again, he let out a long sigh.

“An’an, I think you’re ill.”

He pulled her into his arms. The female in his arms was clearly still a cub. Be it her exterior or interior, she didn’t strike one as an adult.

How could such a young cub go into heat? She must have fallen ill, right?

An’an had never bled so much since young. Bluepool’s heart ached immensely. Afraid that she would bleed out, he made a decision there and then.

Looking into the distance at the coastline, Bluepool’s face was clouded with gloom.

“I’ll bring you to your old home to play,” he suddenly said, before standing up with An’an in his arms.

It hadn’t been easy for them to finally escape into the sea, for An’an’s group of admirers were truly scary.

Now that she had grown up, she was even prettier than when she was a kid. Coupled with the fact that she had a mother with superb reproductive powers, she was bound to attract even more admirers now.

But for the sake of her illness, they had no choice but to go ash.o.r.e. Worse came to worst, he would just die. He couldn’t very well stand by and watch An’an bleed to death.

Bluepool packed up their things and set off right away. He placed An’an on an enormous sh.e.l.l and pushed her along on the sea surface.

There were lovely blue and purple prints on the sh.e.l.l, and An’an liked it very much. Lying on her stomach, she kept touching the sh.e.l.l.

Seeing her carefreeness, Bluepool scolded with a smile, “Little thing.”

It was quite blissful to be free of worries like this forever. She had him to shoulder everything.

Bluepool ignored his fatigue and traveled day and night without stopping to rest. It took them three days to swim to the sh.o.r.e, and by the time they went ash.o.r.e, he looked like one haggard fish.

During these few days, An’an would sleep whenever she got tired, and eat sas.h.i.+mi whenever she felt hungry. When it rained, she could even hide in the bubble to avoid the rain. It was like a vacation for her.

Instead of going ash.o.r.e directly, Bluepool first dove into the depths of the sea with An’an and rested for half a day. When dawn arrived, he wrapped An’an firmly and brought her out.

No light could s.h.i.+ne into the forest as it was densely covered with tall trees. It was pitch dark inside and had a somewhat ominous vibe.

Bluepool adjusted the veil on An’an’s face and reminded her sternly, “Don’t look at other males, alright? They’ll think that you like them. And then they’ll pester us endlessly.”

An’an merely stared at him, a streak of blood sliding down her fair and slender calf.

Bluepool quickly bent over and wiped her clean with a towel, then blew a bubble to contain her in it.

The bubble could block out her scent and minimize the chance of a male on land noticing something amiss. It was just that she would have to change into a new bubble from time to time.

Bluepool continued moving via water, moving against the tide along the river.

It wasn’t just mermen that were reliant on bodies of water; snake beastmen were also fond of it. A black and red snake slithered to the riverside and was just about to dive into the river to flow into the sea to play when a bubble floated up from upstream.

Wasn’t this a merman bubble?

With a suspicious look in his eyes, the snake beastman shook his body and transformed into a red-haired youth with a slim and long physique and conveniently intercepted the bubble.