Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1599 - Being Honest and Come Clean

Chapter 1599 - Being Honest and Come Clean

Chapter 1599: Being Honest and Come Clean

It was dark and the reed forest was very quiet, with only the sounds of the wind and reed leaves whispering, as well as the occasional sounds of pieces of rocks falling off the broken bridge’s edges and landing into the water, creating ripples on the surface.

Suddenly, a black figure dashed out of the surface that was covered with glimpses of light reflection, spreading open its huge wings and flapping them hard, causing water droplets to fall onto the water surface like rain.

Mu Ya placed Shen Yin on the ground, using his claw to push her body.

Shen Yin closed her eyes tightly. Her face was pale and her lips were turning purple.

Mu Ya looked around, then carried her with his wings and darted into the reed forest. He then turned into his human form and performed emergency treatment on her.


Shen Yin spat out a few mouthfuls of water, then her eyes opened slowly. She vaguely saw a human figure above her. She couldn’t see his face clearly, but she could only think of one person when looking at his imposing figure.

“Mu Ya…”

Mu Ya’s expression, which had just beamed in joy, instantly froze upon hearing her voice. He lowered his head to take a look at his body, then quickly turned, wanting to leave.

However, his wrist was held by a small, weak, soft, and icy-cold hand.

“Don’t leave…” Shen Yin looked at his back view as if he was her lifebuoy. She propped up her weak body, sat up, and hugged his waist.

Shen Yin’s right hand coincidentally landed above Mu Ya’s heart. The heartbeat under her hand felt so strong that it didn’t seem to be the illusion she thought she was seeing.

Shen Yin was stunned for a moment but didn’t let go. She just hugged the body in her arms even tighter, placing her face against his back. The hot temperature almost scalded her icy-cold face.

However, her cold body didn’t lower Mu Ya’s body temperature. Instead, the temperature of his skin became even higher, its surface shrouded with a layer of hot air. If the light rays were a little brighter, then even the human eyes would be able to see a layer of white steam.

Mu Ya only felt that his sense of smell had gotten sharper at this instant. He felt that there was an indescribable nice fragrance around his body.

That fragrance was like strong wine, almost causing him to become drunk.

That nice fragrance was like a fire starter, entering his body from his nose and all the pores on his body, instantly lighting up a strong flame in his body.

Mu Ya started to pant slightly, holding the hands wrapped around him. He then turned over and hugged Shen Yin, kissing her lips instinctively.

Shen Yin didn’t show any hesitation at all. She closed her eyes and responded to his kiss with inexperience.

When Shen Yin woke up the next day, the sky was already bright.

The wind caused the reed leaves to shake, making nice rustling sounds.

Her clothes were hung on top of some reeds and were also moving with the leaves, covering the sunlight above her.

She turned her head and saw a big eagle head, its hard beak brus.h.i.+ng past her face, feeling cold. A pair of pitch-black and deep eagle eyes were staring at her.

Shen Yin blinked, drawing her hand from the warm s.p.a.ce that was enveloped by the wings, gently touching the eagle face, stroking his brows and eyes with her finger.

She didn’t say anything, but the composure in her gaze made her answer very clear—she knew who this eagle was.

Mu Ya rubbed his beak against her face. He let go of her, then turned over and changed into his human form.

The warm s.p.a.ce instantly disappeared, and the Shen Yin instantly sneezed. She hugged herself and then sat up.

“You aren’t afraid of me?” Mu Ya had his back to her. His voice sounded calm, but he was unsettled inside.

Shen Yin shook her head, then wrapped her arms around his waist from behind, wearing a faint blissful smile on her face.

Mu Ya’s heart throbbed as he held onto her hand tightly, realizing that it was a lot colder than before. He immediately turned over and said, “Put on your clothes first. We’re leaving this place.”