Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1598 - Better Off Dead

Chapter 1598 - Better Off Dead

Chapter 1598: Better Off Dead

Mu Ya’s sharp eagle eyes riveted upon Father Shen’s face. If gazes could kill, Father Shen would probably have been pierced by the rage in those eyes in an instant.

Seeing that he had stopped talking, Mu Ya let go of him and went out to look for her himself.

Even he could see Father Shen’s rage towards Shen Yin. He didn’t dare to let her appear in front of him. How terrified must Shen Yin have been? Where could she be hiding?

Mu Ya wasn’t familiar with this place and didn’t have a heightened sense of smell like his brothers. He wanted to seek help from his brothers, but his phone wasn’t with him. He went around aimlessly like a headless fly.

After randomly searching for half an hour, the tranquility of the town intensified the unease in his heart. Finally, he steeled his heart and entered a reed forest.

Shortly after, a gigantic black eagle flew out.


This afternoon, many citizens saw a gigantic eagle. Even though there was a great distance between them and the eagle, they were still astounded by its enormous size.

After sunset, a bright crescent moon surfaced in mid-air, draping a silver glow over the reed forest and sprinkling bits of silvery gleam on the river surface.

Suddenly, there was movement in the reed forest, as though a small animal had scurried in.

Shortly after, a thin and quivering figure was exposed under the moonlight.

Shen Yin hugged her body which had turned stiff from the cold and gazed around in horror, before daring to walk to the side of the path.

She hadn’t dared to come out during the day as it was too bright. Her father’s face had been haunting her like a malicious ghost. It felt like that face could appear any time during the day, and it was only during the night that she felt a tad safer.

Having hidden here for two days and one night and not eaten a single morsel of food, she felt feeble. Her mind was on the brink of a breakdown.

She had no idea how to face up to reality. Her father would definitely kill her. Definitely!

If she walked out, she would face certain death. In that case, she might as well take control herself.

Supporting herself with a hand propped against the railings of the stone bridge, Shen Yin walked up step by step.

Standing in the middle of the bridge, Shen Yin saw her withered reflection on the water surface. Even though she was clad in pretty new clothes, she exuded an ominous aura.

How could someone like her be good enough for the outstanding Mu Ya, who had an exceptional family background to boot?

She was probably better off dead…

Two trails of tears slipped from the corners of her eyes. If she had any obsessions at this moment, it had to be that love that had just sprouted and hadn’t had the chance to strengthen.

With a ‘plop’, a figure naturally plunged into the river, making a big splash.

As she landed in the water, Shen Yin vaguely heard a loud and clear screech. For some reason, that screech sounded very anxious to her.

So this was the hallucination that would appear on the verge of one’s death?

Hovering at a height of thousands of meters above the ground, such a distance allowed Mu Ya to see the entire small town at a glance. Finally, he caught a glimpse of that familiar figure.

However, before he descended, that figure had plunged into the river.

Fl.u.s.tered, Mu Ya adjusted his angle and dove down at the quickest speed possible, before plunging into the water with a “plop” as well.

Though the depths of the river were pitch-dark, it wasn’t enough to blind the eagle beastman. Mu Ya found Shen Yin the moment he entered the water.

However, his majestic feathers made it difficult for him to dive. As he swam towards Shen Yin, he floated upwards against his will.


The eagle beastman let out an anxious screech as he floated to the surface, before diving into the water once more.

This time, without the momentum of the dive from a high alt.i.tude, he wasn’t able to dive to the bottom. All he could do was watch as Shen Yin’s body drifted further and further away from him.

Floating to the surface again, Mu Tian was under the illusion that the sky was collapsing—Shen Yin was leaving him, leaving him forever.

Looking up, he then realized that this wasn’t an illusion. That was because he was floating under the stone arch bridge, and the light was blocked…

Stone arch bridge… Mu Ya’s eyes lit up and he started flapping his wings. He smacked the bridge with his claws and finally sank downwards with a large rock between them.