Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1577 - Young Eagle Peeks At Someone

Chapter 1577 - Young Eagle Peeks At Someone

Chapter 1577: Young Eagle Peeks At Someone

Mu Tian cast a smug glance at his brothers. The first step of his plan: Success.

Having looked forward to this for 17 years, they had long made a detailed plan.

The first step: Infiltrate the males’ inner circle and blend into the humans’ lifestyle.

Playing basketball and whatnot was merely a cover.

The second step: Meticulously choose an ideal and loyal spouse.

They felt that they should start choosing their mates from a young age, and senior high was a perfect timing to start, for they were soon to become adults…

The third step: Meticulously choose a loyal, ideal, and pretty spouse.

What? You say it’s repeated? Didn’t you see that the sequence is different this time and another adjective has been added to it?

As for studies and whatnot, the three brothers expressed: What’s that? Can it be eaten?

As more and more people entered the cla.s.sroom, seeing that cla.s.s was going to start in three minutes, Shen Yin returned with her head lowered.

At one glance, she could tell that the textbook on her desk had been touched. She instantly flipped it open and found the pink letter. She hurriedly wrapped it in the book and poured it on Mu Ya’s desk.

Mu Ya glanced at the letter and his brows creased. “Why are you like this?”

“What… what about me?” Shen Yin asked fl.u.s.teredly with her head lowered.

Usually, no one would notice her like this. But today, a newly transferred student sat next to her. Moreover, the transfer student was tall, cool, and handsome. Because of this, Shen Yin’s actions immediately caught others’ attention, and that ambiguous letter also didn’t go unnoticed.

Other than a few people in the know, most people had no idea where this letter came from and thought that it was from Shen Yin to Mu Ya. They were greatly surprised.

Someone immediately said, “Looks so quiet usually, but turns out to be so bold, huh.”

“You really can’t judge a person by their appearance. So wild underneath that quiet facade.”

Although Mu Ya wasn’t fond of Shen Yin, he didn’t want to hear others verbally attack a frail girl. In order to cover up the story, he reluctantly folded the latter and placed it in his drawer.

Sniffing his fingers and detecting the intense, cloying fragrance on it, Mu Ya hurriedly wiped them on his clothes, thinking to himself that he ought to quickly throw it away later.

When the cla.s.s bell rang, order gradually resumed in the cla.s.sroom, and the noise was replaced by neat and scattered singing voices.

Before the bell finished ringing, the teacher had already arrived. In the last few seconds of the bell, three pretty girls dashed in. The one in the middle even shyly glanced at Mu Ya, and bashfulness appeared in her eyes as their gazes met.

Mu Ya was puzzled. Did they know each other?

Because of that gaze, Mu Ya would casually cast a glance at them during the lesson. He figured those few girls were the legendary bottom-of-the-cla.s.s students. To think they were putting on makeup with the textbook as a cover. That person whose eyes had met with his even looked at him through the mirror.

Mu Ya suddenly felt vexed. Why were all girls like this?

He suddenly felt that what his mother said was right—school was indeed no fun. If he had known this, he would have just come next year and went straight for the college entrance examination.

“Look, is Mu Ya peeking at me? He must be interested in me.”

In the cla.s.sroom, a ponytailed girl whispered to her deskmate.

Her deskmate covered her mouth and smiled, then lowered her voice and said, “I heard he thought Shen Yin was the one who gave him your letter. He flared up at Shen Yin earlier. Hahaha, it’s too hilarious.”

“Ah? Why was his reaction like this? He won’t dislike me because of this, will he?” Ponytail Girl said worriedly. She glanced at Shen Yin, and disdain filled her face. “How could he have mistaken me for that sloppy girl? Just the thought alone disgusts me.”

“How would I know? Didn’t you say he was peeking at you? He must be interested in you, too. I’m sure he didn’t even look at that letter. Just tell him about it later and you two will definitely become an item,” her deskmate said with certainty.

Ponytail Girl’s eyes lit up again, and she nodded and said, “I think so, too.”