Beauty and the Beasts - Chapter 1578 - : Young Eagles Get Awkward

Chapter 1578 - : Young Eagles Get Awkward

Chapter 1578: Young Eagles Get Awkward

The first lesson dragged on, eating into their breaks. It wasn’t until the second-period lesson bell rang that the teacher left, and voices of discontent were heard everywhere.

After the second period ended, they had to do the afternoon exercises. The three brothers hung out at the back of the cla.s.sroom and moved their arms and legs, mimicking their cla.s.smates. It was super awkward.

F*ck! Who was the one who invented these idiotic moves? Could they be excused from this?

Finally, because they had done too poor a job of it, their names were even specifically called out by their form teacher and criticized.

First day of school: Unlucky!

As the three brothers walked towards the cla.s.sroom building together, Mu Tian said enthusiastically, “Fourth period is PE lesson. We can play basketball with those people.”

“Boring. Don’t you feel like a bully playing with them?” Mu Ya said in a lackadaisical tone.

Mu Hai glanced at the energetic youths and said rationally, “We should interact with them more and develop a friends.h.i.+p with those guys. This way, we won’t be ostracized.”

“Right, right, right. That’s what I thought, too.” Mu Tian agreed. “Third, don’t pull a long face all day long. Careful no girl will want you.”

Mu Ya immediately narrowed his eyes, then paused for a moment. “Why do we keep feeling this sense of crisis of not being able to find a wife?”

Even when he received a love letter from the dirty-haired Shen Yin, his heart had fluttered a little. There was even a fleeting moment where he considered simply accepting it.

Although her behavior was a tad unrestrained, at least she was fond of him.

Maybe… he ought to keep that letter.

Mu Tian also touched his nose in confusion and said, “Perhaps because there are few girls in our family.”

“Probably,” Mu Hai agreed.

The three of them slowly entered the cla.s.sroom. To their surprise, they saw a girl sitting at Mu Ya’s desk.

The three of them paused and instinctively felt a sense of repulsion.

Although they grew up in the modern age, they hadn’t lost their territorial consciousness. This desk was a nest that belonged to them and no one else. Now that it was suddenly occupied, their first reaction was repulsion.

Thankfully, that person was a girl, so this repulsion was much milder than it would have been otherwise.

Mu Tian and Mu Hai glanced at Mu Ya in unison. Naturally, Mu Ya’s countenance was awful as he briskly walked to his seat.

Startled, Ponytail Girl immediately stood up. “Mu Ya?”

“You’re sitting on the wrong seat,” Mu Ya said as he stared at her seriously, waiting for her to take the initiative to move out.

The girl froze for a moment, then suddenly giggled. “I… I’ll move.”

Mu Ya immediately sat back in his seat. As he pa.s.sed by that girl, he detected a sickeningly sweet scent, and he couldn’t help but hold his breath in order not to inhale more of it as he waited for her to leave.

In the end, not only did that girl not leave, she even propped a hand against the edge of his desk.

“My name is w.a.n.g Muxi. Ooh…” w.a.n.g Muxi blushed and didn’t dare to look at Mu Ya’s face. She lowered her head and said in a mosquito-like voice, “You seem to have gotten it mixed up. That letter in the morning period was from me.”

Mu Ya froze abruptly and screamed internally: Surely! Not!

Next to him, Mu Tian and Mu Hai both widened their eyes, then held a hand to their stomachs and stifled a laugh.

Mu Ya immediately retrieved the letter from his drawer and asked rapidly, “Is it Mu as in shower, and Xi as in yesterday?”

“Mm,” w.a.n.g Muxi responded shyly, all the more certain that Mu Ya was fond of her. Otherwise, why would he get so worked up?

Gazing at the letter, Mu Ya finally resigned to his fate and said weakly, “Why didn’t you write your full name?”

The handwriting was a mess too, causing him to mistake the words ‘Muxi’ as ‘Shen Yin[1]’.

No wonder Shen Yin had appeared so innocent at the time. She seemed to be very timid and didn’t even know how to explain herself. What a dumb-dumb!

[1] The Chinese characters look a little similar