Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1597 - Shen Yin Is Missing

Chapter 1597 - Shen Yin Is Missing

Chapter 1597: Shen Yin Is Missing

“I’ve already finished learning the third year’s curriculum. Please let me go,” Mu Ya pleaded.

The form teacher relented. “Alright, come back as soon as possible. Give me a call when you return.”

After obtaining Shen Yin’s home address from the form teacher, Mu Ya immediately dashed out of the school.

As there was no direct bus from the school to Shen Yin’s home, Mu Ya was too anxious to do research and directly hailed a cab.

When he gave the cab driver the address, the cab driver wasn’t willing to bring him there. He glanced at his attire and said, “Going there will cost a few hundred yuan. Do you have money?”

Mu Ya felt around in his pocket before whipping out his phone and handing it over. “I’ll pledge my phone to you.”

With an impatient look, the cab driver casually glanced over and, to his surprise, saw that it was a branded phone. Moreover, it was the latest model. Even if it was bought right after it was launched, it had only been half a year at most. So long as the phone could be used, it would absolutely be worth it.

He took Mu Ya’s phone and looked at it before starting the car.

When he arrived in the small county city where Shen Yin lived, Mu Ya was penniless and completely cut off from the outside world.

But when he saw her hometown, Mu Ya felt at ease for some reason. He took in a deep breath of air, finding that the scent of reeds seemed to smell like her too.

Mu Ya walked over to ask an old grandmother walking on the street. “May I ask if you know where Shen Yin lives?”

“Shen Yin? Her?! She went mad and blinded her father with a beer bottle yesterday. This girl has been abnormal since young. Her father is no decent fellow, either. Sigh, that child must have become like this because of her father. What a sin!” The elderly shook her head as she spoke.

Mu Ya immediately asked, “How is she? Where is she?”

“I don’t know about that. Are you her cla.s.smate? You can go to the hospital to ask. Just go straight. Your car should’ve pa.s.sed it by earlier.”


After learning this, Mu Ya ran to the hospital.

As there were few people in a small city, Mu Ya successfully found the “blind” patient.

A man with one eye bandaged lay on the bed. His sickly aura had diluted his murderous vibe by quite a bit, but one could still tell that he wasn’t easy to deal with.

Mu Ya asked right after he entered. “Where’s Shen Yin?”

Father Shen’s one good eye rolled towards the source of the sound. This action affected his injured eye, making his face immediately contort in pain and his expression appear ferocious.

“Who are you?” Father Shen asked sternly as he sized him up.

Mu Ya also sized him up. If it weren’t for Shen Yin, he guessed he wouldn’t ever waste his time on such a person.

“I’m her friend. Where is she?” Mu Ya’s tone wasn’t too friendly. When he recalled the injury on Shen Yin’s forehead and connected it to the murderous aura on this person, he was 80% certain that her injury was caused by him.

“Friend?” Father Shen sized him up once more. This time, he checked out his attire and only felt that he was dressed in rather good fabric. A poor man like him didn’t know much about branded stuff, so he said conservatively, “A s.l.u.t, indeed. You must be her boyfriend, huh. Give me 1,000 yuan. If you give me money, I’ll tell you where she is.”

How could Mu Ya possibly have so much money? His countenance turned even uglier instantly.

“No money? Then get lost!” Father Shen revealed his true form and snapped fiercely, “You’d better find her before I do. Once I find her, I’ll definitely beat her to death!”

“You dare!” Mu Ya grabbed his collar and lifted him.

Father Shen was startled. He didn’t expect that someone could lift a strong man like him who weighed more than 70kg with a single hand. He froze and didn’t dare to move anymore.